What should pay attention to after eating gallstone surgery?

  The main clinical symptoms of gallstones are abdominal pain, jaundice, and fever. Some gallstones can cause symptoms such as hydrocystic gallbladder, gallbladder empyema, and gallbladder perforation due to long-term frictional stimulation. It can induce gallbladder tumors in severe cases. Function has great harm.
  After suffering from gallstones, many people have been told by doctors that they need to develop good health practices and eating habits. This also shows that the cause of gallstones has a greater relationship with diet. So what are the main causes of gallstones? Does the occurrence of gallstones have anything to do with diet?
  1, do not eat breakfast
  with the increasing pressure of the working people, many office workers have developed a habit of skipping breakfast. As everyone knows, this unhealthy eating habit will lead to an increase in bile concentration in the human body, and this environment facilitates the reproduction of bacteria, which not only increases the number of bacteria in the human body, but also increases the probability of gallstone formation. Breakfast can make part of the bile flow out of the body, which helps reduce the viscosity of the bile stored overnight. If people do not eat breakfast, it will increase the risk of stone formation, which will cause damage to the liver and gallbladder function of the human body.
  2, obesity
  Obesity is a major cause physiological basis for gallstones, according to the survey of clinical data, patients with gallstones have more than 90 percent are obese, obesity causes blood glucose, cholesterol and other indicators far exceeded the normal level, Not only affected the patient’s physiological function, but also exacerbated the risk of gallstones. The main cause of obesity is “eating”, which is directly related to the high-calorie, high-fat, high-cholesterol foods or drinks that people usually eat.
  3, the meal snacks
  Currently, many young people will eat some snacks after dinner, snacks and some even to serve as food, leading to the body often in a state curly state, an increase in abdominal pressure, but also limits the gastrointestinal motility, Ultimately affects the digestion and absorption of food and bile excretion.
  4. Lack of exercise
  Practice has proven that lack of exercise is also one of the main causes of gallstones. Many people’s lack of exercise and exercise has led to a gradual decline in the contractility of their gallbladder muscles. While reducing liver and gallbladder function, it has also delayed the elimination of bile.
  Clinically, patients with gallstones are usually treated by surgery, that is, removing stones from the patient’s body through surgery, removing biliary strictures and obstructions, and removing infected lesions, thereby ensuring smooth bile discharge. Of course, in order to prevent the recurrence of gallstones, in addition to receiving regular treatment, patients with gallstones need to pay more attention to their diet and develop good eating habits. So, what should patients pay attention to after eating gallstone surgery?
  Develop the habit of eating breakfast in
  the majority of patients have to develop a good habit to eat breakfast, three meals a day to ensure the normal diet. It is worth noting that breakfast should not be too greasy, and you should eat some light foods, such as liquid food such as porridge and soy milk, to avoid putting a greater burden on patients’ stomachs.
  Control calorie intake
  of cholesterol the incidence of obesity was significantly higher than the lesser weight, which requires obese people lose weight must pay attention to controlling calorie intake, thereby reducing the incidence of cholesterol. In real life, obese people need to adhere to the principle of eating less and eating more; eat less high-calorie, high-fat food; eliminate the phenomenon of snacks after meals, after the meal, you need to stand up as soon as possible to accelerate gastrointestinal motility and bile excretion speed.
  Reduce fat intake of cholesterol
  in patients after surgery need to control fat and cholesterol intake, use vegetable oil instead of animal oil, Eat nuts, eggs, organ meats and other high fat and cholesterol content of foods; do not eat too much, insist on time Eat, don’t eat uncontrollably in situations of excessive hunger.
  Add more protein
  adequate protein can help patients to repair liver cell damage caused by cholecystitis and gallstones, while accelerating the speed of recovery of patients, but also to strengthen the physiological function of the patient. In view of this, after surgery, patients with gallstones should eat more protein-rich foods, especially high-quality proteins, such as fish oil, beef, fish, shrimp and soy products, in order to strengthen the patient’s repair function.
  Eat more whole grains high fiber foods
  high in fiber foods contain high fiber, can accelerate the rate of patients with biliary excretion, it is conducive to the rehabilitation of patients. Therefore, in the daily diet, patients with gallstones should eat more high-fiber foods, such as coarse grains, etc., while improving the patient’s intestinal structure, it can also strengthen the speed of rehabilitation.
  Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits
  vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, these organic elements not only can enhance the body’s immune system, but also reduce the chances of the formation of cholesterol. At the same time, eating fresh vegetables and fruits can also improve the metabolic function of patients, and promote the control of patients’ blood lipids and blood glucose and other indicators within a reasonable range, which is extremely beneficial to reduce the incidence of gallstones.
  Quit alcohol, avoid spicy
  addition to the above, for patients who suffer from gallstones and cholecystectomy, it is necessary to tobacco and alcohol, to avoid too heavy a burden on the liver in vivo. In addition, you need to avoid food, spicy food, cold and other irritating food.