Years of confusion, farewell to “parasitic life”

Although I have grown up, my independent life has just begun.

If 18 is the beginning of a person’s adulthood, then I have been an adult for 20 years. Although I have grown up, my independent life has just begun.

I got married at the age of 28. After the marriage, I separated from my husband and lived in two neighboring cities. I usually lived in my parents’ house and got together on weekends. We enjoy working and living without disturbing each other and having a sweet time together. A few years later, with my baby, I came to my husband’s city. Although in a city, my mother-in-law lived in my house for the convenience of bringing children. She was easy-going and we had almost no conflicts. It’s been another few years.

Sometimes, I also think that, forty people, I have never lived independently. When I woke up, I would also have the urge to live on my own, but think about the problem of child transportation without the help of the elderly. I am also used to living with us. It seems to be enjoyable. Is the family happy?

I think that if it wasn’t for the mother-in-law’s hospitalization for back problems, our “parasitic life” would continue happily.

Thursday, September 12

In the afternoon, I was in the process of writing, and suddenly received a call from my husband: “Mom went to the hospital today to see the waist, and the doctor was admitted to the hospital. I will pick up Tongtong in a while.” Her waist disc is very prominent, and most people can’t stand the pain. She can’t bear to come until now. “My nose is sore, my mother-in-law is not for us, not to delay picking up children, cooking, and to save us After worrying about it, he kept gritting his teeth. I comfort her mother-in-law so that she doesn’t have to worry about us, just rest assured.

When I got home at night, Tong Tong was having a meal. On the table, her husband made scrambled eggs with tomatoes, fried potatoes with mushrooms, and a dish of beef with sauce and tofu soup with vegetables. It was quite rich. I breathed a sigh of relief, this dinner is considered to have passed.

Before going to bed, I almost never opened the refrigerator before. I opened the refrigerator and searched carefully. All the noodles, dumplings, and ravioli were eaten up. I was a bit worried. When I walked to the bedroom, I just leaned on the bedside and felt drowsy To sleep, I pushed him: “Nothing in the refrigerator, what shall we eat tomorrow morning?” The husband opened his eyes: “You don’t care, I’ll make breakfast. Hurry up and get up early.”

Friday, September 13

When the alarm sounded, I opened my eyes and found out that my husband had got up early. I greeted Tong Tong to get dressed and heard “Zi Zi” coming from the kitchen. I walked to the door of the kitchen and saw Lao Zhengming frying eggs, with a slice of bread, ham and lettuce on the table beside me. It turned out that my husband bought the ingredients for breakfast last night, and I couldn’t help admiring his carefulness. In the past, my mother-in-law made breakfast for us. The elderly generally like to make traditional breakfast. Noodles, ravioli, and eight-treasure porridge are warm and comfortable to eat. However, changing the taste occasionally today is also good. The most important thing is simplicity and nutrition Also comprehensive.

Today I pick up the children and make dinner. Thinking about my husband’s outstanding performance in the morning, I certainly can’t lose. But the reality is, I really can’t cook! However, now that it is the information society, what else can stump me? On the way to pick up the children, I downloaded an app for cooking and browsed. Dinner must be light. Braised pork and crispy chicken wings must not work (the key is not easy to do). Pass; sweet and sour fish? Too many spines, not suitable for children, pass; soup? Too time consuming, pass. Suddenly, my eyes light up, pancakes! This is good, the staple food, meat and vegetables are all available.

As soon as I got home, I rushed to the kitchen and opened the recipes I had already collected. Do n’t laugh, although fried pancakes are simple rice, but we are perfect people, and we have to make regular meals (in fact, we have n’t really fried them). Everything is ready, fired!

Twenty minutes later, I walked out of the kitchen with a plate of seductive shredded pork shredded pancakes, wiped my hands on the apron, and tried to learn the gentle mother in the TV show and shouted, “Tongtong, eat!” I ran out immediately, climbed into the dining chair, exaggerated: “Wow! Fried cake! So delicious!” “Wait!” I blocked the chopsticks he stretched over, “Mom has to take a picture!” I carefully removed On the surface of the cake, a few pieces of scallion on the surface of the cake were scorched, and at an angle, they took a few high-quality food photos.

