Nine details that everyone should know this winter!

1. Sleep on electric blankets all night
Never use electric blankets overnight! Even qualified products can easily cause fire and leakage. A more scientific and feasible method is to open the bed for a while before warming it up, and turn it off when you sleep.

2. The bath time is too long
The bathtub is more than 20 minutes and the bath is more than 5 minutes. Such a long bath or bath can easily cause heart ischemia and hypoxia. For the elderly, it may even induce severe arrhythmia and sudden death. Moreover, although excessive temperature during bathing will bring a short period of warmth and relaxation, continuous bathing with excessively high water temperature will increase the burden on the heart, bring about heart ischemia and hypoxia, and cause danger.

Before and after taking a bath, drink a cup of hot water to keep your body warm. When you take a bath, turn on a stove and other warm bathrooms 15 minutes in advance. Bathing sequence: wash your hands and feet, wash your body, and then wash your hair. Control the bath time within 20 minutes.

3. Cycling long scarf
When you ride a bicycle or take an elevator, be sure to fasten the scarf. Do not leave the sagging part too long. Otherwise, once the scarf is twisted into the wheel or elevator, the other end will pinch your neck, and you may not even have a chance to cry for help. .

4. Long-term plug-in heater
Consumers are better off buying hot wire electric heaters, which are relatively safer. In addition, be sure to buy electric heaters from regular merchants, especially depending on whether there is a “3C” certification mark. Buying electric heaters depends on the “3C” certification mark.

5. Machine wash down jacket
During the washing process, the feathers stick together, and the air cannot be exhausted, and the feather jacket will be continuously extended to fill the inside of the washing machine. The washing machine rotates at high speed, and the inner wall rubs with the down jacket to generate static electricity. A large amount of heat generated by static electricity erupts short-term, but the space inside the washing machine is limited, and the gas accumulates to a certain degree, which may cause an “explosion”.

Among them, pulsator washing machines, especially old-fashioned two-cylinder pulsator washing machines, are most prone to accidents. The engineering plastics used in some old washing machines are also aging, with poor toughness and strong brittleness.

Try not to machine wash and spin down.

6. Charcoal hot pot is not ventilated
Winter is the peak period of carbon monoxide poisoning. Due to various reasons, such as improper use of gas water heaters and burning charcoal indoors, the indoor carbon monoxide concentration increases. After inhalation into the human body, it combines with hemoglobin in the blood to form carboxyhemoglobin, which carries the blood. Oxygen dysfunction causes acute hypoxia in the human body. As a result, symptoms of breathing, circulation, and nervous system appear, including dizziness, headache, vomiting, fatigue, cyanosis of the lips, foaming of the mouth, weak breathing, and even cardiac arrest. When eating charcoal hot pot, it is best to open the room door and maintain ventilation.

7. Pour the flour by the gas stove
Flour is very fine dust particles that diffuse into the air when poured. When it reaches a certain concentration, even a trace of open flame can cause an explosion. Don’t pour flour in an open flame in the kitchen.

8. Frozen food directly into the pan
Frozen food that has not been thawed is put directly into the hot oil pan, and the ice on the outer layer of the food quickly turns into water vapor, which makes the oil pan boil immediately. Frozen food must be thawed before it can be cooked in a frying pan.

9. Mixing cold medicines causes liver failure
There are many kinds of cold medicines on the market. Although the names are different, the main ingredients contained are acetaminophen, which is an antipyretic and analgesic drug and has certain toxicity. If two or more cold medicines are taken at the same time, the dose of the medicine is increased, and the risk of adverse reactions will be doubled.

When taking medicine, everyone must pay attention to the contraindications and doses.