Golden Globes help top box office of “1917”

The war film “1917” directed by Sam Mendes won the best film and best director award on the 5th at the Golden Globe Awards. This film won the box office championship in the first week of North American release, and the prospects are bright. The US “Hollywood Reporter” said on the 11th that the “World War I” epic masterpiece “1917” has achieved “unexpected box office performance”, with a domestic box office of $ 14 million on Friday and an estimated $ 37 million at the first weekend.

“1917” not only ended the “Star Wars 9” dominated the box office rankings since December 20 last year, but also created the best North American box office history in January. “The Golden Globe Awards helped” 1917 “achieve such a box office performance, and the popularity of older audiences is also one of the important reasons.” “Hollywood Reporter” analyzed its selling reasons from a market perspective. Of the audience are over 35 years old, and 60% of the audience is male. In addition, the film has been shown on a small scale since Christmas last year, and its early word-of-mouth performance is excellent. ” “1917” received a super high score of 90% freshness on the Rotten Tomatoes website, and the media on the Metacritic website also scored 79 points.

Now that traditional war movies are waning, “Decisive Battle Midway” suffered a box office defeat last year. Under such circumstances, “1917” can also get such a high evaluation and premiere box office, the inherent reason is the film’s unique perspective and excellent technical support. “1917” recounts that during the First World War, two young British soldiers ventured to the enemy-occupied area to pass information, saving the lives of 1,600 comrades-in-arms. Director Sam Mendes and director of photography Roger Dickinson boldly used the long lens of “one shot to the end”. In two hours, the audience followed the director’s lens throughout the process and accompanied two soldiers to the battlefield. No initiative has been tried in the film.

“The cost of $ 90 million, 500 extras, two unknown protagonists and an extraordinary long shot, Mendes took us into the bloody trenches of World War I,” the Hollywood Reporter praised this. The filming method of the film, “Mendez brought the history of World War I to the screen, and shot an uninterrupted thriller, letting the audience experience the passage of time.” “The Wall Street Journal” said, “Even if you are not British, you can feel the tragic of the film, this sense of liveliness comes from the actor’s unusually engaged performance and highly stylized lens.” “1917” with a unique approach to war film shooting , Has been listed by many fans as “the most anticipated movie in 2020”, and is also one of the Oscars this year.