Pay attention to private medicine

  Women’s private care is the most important task of body maintenance. Improper care will cause many female diseases, which will cause gynecological diseases such as pelvic inflammatory disease and bacterial infection in the vagina. Today’s women attach great importance to their physical health. Most women have begun to attach importance to the maintenance of private parts, but there are still many problems. Vaginitis in women is the most common female disease in gynecological consultations in hospitals. Women need to take good care of their private parts, because the incidence of this symptom is very high, which will cause great distress to the patients and affect the patients family. When the hospital treats patients with gynecological diseases, the private parts of the patients are rinsed, and then the medicine is plugged in. This type of treatment requires the hospital to pay attention to the method of private use of drugs during treatment.
  1 common cause of female private parts prevalence of
  many women that the use of private parts cleaning solution may be better for the conservation of private parts, so the long-term frequent use, and the process is still in use in adding soap and bath with shower gel women in bathing When you use it, use the body wash to clean your private parts. This can cause your private skin to become dry and fragile, and be infected with chemicals from the body wash. The chemical quality of the bath fluid is alkaline, and long-term use will destroy the acid-base balance of women’s private parts, so that the probiotics that are good for the body cannot grow. If the private part of the body wash remains during rinsing, it may cause itching problems in the private part. If women’s private parts have swelling and itching, when women take a bath, do not use irritating products with chemical additives such as shower gel, nor use hot water with too high heat for cleaning To prevent this situation from aggravating.
  2 Women should pay attention to private health
  In general, when women care for their private parts, they should use as little cleaning solution on the market as possible, and use warm water when cleaning private parts, and do not add cold water during use. Do not wash the inside of the vagina when cleaning the private parts. This may bring potential bacteria into the woman’s body and cause female gynecological diseases. Women must ask the doctor’s opinion when choosing a cleaning solution, and choose a solution with a pH value between 3.8 and 4.5, because the vagina of this woman can provide conditions for the growth of beneficial bacteria, especially the internal lactic acid. Bacillus, which is the main species in health guidance. With this kind of bacteria as a support, when women’s private parts are infected by bacteria, because the number of lactic acid bacteria is relatively large, it can ensure that women are not easy to get sick.
  Secondly, girls should also protect the health of their private parts from the details in daily life. For example, when choosing underwear, women should choose good quality underwear and poor quality underwear, such as nylon underwear. Women’s private parts bring greater irritation, which may cause itching severely. Then, when cleaning the private area, women should choose quality sanitary paper, and when menstruation comes, they must choose good quality sanitary napkins, and they must be replaced frequently, especially in hot weather, sanitary napkins and women’s private areas Prolonged exposure creates conditions for bacteria to reproduce.
  3 treatment of women’s private parts illness
  causes of female private parts is mainly due to the prevalence of trichomonas, fungal and bacterial caused by these three bacteria, these patients can use the same kind of vaginal suppositories to treat. When the doctor treats the patient (not allowed during menstruation), the nurse will be asked to rinse the private part of the woman first. The composition of the rinse solution is warm physiological saline. The rinse volume is about 500 ml. Put the cures inside the private area. After successful treatment, it will eliminate the pruritus, pain, vaginal secretions, and unpleasant odors of women’s private parts, and reduce vaginal secretions, and reduce the private parts of women’s inflammation, or disappear completely. Women’s physiological structure is characterized by the vulva and vagina adjacent to the urethra and anus, and a small part of the wet is most vulnerable to infection.
  The method of vaginal irrigation can improve the treatment effect for private use of medicine. The cured women still need a second treatment. Irrigating the vagina can shorten the medication time of patients with gynecological diseases and reduce the financial pressure on patients. Vaginal irrigation can increase the pH in the vagina, which is not conducive to the growth of Lactobacillus. However, there is an imbalance of the bacterial population inside the vaginal patients, and the growth of lactobacillus is suppressed, making harmful bacteria a major group. During the use of vaginal irrigation, it can eliminate a large number of bacteria, such as bacteria, trichomoniasis, mold, etc., and help to rebuild the bacteria group. In most cases of vaginal patients, there are too many secretions in the private part, coupled with the frequent use of drugs in the private part, and a large amount of drug residues that have not been absorbed in the internal accumulation, these will have an impression on the next drug use, Therefore, the treatment process of vaginal irrigation can help treat patients, and it is helpful for the use of private place plugs.
  In summary, women must pay attention to the maintenance of private parts in daily life. When cleaning private parts, they must listen to the doctor’s advice to choose a cleaning solution to care for private parts. Do not often use cleaning solutions of chemical substances when cleaning private parts. You can use warm water to wash your private parts, and it will also have a good nursing effect. For women who have gynecological diseases, the hospital must pay attention to the treatment method. When plugging drugs, women must be treated reasonably according to the specific cause of the woman.