A first love

In the basement of a certain city in Beijing, there is a family of Beibei, mixed with various people, and there are many actors waiting to film. A pure-hearted young man and an actress have a faint, seemingly absurd relationship. Suddenly one day, the girl in love left without saying goodbye, and the pure-hearted man fell into boundless sorrow and pain. Could he still have a chance to meet the girl who made him think day and night?

Originally, I was going to move out. When I stayed, I was going to be moldy and covered with green hair. But I don’t want to move now, because I’m nostalgic for a girl who looks like eighteen or nineteen years old and lives next to me. I just moved. And at this moment, my heart, like the weeds that spring out of the ground, is wild and upset. This is the feeling I never had when I was twenty-one. Ever since I saw Qiu Jing, I haven’t dreamed of the sunflower field for a few days, so I’m very distressed that I can meet him in the dream. He planted that piece of sunflower every day. When the sunflower bloomed the most, I and he hugged in the sunflower field. It was by no means a simple hug between boys. I will always be seventeen in my dreams, and he will be seventeen. Another time, I dreamed that we were both lying in the sunflower field, holding hands, looking at the sky through the blooming sunflower. Suddenly, all the sunflower petals fell down and filled the sky. He disappeared inexplicably. I was so anxious that it seemed that the blooming sunflower was withered. I was dying in the withered sunflower.

The basement is a small room of only 20 square meters. It is separated by plywood or something thinner. The door is the same. A hole can be made with one foot, and the gentleman is not blocked. Entering the basement, no matter how far you go, there is only one aisle. The aisle is often surrounded by danger. Because of the limited space in the room, some essentials of life are not afraid to throw away, such as rice cookers, electric stoves, electric kettles, or discarded cardboard boxes, mineral water bottles, broken benches, etc. Put it in the aisle. A 20-watt light bulb is always lit over the aisle, hanging from the dark concrete ceiling, glowing with dim light. So, every time I come back, I have to be extra careful. It’s lucky to walk in a cardboard box, and you’re out of luck if you’re working on a rice cooker or kettle. The girl moved late, leaving only the room where she was. To her room, she had to pass through countless doorways, like a thorny thorn.

I saw the girl several times in the crack of the door, her hair fluttering. Our formal meeting was not romantic at all, it was a dangerous situation. It started like this, and I heard an exclamation in the aisle. At first, I thought who kicked the rice cooker, it was miserable, don’t be hot in the summer. Fortunately, no, but seeing a naked man. It was hot and everyone opened the door. The man next to me loves being shirtless and understandable, and since the girl came, he is naked. Every time the girl came back, she had to pass by that buddy’s room, then my room, and then go to her room. In other words, I live between them. I heard the scream, pushed the door and went out, just seeing the girl covering her face and running towards me. I don’t know who threw the watermelon rind. The girl was stepping on it and almost slipped. I reached out and supported her. Inertia, she happened to fall into my arms. Then I was dizzy. I was dizzy, trying to be sober, and holding her up from my arms. Then, I was forced to be brave and resolutely walked to the door of the man. He was blowing a whistle, holding a fan in his hand, naked, and wandering around the door. I looked at his naked lower body and couldn’t help but feel sick. I yelled annoyed, put on your clothes, you hooligan.

The buddy said, shit, I’m a rogue in my house, and no one cares. The dude intentionally shook his lower body to show me. Seeing his stuff, I seemed to have been greatly insulted and challenged. This is not the same as bathing in the bathhouse. I went up and gave him a punch, and the two of us scuffled together. I didn’t take advantage, I was tall and thin, he was tough. He knocked me to the ground and rode on me. That day I also wore shorts and a T-shirt. When I was knocked to the ground, the T-shirt had been lifted to the neck. He rode on my bare waist and hit my face. I didn’t feel how painful my face was, and my waist couldn’t stand it any more, as if a toad was crawling on my waist. My waist felt that his stuff was erecting, and it was a shame and shame that I put it on my waist and eyes. I didn’t know where the strength came from. I turned over suddenly, and he fell back to the ground. I stood up with a carp and stepped on his stomach.

My nose and mouth are bleeding. I covered my face and walked into my room. I was seeing the girl in my room. She wasn’t sitting by the bed or a chair. She stood in the middle of the room, holding her hands together. I can’t believe my eyes, the girl I just peeked through the door slit, standing right in front of me at this moment. I fell down and became ashamed, covering my face with my hands, so that she would not see the blood and bruises on my face. I was angry for her, but now I’m too embarrassed to say a word. The girl looked at me with concern, and she handed me a box of band-aid. Alas, my face is swollen and my eyes are blue, so where should the narrow band-aid be? It doesn’t work. But after all, it was the girl’s heart. I was afraid of hurting her heart, so I reached out and took the band-aid. I took my hand away from my face, exposing two eyes, and looked at her indifferently. I quickly lowered my eyelids. I had never faced a girl this close.

She stood slenderly in front of me, truly slender, because when I looked up, she looked like me and made my eyes shine. She wasn’t pretty, her eyes were long, her nose was too tall, and her mouth seemed bigger. But the combination on her face, coupled with her tall head, was so pretty. It is forbidden to look at it. The more you look, the better. I moved the only chair in the house to her and said, sit for a while. I also sat by the bed and unscrewed her a bottle of drink and said, “You drink orange juice and cool off the heat.”

She wiped the fine sweat from her forehead, sat down, took a drink and drank. She finally smiled, she was so sweet, she was intoxicated by peach blossoms in the spring wind. She said that her name was Qiu Jing, and she had dreamed of becoming an actor since she was a child, because she didn’t know how much she was scolded at home. Her father and mother are all farmers, not to mention her family, Shilibacun has no art, let alone to be an actor. And she wanted to be an actor since she was a child. Is n’t that whimsical? But she went into trouble, and just after graduating from junior high school, she ran out to work. It is said that there are many opportunities in the capital city, she tossed around several cities, and eventually arrived in the capital city. She is now busy running and working as a crowd actor in various places. Most of the time, she couldn’t get her work done, so she couldn’t afford to rent a building on the ground.

