Smiling, happiness is not far away

  Comb every ordinary day into a poetic style, use smiles to light up your life, away from the haze of life, bright and warm, so that you can approach happiness.
  Bi Shumin said, you have to learn to remind happiness, so every morning, in the sunlight at your fingertips, feel the beauty of life, before each dusk comes, collect warmth and live a good life with gratitude.
  Happiness is a feeling that comes from the accumulation of ordinary life. Happy people know how to live in the present. Those who always like to live yesterday will repent, those who always live tomorrow will be anxious. Only those who live today Will be happy.
  Happiness may be a meal when you are hungry, or a glass of water when you are thirsty, a greeting on ordinary days, and you will never leave your company. In any case, you must have a pair of eyes that discover beauty and a love of life to feel happiness and cherish happiness in order to get happiness.
  Life is a journey of sorrow and joy. Life is often unsatisfactory. We do n’t want to spend it all the time. We only want to have warmth in the cold and an inner strength when we are unhappy. Days.
  Bring your smile. Although life may be unsatisfactory or windy, snow or rainy, there is nothing wrong with it. Time always brings surprises. You have to know that the person who loves laughs has the same fate. Not too bad.
  Life, there is no fixed pattern, just a heart lamp. When you are troubled, do n’t forget happiness. When you are busy, do n’t forget your health. No matter how rich you are in your life, you will be empty-handed when you leave. Being healthy and happy is true happiness.
  Go to the habit of smiling, life will inevitably experience some sweet and bitter, smile to keep the past alive, remember what should be remembered, forget what should be forgotten, happiness will wait for you at the next corner.
  The most important thing for people to live is their mentality. Many times, happiness has nothing to do with money and status. It is not given by others. It is just a calm heart. As long as you have sunshine in your heart, you can always see the most beautiful scenery in the cold.
  The most rare thing for a person to live is to have a grateful heart. There are as many blessings as a person is grateful. Gratefulness is a constant power. When you know how to be grateful, you will be happy because of this, and then move towards a path to happiness. road.
  People live inward. No matter what you have experienced on this journey, they are all on the way to the heart. So some people say that happiness is not to live like others, but to be able to listen to your heart and live for yourself. What you want to work hard for is happiness.
  Thanks for every discipline of life, let us know how to be happy, to be treated tenderly, to be grateful, and to be happy and live up to the beauty of the years.
  Treat all in the world with a normal heart, I believe that all the experiences are the best arrangements. There are glory and glory in life, no joy or joy in life. You must know that the most important thing in this life is to yourself. Happiness, only when faced with happiness, happiness will not be far away.