How can convince youself

Naren, the easiest is to convince yourself, the hardest is to convince yourself.

how do I say this?

Pick the easy ones first. For example, you go to the store and want to buy a beautiful dress for your husband. Look at the price, good guy, six or seven hundred miles! Buy it or not?

A voice said, too expensive, not worth it, I bought it. Another voice said, buy it, buy it. Your wife has been with you for most of your life. He said that six or seven hundred, one or two thousand have to buy it! So happy, took out six or seven hundred yuan, waiter, this dress, we want it! Isn’t it easy to convince yourself?

However, sometimes it is not easy to convince yourself, very, very difficult! For example, to persuade yourself if you have trouble with things, grievances, or things you can’t figure out.

I remember that when I was still in charge of the unit, the next department had to select a director. First, the personnel department came up with democratic recommendations, and the one who got the highest votes was selected as the director of the department. Then, a democratic evaluation was conducted, and finally, who was the director was decided. As a result, a deputy director who is usually the oldest and has a relatively high level of qualifications. Therefore, he thinks that he can be the deputy director of the director. In the democratic evaluation, he failed to pass! Dude, anxious and annoyed this dude! A few times came to me, very excited, the voice was trembling, and even, talking, shed tears! What to do? Of course, I have nothing but persuasion to comfort him and enlighten him. Later, with red eyes, he shook hands with me and left. Later, he gradually calmed down, reassured, and continued to be his deputy director. He finally convinced himself.

It’s not easy, it’s not easy.

Do n’t we often come across similar things in our lives? I could n’t figure it out at first. How did it end up? Can’t figure it out, and it makes sense. Reality is such a reality! Nothing works, it’s necessary! In the end, I had to find a reason, persuade myself, and figure things out thoroughly. What do you use to persuade yourself?

I have seen such plots in foreign movies: a certain village or township, a man, or a woman, if they have any unpredictable things, they come to the church in the village, go in, sit down, read something, and pray. Or kneel in front of the small house covered by the curtain, and let the troubles and confusions in your heart talk to the priest hiding behind the curtain and repent. After talking, I have enough remorse, and now I ’m finally convinced. Then I stood up and patted my clothes. What should I do? No longer sad. This approach is indeed effective.

But what if you are not born abroad and you do n’t believe in religion, and you never plan to believe in religion? No way but to convince yourself!

What do you use to persuade yourself?

Lao Zhan’s experience is to convince himself with the truth and common sense stored in his head. For example, what the teacher used to say in the past, the teachings of parents and adults when he was a kid, the enlightenment obtained by reading books and newspapers, the experience accumulated in life, and so on.

All in all, to find something with a certain theoretical color and ideology, and to put the two sides of the heart facing each other, tangled and fighting, to make a break. You can use these truths as a weapon, give your full support to one side, try to destroy one side, let the conflict no longer conflict, let the contradiction no longer contradict, let your heart gradually return to peace, and start a new life.

Of course, your theory may not be mature or logical, and it can withstand scrutiny. But it is gradually realized by itself, gradually formed, accepted by itself, and therefore, it is also able to convince itself at a critical moment.

For example, big fate comes from heaven, and small fate can do it.

For example, endure a moment of anger and avoid a hundred days of worry.

For example, people are doing, and heaven is watching.

For example, everything except life is a trivial matter.

For example, hatred is punishing yourself with the mistakes of others.

such as,……

Convincing yourself is the basic skill. Basic skills of a lifetime. Without this basic skill, there will be problems in life, and even major problems. You are optimistic that many people who can’t figure out how to go to the dead end will not be persuaded because of long-term contradictions, so they just have to say goodbye and leave it?