The cost of living in Paris is high, with more tourists than residents

Due to the high cost of living, the French capital Paris is gradually “emptied”! According to the French TV News Network on the 11th, in the historic center of Paris, the bustling Vosges Square area, the number of tourists in the future will soon exceed the number of local residents, because about 12,000 residents “escape” from Paris every year.

More and more Parisians have decided to leave Paris to settle in other provinces or settle in the outskirts. As they leave with school-age children, thousands of students are reported absent each season. The kindergarten principal of a community said that from 2015 to 2019, the number of students in the park dropped sharply from 148 to 98, a decline of nearly one-third. The reduction in the number of students directly led to the reduction in the number of classes. Many people couldn’t believe that “the Paris kindergarten was worried that there were no students”. Statistics show that in the past 5 years, a total of 60,000 people have left Paris. According to the base figure of 2.19 million people in the urban area of ​​Paris (data for January 2019), the population of Paris has decreased by 1.8% in three years, especially in the urban areas on the right bank of the Seine. The decline has even reached 6.8% to 10%.

In addition to environmental pollution and inconvenient transportation, the high cost of living is the main reason for people to flee. Middle-aged couples of childbearing age are the main force to evacuate Paris. The Bartomés earned more than 4,000 euros a month and chose to leave because they were “too poor.” Previously, a family of three lived in a 38-square-meter rental house in Paris. Today, they moved to a suburb 28 kilometers away and lived in a large apartment of 90 square meters. They also added twins to their home.

French TV station 2 said that the high price of 20,000 euros per square meter has driven many Parisians, but it has made online homestay rentals increasingly popular. Tourists are slowly replacing the original residents and becoming neighbors with Parisians. Take an apartment building on Saint Louis Island as an example. Of the more than 20 homes, 12 are homestays for tourists. Yana Marie, a local resident of the building, said with regret: “The ordinary working class has no money to live in, and there are no tourists in the neighborhood, so I grew up here as a stranger.” Statistics show that in many neighborhoods in Paris, Nearly a third of the houses are vacant or reduced to money-making machines.

Brosa, a Paris city housing official, said that about 50% of transactions on private rental platforms are now illegal, but the city government has no right to ban private homes from being rented. In the next five to six years, it will be difficult to reverse the trend of Parisians continuing to flee.

People who have been pronounced dead by doctors suddenly wake up again, and this kind of dog blood plot that seems to occur only in Bollywood movies is often staged in India. According to Russia Satellite News Network on the 10th, in 2019, multiple misdiagnosed “deaths” occurred in India by quack doctors.

It was reported that a 6-month-old baby in Bihar was admitted to the hospital due to heat stroke, and was subsequently declared dead. Fortunately, the family discovered that the baby was still alive at the time of burial, and the child was rescued in time. In Telangana, southern India, an 18-year-old male college student was admitted to the hospital due to high fever and vomiting. The doctor believed that he had severe hepatitis and later declared dead. However, family members found tears in the eyes of the boy at the funeral. The student was discharged safely.

According to reports, India’s “resurrection” cases at funerals or burials in 2019 are far more than just these, so such quack medicine is commonplace in India. A WHO report has shown that 57% of doctors in India do not have the qualifications to practice medicine, and hospitals are also mixed. Some hospitals are very backward in equipment and only make quick money. Urgent government efforts are needed.