When I heard that she was a mass actor, I was surprised to tell her that we are traveling together. I was in the crew … I paused, looked for the wording, and said, be the general manager. Looking at her adoring eyes, and guilty again, I was busy making up a sentence, such as buying a box lunch, moving something, etc. All the odd jobs in the crew are under my control.

She laughed loudly and said, “We’re half a catty, looking for a scale.”

I know what she said, we have a horizontal line. My self-esteem has been strongly impacted. I said that I have been in this business for three or four years and have accumulated a certain amount of popularity. I can introduce you to the crew in the future.

Her eyes flashed instantly, and she blinked at me. She grabbed my hand and said with joy, it was great. Seeing her seriousness, I regret it. I can’t be sure to find her for the crew. I thought again, what a sorrow, this is a future thing, I’ll talk about it later, maybe I’ll get better, and ask her to be the protagonist.

Anyway, I’m relieved. In such a low and dark environment, I met Qiu Jing. The two of us were originally two parallel lines of the city. If the bustling crowd passed by, no one would look back. Hehe, it was in this horrifying basement that the parallel line between me and a girl named Qiu Jing suddenly appeared at the corner and wiped out the light. Even if it was like a meteor, how much I wanted to keep this fleeting It’s bright. At this moment, I decided not to move out of the basement first. There is another reason, the guy with nudity next door, I want to look at that kid.

With the shadow of Qiu Jing in the dim basement, there was light. My heart also suddenly opened up. I became like a sunshine boy. The haze that had accumulated in my heart for many years was swept away. Qiu Jing still went out early and returned late, never entered my room again. The guy next door to me was never naked again, always standing neatly in the doorway, and I guess he was waiting for Qiu Jing. He also pretended to be casual, whistling, and turned back to the house when he saw me. When he heard a breeze blowing in the aisle, he immediately stood at the door, and his door never closed. This shameful dude, isn’t he going to work? Maybe he couldn’t afford it. I haven’t seen him standing at the door these days, and probably went to work. He just stood still and was useless. I peeked a few times in the crack of the door, and Qiu Jing didn’t look at him at all. Sometimes she covers her face with this magazine.

Of course I go to work normally, I know very well, even if I stay at the door all day, it’s the same as that buddy. How could Qiu Jing fancy me? I was self-motivated. It seems that my fate with Qiu Jing stopped on the day I was beaten. Qiu Jing never talked to me again, as if I never existed. It seemed that she had forgotten that I had cut a knife for her. I want to understand, I’m moving, moving out of the basement.

The sun seemed to be on fire that day, and it was too hot to breathe. I took a vacation with the crew, went back to the basement to pack things, and prepared to move to the bright hall on the ground, of course, it was also rented. I put large items like rice cookers into cardboard boxes and put them in the aisle first. After a while calling the car, move directly to save trouble. I was packing soft things in the room, and suddenly I heard a bang at the door, and then cracked, as if it fell to the ground. I stopped working and listened. Just listen to someone scold, who? So immoral, put the cardboard box on the aisle. I said in my heart, broken, over, tripped people. This will trip an old lady, but she’s stunned. What else are you moving upstairs? When I opened the door and saw Qiu Jing lie on the ground, he immediately laughed. I wanted to hide it, but the expression of joy was still hanging on the corner of my mouth. So that the sorry words spoke with joy.

Did you put this cardboard box? Qiu Jing lay on the ground and asked sharply.

I put it, sorry. I trembled in action, but my heart was full of joy.

Don’t you put a bomb?

I almost laughed and said no.

If so, do you really let it go?

I didn’t hold back and laughed.

Qiu Jing said fiercely, okay, I fell like this and you still sneer.

I lifted her up, and kept on paying. No, it was all my fault. Whoever told you to come back for such an inch, you came back as soon as I moved out. Besides, you need to be more careful in the aisle in our basement.

Listening to your tone, it’s not the time for me to come back, and I deserve it.

When I said that, there was a deserved suspicion.

Qiu Jing hugged his knees and hissed and said, “I am not careful. The sun dazzles my eyes outside, and I enter the basement coldly. I’m on my way all the way. I know where there are benches and gas cans. Your doorway is usually the cleanest, and I didn’t even watch out. You gave me a surprise attack.

Qiu Jing was wearing super shorts, and I watched her knees exposed outside, dangling.

Qiu Jing also looked at his knee, and glanced at me, and said weepingly, the pain in the fire. She’s so anxious, wondering, what the hell? It ’s so good that everything is placed against the wall. If you are good, just put it in the right place. Will you?

I said I didn’t mean it. Actually, I want to say that I’m moving and I’m moving out of the basement, but I didn’t say that I saw her and I was nostalgic.

You’re worse than intentional.

When she fell down, the instant noodles in her hand fell to the ground, and she hadn’t picked them up yet. When she remembered, she was groping for instant noodles. She was sharper and more miserable than she was just crying. Alas, you stepped on my instant noodles!

The instant noodles were stepping on my feet, they were broken and the bags burst.

People haven’t eaten yet, Qiu Jing picked up the instant noodles on the ground and looked under the nose, holding up my eyelids like a roar, you lose my instant noodles! Qiu Jing threw the instant noodles to the ground fiercely.

A bag of instant noodles? I laugh.

They haven’t eaten yet.

Let me invite you to dinner. I moved into the house in a random way like a rice cooker. I pulled Qiu Jing and ran out of the basement.

