Slow down

The race of life is relatively speaking. Who is running ahead is not clear to others. Even if you are a full lap slow, others may be the leader.

When I was a kid, I couldn’t run fast, and I was always thrown away by the leader in the long-distance race. I was unwilling and ashamed at the time, but now when I look back, I feel that a slow life is just right. Running slowly, my heart calms down. On the runway of life, a calm mind and a free character are essential.

The first person to reach the finish line is awesome, but it is by no means that only the first place is valuable, and the last place is worthless. The penultimate has a different value than the first. People who fall behind in a lap insisting on running the whole distance will move the viewers heart and add courage. That is to say, backward people also have their corresponding responsibilities.

I call it “the responsibility of a slow lap.”

Don’t worry if you lag behind others because of illness.

Even if time is wasted by failure, don’t worry.

Don’t worry if things don’t go well.

Keeping yourself calm and free is the top priority.

Life is relative. Rather than panting and running in front of him, it would be better to hum to Geer and run slowly.

To truly enjoy learning, you must be motivated and have interesting projects. The heavier you are, the more stressful you are, and the more you need to withdraw temporarily. You ca n’t put all your thoughts on your work. You have to try to learn the same talents that you are interested in. Completely, without any purpose, you can release Stress and eliminate anxiety.

If you want to have a good result before doing everything, often things go wrong. It is better to let go of the purpose and take a course you like. In such a period of study designed for yourself, you can have unexpected results. I started studying oil painting when I was the busiest and most stressed at work, devoted myself to painting, and enjoyed the imagination and creativity of Mercedes-Benz. That was the most relaxed and stress-free time for me.

There is a narrative in Jobs Biography: Jobs has learned calligraphy. At the beginning, he didn’t think about how to learn calligraphy. Later, when he designed the Mac computer, the beautiful text and glyphs that he had learned when he first learned calligraphy appeared in his mind. Features. Jobs said: “I never expected these things to play any practical role in my life. Ten years later, when we designed the first Mac computer, all of this suddenly came back to my mind.”

When I was young, I loved writing new poems, and I didn’t think about what to do, just to express emotions. Later, I slowly discovered that this habit helped me to write songs, write articles, and write ad copy. Without this exercise at the time, maybe I would not enjoy writing so much now. Now, I still learn a new thing for a year. Learning has not only enriched my life, but also broadened my horizons, made me love myself more, and worked hard to become a better myself.

Don’t think that you are busy and you do n’t have time to regain your interests. In addition to work, we can also enjoy learning and feel happy and balanced. Sometimes sleeping or playing with a mobile phone is better than studying without a purpose, which makes us more relaxed and happier. You do n’t need to anticipate anything in life, and learning is a joy in itself. At that moment, we are doing ourselves and doing what we like, and we will temporarily forget the troubles of work. After we have the joy of learning, we will have more energy to face the difficulties at work.

The way I release stress is to learn the same thing I like, enjoy the moment, and increase the happiness factor to counter the annoyance factor.