I sent the photos to three girlfriends and two people from my in-laws’ family, and I ate them with satisfaction. Ah, the taste is really good! While eating, the mobile phone “dididi” rang, mother-in-law and mother sent 3 thumbs each, the god is the same; my girlfriend sent various praises and small expressions; my husband sent a sentence: wife, has potential !!

It’s really “know me, loved ones” who can always tolerate me and encourage me! I immediately became proud, it seems that cooking is not that difficult!

Friday, September 27

In a flash, our independent life has been nearly two weeks. In the past, because of my mother-in-law, I always spent some time before going home after work. Today, my father-in-law helped pick up the child, because he had to rush back to the hospital to take care of her mother-in-law. I arrived at 5 o’clock and immediately shut down the computer to leave the office. Run to the subway station as fast as possible. I do n’t know why, every time I arrive home in the past few days, I can see that my husband who has been home in the past at seven or eight o’clock has returned. It seems that sometimes the so-called “overtime work” is the result of laziness, which is more efficient, and the time is Out.

After dinner, I tutored my son to do his homework. My husband picked up the mop and started to mop the floor. To tell you the truth, these days, his performance really makes me look amazing. I get up at 5am every morning to make breakfast and send my children to school. The common “Ge You Lie” after work is gone, either the floor is washed or the clothes are washed. Only when everyone was lying down did he have to take out his cell phone for a while, and often fell asleep without looking at it for a few minutes.

Before, I was still picky about him. I always thought he was lying down and playing with his mobile phone. Now, I even hope that he can play for a while, and occasionally make mistakes on him, such as lack of words, easy to chat, etc. The big problems suddenly felt like they were small cases.

I found out that we used to be full-fledged, and my mother-in-law took care of everything. My husband and I were roaming, and I always wanted to pick each other’s thorns when I had nothing to do. Now that everyone is busy, I have to jump out of the position of a lazy daughter-in-law. The image of a good man who loves his home and takes good care of his wife and children is also highlighted.

Saturday, October 12

After the National Day, the weather suddenly turned cold. Looking at the messy closet, I decided to take advantage of the weekend to clean up. When sorting out Tong Tong’s clothes, I didn’t know where to put the two sweaters. I wanted to call and ask my mother-in-law, but I was embarrassed.

It is time-consuming to tidy up your clothes. The two cabinets are packed, and it is almost noon. I found that the housework was a bottomless pit. When I was packing, I found that there were two storage bags missing, so I measured the size and purchased it online. When I packed my shoes, I saw that the corner of the shoe cabinet was all gray, so I looked for a rag for a long time.

In short, it took me a whole day to finish my housework. I remembered that my mother-in-law often told me, “I just packed a cupboard this morning.” I was still a little unbelievable at that time, and now I find that doing housework is not only physical work, but mental work. Putting it more neatly requires a little thought.

In the evening, we received a WeChat from her mother-in-law, telling us to pay attention to our body, and specifically told my husband to be greedy, and let me remind him to add clothes. In the end, the old man was still uneasy about us. Looking at WeChat, I felt a warm current in my heart. When I looked up to see my husband, I broke down again and laughed. This guy is looking for thick clothes in a box and a cupboard. In the past, her mother-in-law bitterly asked him to wear more clothes, and everyone didn’t take it seriously every time. Now, I can’t hear my mother’s nagging, but I know how to take care of myself.

Sunday, November 10

The mother-in-law has been discharged, but it is still not complete. The doctor advised her to choose an operation, and she is waiting for a bed these days. Early in the morning, she and her father-in-law appeared at the door of my house, with eyes full of concern and worry. However, when we saw that we were in an orderly way, they relaxed and said to me, “Before, my old sister I said, let the children be independent. I do n’t believe, I ’m always worried about you. Now it seems that people are right. ”We sat on the sofa together, and she laughed and talked to me about this“ dual life with father-in-law ” “It’s so pleasant inside and out. It can be seen that in the past two months, the mother-in-law had a good time. In the end, she still lived comfortably in her own house, but I used to think silly that my mother-in-law liked to live in my house.

At lunch time, a large table was put on the table. Although it is the same as before, the family is sitting together to eat, but everyone has a different feeling in our hearts. We lifted the wine glass for this familiar and brand-new Toast of life.