Qiu Jing had eaten a piece of spicy grilled fish nearby, because Qiu Jing was eating hot and fanning with his hands while eating. I was stunned and asked her, were you a cat in your life? Qiu Jing said, you are a cat, and people eat from morning till now. I laughed at her, weren’t you a big star, no fans would scramble to serve tea and dinner.

Qiu Jing doesn’t show weakness, you don’t shy, or you live in the basement.

I want to say that I’m moving out of the basement today, but because of you, I don’t want to move. But I said, how can I be so hungry that I can eat outside, and it’s too hard to go to the basement to make instant noodles.

Qiu Jing looked at his fingers. Ten fingers were counted from beginning to end, as if he could never finish counting. in silence.

Speaking, what about scolding me in the basement just now?

Save money 呗.

Is it a problem to eat?

I haven’t performed in a few days.

Looking at Qiu Jing’s slender eyes and too tall nose bridge, I snorted and said, don’t listen to me when I speak, don’t dream of becoming an actor. Impossible.

Qiu Jing stood looking at me, and sneered scornfully, saying, “Aren’t you saying that you are the big steward in the crew? Can you introduce me to the crew?” Co-authors will talk about the wind.

I looked at Chuan Liu’s waiter again and said, Qiu Jing, really, just be a waiter. I pointed to the sign standing in the corner, which said there were several waiters. You see, it’s recruiting people.

Qiu Jing looked at me angrily and vomited the last fishbone in his mouth into the plate, saying that if I brought the plate, I wouldn’t be in Beijing. She paused and told me clearly that Leihua, I’m here to be a movie actor, and I will be a big star in the future. This is my dream. Do you understand me?

I looked at Qiu Jing, just like the gentleman on the street. After looking at her, I shook my head in extreme disappointment, shook it, and sighed with infinite emotion. Qiu Jing was waiting for me to give a reason, but I bowed my head and said nothing. Qiu Jing is angry, do you talk? It’s so urgent.

I squeezed my eyebrows, and opened one hand, scratching my head. That expression is like something difficult to open.

Come on, I am the most annoying person.

I said, I’m sorry to say it, but I must tell you that you are walking a dead end.

I deliberately asked her, do you know what I do?

The crew ran. Qiu Jing was already impatient.

I first drew a large circle with my hand. I said, just know, there are beautiful women like clouds. I spread my hands again and stretched towards Qiu Jing’s face, like a salesman, introducing my products. Looking at you, my eyes were slender, my nose was too tall, my mouth was big, and my complexion was dark.

Before I finished speaking, Qiu Jing stood up angrily, staring at me, hoping to kill me with his eyes. She still had chopsticks in her hand, and she threw the chopsticks on the table and turned and left angrily.

The soup splashed by chopsticks fell on my face. I wiped the soup on my face with a napkin, and stared at the back of Qiu Jing. Suddenly, I discovered beauty, beauty from Qiu Jing. Turning in anger, he raised his long black hair, flickering, falling, long hair and waist. My eyes had been drawn far and wide with Qiu Jing’s long hair, and the stretched eyes fell on Qiu Jing’s body. Suddenly, the moonlight of the Chinese language textbooks in my childhood sounded in my ears, and I whispered: “In the middle of the leaves, there are scattered white flowers … just like a pearl, like a star in the sky, It’s like a beauty just out of the bath. “It was Qiu Jing’s beautiful back that reminded me of these beautiful sentences. This is the back of a girl I have never seen in the crew. I can’t describe Qiu Jingting’s figure, and I think of the lotus pond and moonlight.

It’s been five days since I saw Qiu Jing again. The crew is filming. I go home early and late, and sometimes live on the scene. The director is always angry these past few days, there is a nude scene, not much naked, that is, naked back. The heroine will not be naked, because it is a big star, it is necessary to find a substitute. Some models in Beijing specialize in nude replacements. Although hard and sometimes discriminated against, they earn a lot of money. With good luck, when the clouds opened up to see the sunrise, he would walk from the stand-in to the curtain and become a star. Naked substitutes have suffered a lot. If they were bathed in river water in winter, it would be almost impossible to shoot once. Repeatedly, they could freeze a person to death.

I found a few nude models for this nude back play, which was not ideal, either the back was too thin or it was not round enough. I do n’t know if the director is so picky, what is wide, thin and thin on a back? We couldn’t make this scene well, everyone followed me. In the past five days, I have been back to the basement several times. I also paid attention to Qiu Jing’s room. Nothing happened, and the door was locked. I kind of miss her, am I still dreaming of a star? have you eaten?

Tonight, I came back early, and when Qiu Jing’s door was still locked, I went out for a meal and brought Qiu Jing a copy. After dinner, Qiu Jing’s door was still locked. I wanted to hang the lunch box on her door, and felt it was not right. If she didn’t dare to come back, she would wait for tomorrow. I took the lunch box off her door lock, held it in my hand, measured it, and pushed it into my house. I decided to wait for her. I used to go to bed earlier, and I would have to get up early tomorrow, and work in the crew, so I have to be diligent. When there are not enough people, I also occasionally become a mass actor and earn more money.

At about ten o’clock in the evening, when I heard footsteps in the aisle, I sat up from the bed, the door was open, and I deliberately left open, waiting for her.

Sure enough, it was Qiu Jing. She just came to my door. I whispered, “You’re back. Don’t be afraid. I’m waiting for you.” I brought you supper, let’s eat.

Qiu Jing said listlessly, oops, exhausted. She really entered my room and sat naturally at the table, looking at the open lunch box, a box of dumplings, and fried chicken wings. She said she loved it.

I said, let ’s eat it.

