Spaniards want to have a poop doll for Christmas

Every December, every family in Spain puts on a kind of interesting small ornaments. They don’t seem to be on the Daya Hall, but they are local characteristics because they are an indispensable and unique element of Christmas. doll”.

Fertilize the land and bring good luck

The “stool doll” is actually a small clay figure in Catalonia, Spain, which is related to the scene of Jesus in the Bible. Christmas must have a “Christmas manger” at home, which is a Spanish custom. The Christmas manger is a set of sculpture models made of clay, depicting the story of Jesus’ birth in the stable. Placing a “Christmas manger” at home means “Welcome Jesus to my house”, and it is also a way for locals to welcome Christmas.

Today, the design and production of the “Christmas manger” does not strictly limit the material and size, and does not limit the number and image of dolls, but the most traditional images in Bible stories, such as the Virgin and the Holy Child, are generally included. On this basis, the Catalans added an image of a “stool doll” to the Christmas manger. The traditional image of a “stool doll” is a peasant made of wood or clay, dressed in traditional Catalan clothes, holding a pipe, and crooked wearing a red Catalan hat. From the front, it took off its pants to maintain the toilet seat; from the back, the doll’s half ass was exposed, and there was still a poop on the floor.

From the 18th century, “stool dolls” appeared in the “Christmas manger” of Catalan families. It is believed that “stool dolls” are fertilizing the land, seeing it as a symbol of a bumper harvest and prosperity in the coming year, and bringing good luck and joy to the family. It is said that these small dolls were very popular among farmers in the early days. They firmly believed that “stool dolls” could enrich the land and make them rich. This practice has since spread to Catalonia and its surroundings.

Same pose, meaning everyone is equal

In 1992, a family ceramic workshop in the province of Girona, Catalonia, registered the company as “Cargana”, which mainly produces hand-made “stool dolls” crafts. “Cagana” means “poop” in Spanish. As they continue to innovate the image of “stool dolls”, more and more people are beginning to notice this uniquely shaped small sculpture. The practice of placing “stool dolls” on Christmas has also spread to all parts of Spain and even Portugal. , Italy and other European countries. Gifting family and friends “stool dolls” has become a new trend of Christmas, and “stool dolls” have become one of the most popular Spanish souvenirs.

Nowadays, what new image “stool dolls” will be launched every year by Kagana Handicraft Company, which becomes a topic of discussion on Christmas Eve every year. From politicians such as Obama and Merkel to sports stars such as Messi and Ronaldo, from celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Marilyn Monroe, to anime characters such as Spider-Man and SpongeBob, and Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom Shi, Einstein, and so on, have become a member of the “stool doll”. Celebrities in the world and the hottest stars of the moment are the subjects of “stool dolls”. They maintain the same squatting position, reflecting the idea that everyone is equal.

What is impressive is that the footballer Pique and singer Shakira are sitting side by side and pooping. Shakira is also wearing an elegant long skirt and holding a microphone. The shape of Messi holding a ball of poop also makes people irresistible. However, there is absolutely no malicious slander in creative ideas such as the Cargana Company, but rather a gift for the coming Christmas. Ronaldo, Guardiola and some other “parties” have also expressed their love for the doll’s full-feeling shape.

Despite being loved by people, “stool dolls” were once blocked. In 2005, the Barcelona local council once banned the inclusion of “stool dolls” in the scene of the birth of Jesus, on the grounds that “stool dolls” promoted the habit of urinating and defetting everywhere and had a bad impact on urban hygiene. The bill caused strong opposition from the public and was cancelled after only one year of implementation. In 2006, “stool dolls” returned to people’s lives. In the eyes of the Spaniards, even if the “stool doll” is difficult to be elegant, it is still an important part of Spanish culture and Spanish life.

Expensive handmade

Catalans still take children to play the game of finding poop dolls in the Christmas manger. They hid these puppets under the bridge in the “Christmas manger” scene, behind the haystack, or somewhere else, and let the children find them. Adults will also play this doll-finding game with friends. It is believed that those who find “stool dolls” will have good luck with them in the new year to express their blessings to relatives and friends.

Nowadays, “stool dolls” are being known by more and more people all over the world, and the cultural connotation of the Spaniards who value family and loved ones and the friendly relationship between people is also being reflected.

This year, Cargana launched anime characters such as Wonder Woman and Deadpool, sports stars such as Djokovic, Griezmann, and some recent “fashion dolls” modeled by the focus characters, which are all sought after by fans worldwide. Because it is purely handmade, the price of “stool dolls” is not cheap, and it usually sells for about 15 euros. Spanish national team players, Barcelona players and other football star dolls are the most popular, selling for 17 euros; politicians such as Trump and Theresa May are selling for 16 euros; animal figures such as Chinese pandas are selling for 12 EUR. According to the reporter’s understanding, there is currently a set of Star Wars poop dolls that are very hot. They contain 6 Star Wars dolls with different characters, and the price is 75 euros.