Who remembers what you said

  This is a foreign movie. A woman in the mountains is a blind man. She has never seen the sea. One day, she met a geological engineer in front of her house. The engineer is a tall and handsome man. He was moved by the purity of the woman, and he was more interested in her melancholy expression. They are in love.
  This is a beautiful love. There is nothing to ask for and no promise. For women, the only dream is: want to see the sea, even if they listen to the waves of the sea.
  But this dream cannot be realized. Soon, the man developed a disease and was sent back to the city for treatment. The flame in the woman’s heart gradually extinguished, and she did not know the real reason for the man’s departure.
  Years passed. One day, two strangers suddenly came in front of the woman’s house, their friends. They came to pick her up to see the sea. They told her that originally, he was coming, he thought he could be better, and he had been waiting for her to pick her up that day. Now he couldn’t come, he was waiting for her in the sea where she was going. One of the two strangers said, “He remembers what you said,” and the man said, “He believes that your eyes can see his soul.”
  He remembers what you said. After the love faded from the bustling coat, it was just a word you said, and it was hidden in the heart of the other person.
  A college student who hasn’t seen each other for a while on a business trip to a city next to me, halfway through, he took the time to meet me here. When my old friends met, I was naturally happy. I was always not good at drinking, and I couldn’t help drinking a lot of liquor that day. Just when both of us were blushing and blushing, he suddenly asked, “Is your book out?” Book? what book? I thought I had heard the wrong drink, and looked at him with suspicion, a little puzzled.
  ”It’s a novel. You said you’re going to write it. Can’t remember?” That’s what
  happened. At dusk, on the green lawn of the university campus, in the afterglow of the setting sun, a passionate young man suddenly said to another passionate young man, “I want to write a novel.” The listener said, “Okay, I wait Read. ”
  Ten years have passed. The person who said it had long forgotten, but the person who heard it still remembered.
  Ashamed and moved. A sip of white wine went down and burst into tears.
  Every day, we have to talk to others, to ourselves. Some words have been said before and they are forgotten in an instant. If you have spoken a certain word for a long time and still be remembered by another person, then you are blessed. Because the person who remembers your words is the person closest to your soul. You are never alone in this world.