Qiu Jing smiled at me and buried her head to eat. I then looked at her carefully. Her long hair was tied with a rubber band in the back of her head, her face was darker than before, and her face was shiny and dirty. I have n’t had time to ask her what she is doing. She herself said that if she is not an actor, she should first solve the survival problem, and serve the hot addiction plate that we had last time. After standing for a day, she was so tired that she didn’t want to eat. She glanced at me again. This time you are happy, it is you who destroyed my dream. You are guilty.

She really went to serve the plate, and I was so queer in my heart. When is the end of the plate served at the restaurant? It is also a waste of youth. But I can’t say this. The negatives made me say that. They wanted to be a promising actor, didn’t they let me pour cold water? That plate is a waste of youth, what do you want people to do. What saddens me most is how Qiu Jing lost his temperament that day, that is, Fan Er. That attractive long hair was also ragged with ripped rubber bands. My heart seemed to be blocked by an egg yolk and panicked, but I could still breathe and not choke. I ca n’t accept Qiu Jing ’s sloppy look. I still miss her back that day, so slim, long hair. Thinking of long hair, I naturally think of the most popular love words now, when you have long hair and waist, I will marry you.

Well, I’m full. Thank you for dinner. Qiu Jing stood up lazily and complained, went back to washing, and he was so sweaty that he would still get the hotel at eight o’clock tomorrow. Our foreman can best beat the manager, you can beat it, but you can’t let us work overtime.

Qiu Jing walked to the door endlessly. I followed the door. I didn’t answer what she said just now, but just one sentence, Qiu Jing, you still have long hair.

I also know that working in a restaurant is still wearing long hair? It ’s all tied up like this, and a small headscarf is needed. Qiu Jing shook his head helplessly. Who told us that he was so out of sight that he could no longer be an actor.

Don’t be angry if I said that day. After that, I regret it. I quickly explained: Actually, you look good.

Hey, it’s okay, am I not aware of it, no more dreaming, all passed. Wash and sleep. Qiu Jing made a victory sign with me and turned back into his house.

I also lay in bed when I came back to the house, but I couldn’t sleep anymore. I stared, looked at the dark shack, and dreamed. Really, there is always a lens flashing in front of my eyes, Qiu Jing’s back, long hair and waist. I can see her naked back through her clothes. I slapped myself and called myself a hooligan, just like the buddy next door. And I laughed suddenly, fortunately I felt like this, the feeling of a man.

Night was so quiet that a squeaking sound of light bulbs in the aisle could be heard. I also heard another voice, the faint, rushing sound of water. Where? I turned my head and listened in breath, the sound of water. I owe myself, listen carefully, quiet at night, and occasionally snoring, from a distance. I sat up and didn’t sleep anymore. The sound of thin water, like the sound of blooming flowers at night, is sweet and faint. I jumped out of bed like a cat and rushed to the wall quickly and instinctively. It is a wall, which is similar to the material of a movable board room, which separates the rooms. This wall separates me from Qiu Jing’s room. The sound of water comes from Qiu Jing’s room. I’m like a police dog with a good sense of smell. I’m like fulfilling my master’s mission. I follow the sound and search persistently … Suddenly, I find hope. There are seams in the wall, and the sound of water passes to me along the gap of the seam. The room, then, passed into my ears, flowing into my heart. I was not in a hurry to look down the gap, I exhaled softly and relaxed myself. Suddenly, the long hair and the back of my waist were passing in front of my eyes, and I couldn’t wait to put one eye on the wall slit … I quickly left the wall slit, closed my eyes in pain, and leaned against the wall, such as He was paralyzed like a musculoskeletal bone, slipped down, and finally sat on the ground. I slapped myself hard, asshole. But this slap didn’t help much, and hands and desires were still separated. I felt like a hand was scratching in my heart, and I was about to faint. Suddenly, my carp jumped up and fell on the wall again, and I saw the naked back I had dreamed of. These days, my heart is impetuous like long grass, but it turned out that what I dreamed of was to see Qiu Jing’s naked back, so I have been thinking about Qiu Jing’s nude for a long time. I was intimidated by this, how could I be so scared?

When I saw Qiu Jing’s naked back, my heart calmed down. The beating heart gradually subsided, like a boat swinging on the calm lake. Long and intoxicating.

Qiu Jing was sitting on the small horse with his upper body naked, and was carrying water on his back. The room was too small, the conditions were rough, and the weather was hot. She put a washbasin in front of her. She was using a small plastic bowl to pour water from the washbasin and pour it on her back. Her long hair was pulled up with a hairpin, and her entire back was bare. It was smooth, smooth, plump, and tight. Her back was facing my eyes.

My eyes looked through the gap. The line of sight formed the outline of the upper and lower rectangular frames, and the naked back was framed inside the frames like ink painting. Qiu Jing didn’t realize it. After washing, she simply wiped it with a towel. Then, she opened the hairpin, and her long hair fell like a waterfall on the smooth, white back … My heart stopped beating suddenly, and I accidentally stopped on the set Seeing the naked back of the model never caused my heartbeat. I thought that my eyeballs had the function of purifying everything, and it really didn’t move my heartstrings. I couldn’t look anymore and closed my eyes tightly, I was afraid the eyes would stain the dreamy naked back.

Lying on the bed again, I didn’t see Qiu Jing’s long hair or back in front of my eyes. Strangely, the naked back of Qiu Jing bathing no longer appeared. I seemed to suffer from short-term amnesia. I lay silently on the bed, with my eyes slightly open, looking at the ceiling. Gradually my eyes flashed the blue sky and white clouds in my hometown. I lay on my back in the sunflower field, like the large green sunflower leaf of a fan, stretching and flickering in the wind, against the golden sunflower flower, fragrance in the wind. That large piece of sunflower, Jin Chancan, boundless. I did not see the seventeen-year-old boy hugging me in my dreams. Through the green leaves and golden flowers, my eyes looked into the distant sky. There was a cool wind on the tip of my nose, and I entered the dreamland in the cool wind and the refreshing floral fragrance.

