Smile when you are hungry

 In the 1970s, Katie Radis joined Mary Kay Cosmetics as a salesperson. As a newcomer, Katie’s performance started slowly, so she never got a commission.
  In order to save money, Katie not only rented in the cheapest small house, but also could only eat one bread at noon and evening each day, not even a bottle of milk. Every morning, she walks to the company to report her hunger, but no matter how hungry she is, she always smiles. She always told herself, “I want to smile, I want everyone to see my confidence!”
  One morning, Katie was walking on the road to work in hunger, and suddenly a voice behind her said: “Hi, You are happy every day, and your work and life must be very good. ”
  Katie went back and saw that a strange lady was greeting her. Katie smiled and said, “Everything is OK.”
  ”Maybe you haven’t noticed me, but I go to my store almost every morning and open the door and I will meet you. Your happy and confident smile left me
  I am deeply impressed. “Asked the lady again,” So, where do you work? ” ” I am a sales clerk of Mary Kay Cosmetics Company. This is a very glorious job, and I am proud of it. “Kate told her with a smile. “Oh my God, you’re a cosmetics salesman? Great, give me your business card.” The lady looked very surprised.
  It turned out that this lady was the owner of a nearby beauty salon. She saw Katie on the road every day. The smile on Katie’s face deeply moved her. This time she finally couldn’t help saying hello to Katie. What she didn’t expect is that this confident girl is actually a cosmetics salesperson-this is the industry of the product she needs.
  On that day, the lady became a customer of Katie. When the lady knew that she was Katie’s first customer, not only was she not disappointed, she appreciated and admired Katie more. She wrote a sentence on the company’s message board: Katie will definitely be in the future. Become the best salesperson, because she did not forget to keep a confident smile when she was hungry!
  This lady is really right. Since then, not only has she become Katie’s long-term customer, Katie also seems to have received the gift of heaven, and business has followed. Due to the outstanding sales performance, the company rewarded her with a pink roadster that year. Today, more than 40 years later, Katie has not only become the largest Mary Kay business agent in the United States, she has also opened up many personal markets in Mexico, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and is hailed as second only to the founding of Mary Kay. Mary Kay Asher’s another “Mother Kay”.
  ”A person’s greatest ability and charm is to smile. As long as you know how to keep smiling, success will one day belong to you.” Katie Radis once said.