Narrow love is blooming everywhere

Life isn’t just one person moving around the other. Life is everyone’s business. When you work hard for six pence, love will polish the sky like the moon. Ah, the ordinary life is because another person is so different.

On the drive home, I heard the two female anchors on the radio talk about the former photo. They chatted, and then began to torture the male host who hadn’t squeaked aside. Do? “” What would you do if your wife saw those photos? “” If you find that your wife used to be beautiful, would you suspect it was taken by your ex? ”

The male host’s answer is short, not good, not good, no. A series of denials made two female hostess who wanted to see the lively dissatisfaction very dissatisfied. They did not give up because they could not torture a satisfactory answer. “Oh my God, you don’t deny it?” ”

After hearing this, I turned off the radio and started thinking about the question: Why is love in the media becoming so narrow?

The meaning of the two female hosts is as if the male host should first deny it. There is absolutely no ex. If it is accidentally found, it is of course a felony. You need to hurry up and buy a gift. And then it can lead to a bunch of addictions: why the photos of the predecessor stayed till now, do you think you have any other thoughts? Even if you were not careful, why did you go when you broke up?

On social media, I often see discussions similar to this, “Ca n’t you forget your predecessor’s mental derailment?” “Should the ex’s wedding go?” It seems like the love of modern people, most wonderful stories happen On the ex, hey, what is it for?

The male host said lazily on the radio, “I don’t think you understand life yet.” He aimed at the fact that the two female hosts were single, young and had no boyfriend.

I feel a bit right, because young girls always seem to think, “Can a man love me with all his heart? If not, why should I be with him?”

To be honest, this kind of whole-hearted love seems to me to be a slave to a woman. A man on Weibo once took a video explaining how he loved his girlfriend, cooking at 5 am on the anniversary day, and then sending his girlfriend to work. When his girlfriend said that his colleague’s fruit was good, he immediately figured out his mind and cut two Box of fruit delivered to the company. Waiting for her girlfriend to leave the office in the evening and go to her favorite restaurant together.

Enough, if this is the love imagination of young girls, I fully understand why the male host responded: You don’t understand life.

Because life isn’t just one person moving around the other. Life is everyone’s business. When working hard for sixpence, love will polish the sky like the moon. Ah, the ordinary life is because another person is so different.

Since the rise of consumerism, women’s love imagination has become increasingly narrow. It seems that they can only focus on how much money a man has paid. If he can’t pay it, he will spend all his time. They treat the other half more and more like a policeman arresting a thief and desperately trying to find some evidence in life. You are wrong. You have a photo of your ex. How can you do this? Is there me in your heart?

Desperately want to make one side feel guilty, and then you can proudly stand on the moral high ground.

People who are really in a marriage relationship don’t care much about whether the partner has a photo of their ex, nor do they want a loving breakfast at 5:30 in the morning, and the husband spends an hour peeling a pot of fruit to the unit. It turns out that if in a close relationship, another person always does something with a high degree of sacrifice, this person will complain sooner or later.

Love should be directed to a wider world, such as breaking out of the yoke of the family, such as escape from the dull life. But according to the imagination of these little girls, love seems to be getting narrower and narrower, not narrower than a photo of his ex, but they take it for granted: Why is this man looking for his ex?

He should be pure and flawless. From the first sight of me, he decided to sacrifice everything for me, give everything, plan a bright future for me and our future, and do my best to improve my life, otherwise why should I Fall in love with him?

I can only make an arbitrary judgment, these girls, it seems that they do not understand love at all.