The next day, it was ten o’clock when I opened my eyes. I wore clothes casually and I was late. I had to be fired. I also said that I would go early today and try to finish the scene. I crawled to the ground and ran out of the ground. When I was crippled, I kicked a plastic basin, and stepped on a banana peel.

The set was chaotic and the director was angry with his hips. Still shooting the naked back, that female naked, stiffened. I stood quietly behind everyone, dare not come out. I also stared at the stiff naked back, and suddenly flashed Qiu Jing’s clean back in front of me, rolling water drops, bright, like water drops rolling on lotus leaves after rain. I couldn’t help but recite the text of “The Moonlight in the Lotus Pond” silently, and suddenly, the picture of Moonlight in the Lotus Pond appeared in front of my eyes, and it was fascinating.

I turned around and ran, taking a taxi to Qiu Jing’s working restaurant. Qiu Jing was cleaning the table. I said nothing and pulled her up to run outside the hotel. Qiu Jing said, “Why, I haven’t asked for leave yet.” I did n’t have time to explain. I dragged her to stop the taxi and pushed Qiu Jing into the car. I also sat in and gasped. I asked Qiu Jing, do you know the naked substitute?

Nude substitution? Qiu Jing asked himself.

Yes, it is naked for the star. In other words, Gao Lu’s play has to find a substitute.

Qiu Jing seemed to understand.

I was like reassuring Qiu Jing’s heart and said, of course, there were naked substitutes who came to the front.

Qiu Jing was silent.

I looked at the front of the car and said, “It’s a nude scene anyway. If you regret it, it’s too late.” But you must be.

Qiu Jing didn’t regret it, but asked, how long can I move out of the basement?

Less than two months, maybe shorter. I regret it after speaking, but I’m telling the truth.

Qiu Jing looked at me with his expectant eyes, and that look was self-evident. My heart is parallel to my behavior again. In terms of behavior, Qiu Jing is willing to realize her actor dream from a different perspective. More importantly, she can earn more money and move away from the basement. The heart is twisting behavior, after all, it is a nude scene, how much willpower a girl needs to resist temptations from all sides. The point is, you get used to being naked. Seeing Qiu Jing’s expectations, my mood was lonely to the bottom. I want to hear Qiu Jing say no, it seems that no one can hold back in front of money, so do I, let alone Qiu Jing. I retracted my eyes, not looking at her, but looking out the window. The city’s high-rise buildings flashed back to the car. I had a hallucinating illusion. The whole body seemed to be flashed out of the car window and fell heavily on the road. Only Qiu Jing was sitting in the car and flying forward. I lay on the ground, and my hand reached out to the taxi that ran forward in front of Qiu Jing. Qiu Jing’s head stretched out of the car window, and quickly moved into the car, never willing to look at me again.

Qiu Jing asked, where is naked?

I have gone back from the hallucinations, I said naked. That night’s bright and dazzling naked back came to my eyes again, and I advised myself, forget it, don’t get tangled, the gold is buried in the soil and never polished, and the jade is not polished as a stone. I don’t want Qiu Jing’s naked beauty to be buried only in the wet basement; I don’t want a peeping eye to see her through the gap in the wall. If her next door isn’t me, or my buddy next door, she will still have pair of peeping eyes, lying on the wall slit, the eyes of the awful wall slit. Thinking of the buddy in the basement, he was worried for Qiu Jing.

Qiu Jing gave me a smile.

Promise me, only naked back. I grabbed Qiu Jing’s hand suddenly, and laughed after I said it. I didn’t even have the confidence to listen to it.

Qiu Jing didn’t say anything, still smiled, but just reached out his little finger and pulled me. I took the opportunity to hold her hand and wrapped it tightly in my palm. I felt abrupt, and scared myself to sweat. I hurriedly let go of her hands first, as if being stolen by someone else. Qiu Jing glanced at me, if there was nothing, moved his mouth, his eyes continued to look at the front window of the car without a word.

During the audition, I also cheered Qiu Jing. Don’t watch me juggling on the set, but watching too much, I know a little about this movie. I encourage Qiu Jing, it’s okay, you will succeed, don’t you always want to be an actor? This is also a type of actor. Instead, maybe in front of the camera. Qiu Jing was really nervous at first, and it really worked when I said that.

Qiu Jing walked slowly towards the river with his back to the camera, then his clothes slipped off his back … once in a row, it was successful.

I rushed out of the set, ran to the road, stood under the white flower sun, closed my eyes, and looked up at the sky. The car horn behind me rang, and I felt no danger in the sound of this car horn, such as a festive gong and drum. In the sound of gongs and drums in celebration, I foresee that in one or two years, Qiu Jing will become the best naked substitute in Beijing. She will soon move out of the basement, and I still look like a mouse or ant in this city. I don’t understand myself anymore. At this moment, what exactly do I do, why do I want the car behind him to run over his back. Subtle, even myself. Am i in love? Do i care? Am I jealous? Yes, no. I remembered that dream again and repeated dreaming. I was surprised by myself. I wanted to tell other people, but the scenes in the dream were not easy to tell to outsiders, privacy. Today I saw Qiu Jing wading into that river, and I also had a river in my dream, which passed by the edge of sunflower field. It was a clear, wavy river that happily passed through a willow forest and flowed into the distance. The banks of the river were full of sunflowers, and the seventeen-year-old boy and I met in the sunflower field unexpectedly.

