Ghosn successfully fled, relying on a second French passport?

Carlos Ghosn, the former chairman of Japan ’s Nissan Motor Company, successfully fled back to his hometown in Lebanon on the 30th of last month. The world was startled, and they speculated on what means they used to stage an annual “escape drama”. According to multiple media reports, the second French passport may be the key to Ghosn’s escape. “Regaining his freedom” Ghosn yelled that a press conference will be held in Beirut, Lebanon’s capital, on the 8th, and whether many of the mysteries will be solved will become the focus of outside attention.

According to Japan ’s NHK TV station on the 2nd, Ghosn was previously arrested by the Japanese police for allegedly violating the “Financial Commodities Trading Law”. He was released on bail after paying 1.5 billion yen in astronomical bail last April, but one of the additional conditions was that he must surrender All passports are kept by the defense lawyer. It is reported that Ghosn held 2 French passports, 1 Lebanese passport and 1 Brazilian passport, and at that time they should all be handed over to his defense lawyer, Hironaka Ichiro. However, according to the Japanese Immigration Control Law, unless you have obtained permanent residence in Japan or hold a residence card, other foreigners must, in principle, carry their passports with them during the period. The Ghosn team of lawyers applied for a change in bail conditions last May. With the permission of the court, a French passport was locked in a box so that Ghosn could carry it with him, but the box keys were kept by his lawyer.

According to reports, the Japanese side did not find Ghosn’s name on the exit list, and the Japanese prosecutors and police believed that Ghosn had gone abroad by improper means and was suspected of violating the immigration control law. However, sources in Lebanon show that when the suspect suspected Ghosn entered the country, it was Ghosn’s own French passport.

Japan’s “Asahi Shimbun” reported on the 2nd that in order to further investigate Ghosn’s detailed “Escape” process, the Tokyo Prosecutor’s Office began to search Ghosn’s previous residence in Tokyo that afternoon. It is reported that Ghosn’s residence is located in a quiet neighborhood lined with high-end residences. Ghosn’s “Escape Story” not only attracted a large number of media to come to report, but also attracted many neighbors to watch the scene.

Kyodo News reported that a friend of Ghosn revealed that he was hiding in a musical instrument box and assisted by someone to take the plane out of Japan, but his wife Carroll denied this. According to foreign media, Ghosn flew to Istanbul in a private jet accompanied by two Americans, and transferred to a flight to Lebanon in the hangar. Turkish authorities have arrested at least seven suspects, including four pilots.

It is reported that Ghosn is considered to have legally entered Lebanon with a French passport, and relevant sources have disclosed that “just like the presidents of other large companies, Ghosn may also hold multiple passports” because France recognizes that special persons have obtained two passports. The situation of this passport. For example, some business people have to deposit their passports at the embassy in order to apply for a visa for a certain country. If they need to travel to other countries during this period, they need to use another passport.

The Associated Press reported on the 2nd that Lebanese Attorney General Serhan said on the same day that he had received a red arrest warrant from Interpol, asking the country to arrest Ghosn, saying that Lebanon would “fulfill its duties” but reiterated that the country and Japan There is no extradition agreement between them.