A good sex life is a necessity of love

Everyone is eager to taste the nectar of a happy marriage, but not everyone can get what they want. Love is an emotion, but also a capability. Dear you, are you ready for this happiness training class?

For many years of marriage, couples have changed from love to affection, but even old wives and wives have sexual needs with each other. This is a topic that cannot be avoided between husband and wife. Sex is an important part of marital life. When the sex is not in harmony, it will reduce the satisfaction of two people for their relationship.

Our perspective on sex often affects the practice of sex life.

Many lines in film and television works can mislead people: sex has a certain shelf life, passion is limited, and marriage is the grave of sex and passion. In fact, this view is only half right. Sexual life has a shelf life for self-centered people, and for those who are satisfied with their partners and happy for their dedication, sex life is always fresh. Why is this?

First, sex is partner-oriented, not self-oriented. In fact, sex and love in the real sense need to interact with each other. In essence, it is to please each other, and then to please yourself. Otherwise, simply solving physical needs does not necessarily require a partner.

Second, sex is a wonderful gift, and it is best to enjoy between husband and wife. Sex outside the spouse may be stimulus and excitement, but it will not be true happiness of body and mind.

Third, sex is not an embellishment in marriage, but an important part of marriage. Sex is a responder to the feelings of husband and wife. When husband and wife emotional treatments were performed before, many husbands reported sexual dissonance with their wives. However, after consultation, they discovered that in fact, love “sick” before their sex “sick”. .

Now that sex is so important, how can we manage it well?

1. Whether sexual life is harmonious depends on good communication. In order to be happy in marriage, couples must make clear the difficult topic: How often do they expect to have sex? Which way can excite you? What kind of behavior makes you feel disrespected? In terms of sexual experience, men often think of sexual life as a destination, and women as a journey; in sexual desire, men are like gas cookers, which heat up fast and cold, and women, like electric cookers, heat up slowly It also takes longer to cool down. More communication and communication can eliminate misunderstandings and increase understanding, so as to be more willing to cooperate with each other.

2. Be gentle before sex. There is no need to say more old words like love words and foreplay. One point is particularly important, but it is often overlooked by many couples: before sex, you usually need to resolve conflicts, relax the atmosphere, and let the other party feel loved. It is best not to think about bedtime during the cold war, otherwise your partner will feel that You don’t respect him.

3. Cooperate more and don’t inferiority. Some people say that sex is a big mysterious garden, in which there are many beautiful flowers hidden, waiting for two people to discover. But two people who are out of step will definitely have conflicts. The wife needs to actively cooperate with her husband and have a timely response to her husband’s performance. At the same time, the wife also needs to eliminate the inferiority complex of her own body. Do not compare yourself with other women. You must believe that in the eyes of the husband, he is most beautiful.

4. Create romance and fun. If you get married for a long time, sex will become routine. Romance is the boring antidote. Every once in a while, go to a strange place for a date, have a candlelight dinner, watch a foreign romance movie, learn to flirt, and so on. Doing the same thing with different people is exciting, and doing the same thing with different people is romance.

5. Focus, don’t fantasize. In the human body, the brain is the most important sex organ. We want to focus our sexual desire on our partners, not others. If a husband is addicted to pornographic videos, his wife is addicted to star-chasing, the sexual satisfaction between the couple will also be greatly reduced, because each other will imagine themselves and the person or star in the movie to live and have sex, which will make them picky about their partners without reason As a result, there is a sense of gap, which affects the relationship between husband and wife.

A good sex life is not an embellishment of love, but a necessity of love. Bless everyone to be able to accompany love and sexual well-being.