That night, I didn’t see Qiu Jing return. I didn’t sleep, to be precise, I couldn’t sleep. Waiting for her, still open the door. My ears were winged, listening to the sound of walking into the basement, I wish I could let off the sound of a mosquito flying into the basement. There were footsteps in the aisle before 11:30. Although it was not her, they could always hear footsteps, and there was always hope, perhaps her. Without footsteps, she would never be her, and she lost her hope. Further on, I didn’t hear the mosquitoes flying into the basement. I heard the sound of mice banging cardboard boxes. I picked up my slippers, and just wanted to throw them into the aisle from the open door, to scare the mice, and I was afraid that the mice would enter the house. He closed the door and was afraid he could not hear Qiu Jing coming back. Suddenly, there was death. A cat meowed to my door with a blue light in both eyes. Oh, the cat scared the mouse away. I waved at the cat, teased it, and meowed twice. I said to myself, cough, little cat, what are you doing in the basement? The vast world outside is your home. Neighborhoods, parks, where to go, what to do in the basement. I meowed loudly at the cat, and the cat convulsed, and meowed, and went out. I guess the cat went out of the basement along the same path? I guess this cat is a male cat or a female cat, it must be a female cat, so courageous, it scared away as soon as I met my eyes. I was thinking about it so suddenly, suddenly, I remembered that Qiu Jing hated the man’s house with the door open. I jumped out of bed and closed the door. Just closed, I did not leave the doorknob, hesitated, closed or open? Leave it on, waiting for Qiu Jing to come back. I asked myself, should I wait? Passionate, am I eligible to wait for her?

The basement was so quiet that even the mice fell asleep. I could hear the snoring of the buddy from the next room, short and long. I stared at the wall in front of me, and there was Qiu Jing’s room. I slowly walked towards the gap in the wall, the gap I had last time, peeping at Qiu Jing taking a bath. I put my eyes on that gap again. Qiu Jing hadn’t returned yet. There was a black hole in the room. But I saw another scene, such as a black and white movie, I saw Qiu Jing’s nude scene on the acting bed. I stared at it with wide eyes, it was Qiu Jing, I knew the smooth back. I felt the blood rushing to my face, the fire was burning and my eyes were burning. I just wanted to kick the wooden wall with a kick, and suddenly Qiu Jing’s question came from the door, Lei Hua, why did you open the door, in the middle of the night?

It was Qiu Jing, and my hanging heart fell into justice. I was restless just now, but my heart was hanging.

Qiu Jing’s face has penetrated into my door, what are you doing? Lie on the wall?

Ah, there are mosquitoes. I fight mosquitoes. I lied.

I look awful, oh, I see, are you peeking?

What, I really fight mosquitoes, who do you peek at when you are not in the house?

I hate it when someone opens the door to sleep. Why do you still open the door?

I haven’t slept, besides, I’m not neatly dressed anymore.

Qiu Jing said, ah, I know, open the door and wait for me. Don’t I guess?

heat. I said.

Alas, I don’t recognize it yet. Qiu Jing throws the lunch box in the table to the table for you to take supper.

I’m really hungry, thank you for thinking about me. I opened the lunch box, smelled it, and said, um, it was fragrant. I want to ask, Qiu Jing, where have you been? I was worried all night, and then filmed again? But when it came to his mouth, he swallowed it.

Qiu Jing pulled the stool and sat across from me, watching me eat. I turned my face a little and said, don’t look at me, I’m embarrassed to eat.

Yo, a big man with a small face.

I seemed to hear the cat again, and missed the cat just now, like a night elf. I had a strange thought. When I saw Qiu Jing, I suddenly thought of the cat just now. I stubbornly thought that the cat was a girl. How I wish Qiu Jing was like a cat too. In the dark night, he had bright eyes to see the darkness.

Qiu Jing draws with my hand in front of my eyes, what do you think? Stupid?

I said sadly, when you did n’t return, Qiu Jing, I saw a cat right at my door, meowing like you.

You are a cat.

No, I’m a rat. I smiled bitterly. I deserve to live in the basement forever.

What are you doing? Qiu Jing pushed me a little, so sad.

I hope you get out of the basement early, and I hope you are well.

Thank you. Qiu Jing patted the back of my hand. She didn’t dare look into my eyes. It turned out that there was something wet in my eyes and it was tears. She looked elsewhere, and was running into a bottle in the corner. On this silent night, her eyes slammed into the bottle. I heard it all. Qiu Jing said, hey, Lei Hua, let’s have a drink.

OK, I walked over and picked up the bottle. This wine was drank by a few buddies a few days ago. I didn’t finish it. I brought it back. I poured the wine into two glasses, exactly one for each. I looked at Qiu Jing and said, can you?

Qiu Jing almost won the wine glass, who said I can’t? OK, I’ll take a sip first. I pulled her. It was two people’s business not to drink alone. So, the two had to discuss drinking, and then you took a bite and I took a bite to touch the glass.

Qiu Jing cried with me, then took a sip.

I looked at her, looked at my glass again, and took a big sip.

It was already late at night, and the silence was so quiet that we could only drink. Later, even our voices became quiet, afraid of disturbing night’s sleep. Qiu Jing asked me, have you been in love? My heart hurts a lot, and I don’t think my face is blushing but blushing. I looked at Qiu Jing and said nothing for a long time. Qiu Jing said with a smile, see you are still stunned. I mean first love, even passing a note at school.

I said, I did n’t pass notes to the girls, nor did I have a relationship with them.

I remembered that dream again, the 17-year-old boy, the sunflower field, the boy hugging in the sunflower field. I want to say, do dreams count? Alas, who is that boy? I can always dream of him, maybe my own shadow.

Qiu Jing drunk himself and said with a mysterious smile, huh, then you have been in love with a guy.

I knew she was teasing deliberately, but she still poked at my pain, as if there were eyes also lying on the seam of my wall, peeping into my secret.

Qiu Jing is coquettish like a child. Say, is there anyway?

Have. I bravely say.

have what?

First love.

Qiu Jing’s eyes widened and startled, who asked like a machine gun, with whom? When is elementary, middle and high school?

I said without a word, now.

Qiu Jing asked in confusion and contempt, your first love? right now?


Alas, Qiu Jing held the glass and cried with me. It was very loud. Then he said, don’t talk to me.

no no! I hurriedly said.

After drinking most of the bottles, Qiu Jing was a little drunk and said she was going to rest. She will go to the studio tomorrow. I naturally said, okay, I’ll help you go home and rest. I want to ask, what will be done tomorrow? Still asking? All the questions are superfluous, Qiu Jing is a naked substitute, and she is shooting a nude scene.

Two houses, just one step away, Qiu Jing had already reached his door, I followed. Qiu Jing walked a little, and I helped her. The door opened and Qiu Jing shook even more. I kept pushing her into the room, and Qiu Jing fell directly on the bed. I didn’t look at Qiu Jing on the bed. My eyes stared straight at where Qiu Jing was bathing that night. The little Mazar who was sitting was still there, and she was sitting on that Mazar and carrying water on her back. Back to wall, facing my eyes through the wall. I quickly reverted to the scene of that night. She had a washbasin in front of her, and the cool water in the basin, and she drank the water all at once. I stood by the bed stupidly, without saying, not moving.

I heard Qiu Jing give a uniform breath, and she fell asleep. Presumably she was tired today and drank again. I covered her with a quilt, walked out of her door, and brought the door up. I just wanted to leave and felt it was not right. The door opened with a slight push. I couldn’t bear to wake Qiu Jing and plug the door in. How to do? I put the bench of my house on top of her doorway, and then returned to the house.

I was too sleepy, returned to my house, fell to bed and fell asleep. I dreamed of the river again, and the sunflower field by the river. Suddenly I woke up, meowing. I bounced off the bed like a spring, barefoot, and ran to Qiu Jing’s door. Fortunately, the stool was still on the door. The aisle was dark and glowing blue. The small light bulb in the aisle hung overhead, white light, yellowish white, and the sound of the light bulb squeaking louder. It was the sound of an imminent explosion. The light bulb is too long, bright light is on day and night, it is about to collapse. If the light bulb crashed, the basement would be as dark as eighteen floors of hell.

By the time I got back to bed, I had no sleepiness. The white clouds and cheerful rivers in the dream have been drowned by the sound of the bulbs. I held my arms, like a desperate woman, curled up in bed. My door was open, my eyes stared at the door, and my ears heard the stool in front of Qiu Jing. Whoever dared to move the stool, I rushed out.

The door was dark and faint. I really looked forward to the cat’s appearance. For a while, nothing happened. I only heard my heart pounding and hurt my chest. Moreover, the sound was scary. I took out the Walkman, put the earphones on my ears, and there was a singing voice inside. It’s that recently popular song.

…… I will think of that summer again, I was looking for you in this hustle and bustle, the lovely Miss Meow …

Tonight, I don’t know if I’m waiting for the cat to appear, or to keep the door for Qiu Jing.

When it was dawning, I took a nap. Suddenly I woke up, the headphones were still on my ears, and my ears were full. Goodbye, goodbye, Miss Cat. I listened to Miss Cat all night. I took off my headphones, jumped out of bed, went to the door, stomped my feet, like a thief doing bad things. Take the stool on the top of Qiu Jing’s door gently and take it to his house, leaving no traces. It’s dawn and it’s okay. I closed the door and actually shut myself in. I didn’t want Qiu Jing to get up, and it seemed ridiculous to see my red eyes and the top stool. I fell on the bed, leaning sideways, curled up … I just heard Qiu Jing door ringing when I just wanted to fall asleep, and heard her footsteps passing through my doorway. It was very light, like that cat, but I could hear her Footsteps gently floated out of the basement.

Then I heard a cry. Where did I come from, my hand touched the pillow, and it was wet that I cried myself—I was in love.

Qiu Jing went to the set, and that’s the same sentence, no matter which film she shoots, it is all naked. I am speechless, because no one can save anyone in this noisy city. I don’t want to go to the studio today. I had a sudden idea. I didn’t do it there and I couldn’t face Qiu Jing’s nude scenes. Although the audience does not know who she is, she is a naked substitute, but I know who she is. I don’t go to the studio, there is another reason, my eyes only have her naked back that cleansed her soul, the moonlight naked back of the lotus pond, rolling water drops. The scene of that night, the naked back rolling with water drops, and the naked back of Qiu Jing, have been printed in my memory, pure and fresh. Such as the bottom plate of the photo, whenever the photo is washed out, it will not be out of shape.

Now I’m not afraid of anyone, anyway, I want to resign, and simply lie on the bed. He leaned back and forth, humming again in the ears, goodbye, Miss Cat, he was a little annoyed, took off his headphones and closed his eyes. It doesn’t matter, there is no fear, I relax myself, relax in all directions. In the humble basement room, under the dark ceiling, I saw blue sky and white clouds, cheerful rivers, and sunflower fields. I seemed to be lying in a sunflower field full of sunflowers, looking up at the blue sky and white clouds, and then I fell into a dreamland.

Returning to sleep feels fragrant …

The sound of a trolley case came from the basement. It’s quack, rush, it’s rushing to my door. I held my breath, listened to my ears, my heart was beating, my blood rushed up, my face was red and my ears were red. I was waiting for Qiu Jing to knock on the door of my room. There was no need to knock. The door was hidden, as if waiting for her steps. I have this confidence, and Qiu Jing has to say goodbye to me. I want to move out of the basement, but not now, I have to wait for Qiu Jing to move away before I leave. I also expected that Qiu Jing moved away soon, and I look forward to her moving away. The wet basement will ruin her body, including the beautiful smooth naked back. While I was proud of her introduction to the job, I was also regretful and accompanied by a touch of sadness. I really can’t tell the taste, maybe this is the taste of first love.

The trolley case rattled to my door, and I sat up, covering my chest, covering the violent beating heart, afraid of the sound in this dim basement, and panic Qiu Jing’s footsteps. The trolley case passed by my door, from near to far, from near to far … I can hardly hear the sound, the voice is subtle, I can hardly hear it. Suddenly, I realized that I had lost Qiu Jing forever. So, in Qiu Jing’s heart, there was no trace of me at all, so she walked out of the basement so carelessly? Lost, like white feathers, wandering through the air, unable to find the falling center of gravity. I’m going to fall, even in the basement. I floated out of my room and floated out along the corridor of the basement. I came across the faithful light bulb, which was still shining there with due diligence, glowing with white and red light, and ringing loudly, indicating that it was about to reach the end of life.

When the white feather touched the light bulb, it may be painful, and quickly swooped down. When it was about to land, there was a cloudy, cold wind from the depth of the basement. I really enjoyed this hot summer. I was blown by the overcast wind again, and the tall one was about to break through the ceiling of the basement. I stuck to the ceiling, quietly, without making a noise. I smiled inexplicably, and floated in front of Qiu Jing, I was waiting for Qiu Jing in front, the trolley case was gala gala. Should she see me? However, Qiu Jing continued to move forward and passed me again. She was about to leave the basement. Can’t wait, I landed on the ground, behind Qiu Jing, she didn’t find me yet? Still ignore me? The light bulb rang, louder than before, and turned into noise. I was anxious, and no longer shouting, she walked out of the basement. I shouted, hi! There were anger, surprise, resentment, nostalgia … the sound might be too loud, the light bulb exploded and finally exploded. Suddenly, the entire basement fell into darkness. Qiu Jing, with a loud voice, vowed to pierce the darkness in the basement. I was almost shocked by the shout of high decibels. Fortunately, I grabbed Qiu Jing’s back waist, first with a hand. I lowered my voice, and said in fear and haste, don’t be afraid, it’s me.

Rogue, let me go! Qiu Jing shouted.

I’m not a hooligan, I’m a man.

Ah—a louder shout is about to pierce my eardrum. I covered her mouth with the other hand. The basement was still dark, accompanied by horror. I am like an elf adapted to darkness, and my eyes are particularly bright. I clearly saw Qiu Jing’s smooth back, smooth and flexible. This time I saw it not through a wall, but in front of my eyes No, no, closer, right in my arms. Ghosts are terrible. I don’t know where the energy comes from. I pushed Qiu Jing against the wall, and Qiu Jing’s face was close to the wall. I covered her mouth with one hand, and her lower back with my knees. The other hand, this sinful hand, first untied her waistband. It was white and thin. It’s broken. Then, take off her pants. The lace-up trousers are black and transparent, which I have seen clearly. In the darkness, my eyes, like wolves, glow green, penetrate the darkness and see everything clearly. Just in the wet basement, the wet walls, I raped her from behind … blood, I saw the blood, and it filled the whole basement, I also saw Qiu Jing’s pale face, as white as paper …


I woke up in my nightmare, I screamed and sat up in convulsion. Before I had time to wear my shoes, I rushed out of the room and shouted Qiu Jing in the dim aisle … I looked up at the light bulb, and it was well on there, still sizzling. I walked back and forth two times in the dim corridor and touched the wall to confirm that there was no Qiu Jing. It’s a dream, it’s a dream, but it’s a dream. I walked back weakly, the door of the man next door slammed open, and he began to get naked again. I said you were sick, he smiled at me and said, you peek at her. I ignored him and walked straight to my house. He said grotesquely behind me, hum, I saw her go, dragged the trolley, she left, and walked out of the basement. Don’t say goodbye to you, I didn’t glance past your door. You’re not as good as me. I watched her walk out of the basement.

I entered the door of my room and fell to the bed, crying like a girl, and wet the pillow. I was thinking in my heart, thanks to the dream. It doesn’t matter what kind of dream I do. I’m never picky about dreams, but I can’t dream of them alone, which has blasphemed my first love. Although it is a dream, if I see Qiu Jing again, I will be ashamed and faceless. After a rest, it was almost noon. I didn’t feel hungry, I felt regretful, and regretted the dream I had just dreamed about. So how did my sunflower field sneak out of my dream?

Qiu Jing is really gone? Disdain goodbye to me. I crouched on the ground and cried again, sobbing, tears running down my fingers … I took my face full of tears, opened the trolley case at the corner, and silently packed things into the trolley case.

The dim corridor heard the sound of a trolley case, from far to near, no, from near to far. I looked back, it was my own trolley case, followed silently behind me. I’m moving out of the basement now, waiting for Qiu Jing to come back. Not waiting, I still imagine, will she be back so late tonight? Who wandered down the street and brought back a takeaway? give me? Will Qiu Jing be back tonight?

Just before leaving, I put the Walkman on the bed. Goodbye, goodbye. Miss Cat.

I hope the electricity consumption will reach the moment when Qiu Jing pushes open the door of my room. Imagine Qiu Jing pushing open my room. She looked around every corner of the room and was empty. She picked up the walkman in bed, put on headphones, and it came in:

But goodbye, goodbye, Miss Meow,

Can you forgive the boy who provoked you,

Don’t let the soul linger in the night.