What are sunflowers doing at night?

   Sunflower is also known as Chaoyang flower, because its flower often grows towards the sun during the day. But little is known about what sunflowers do at night. And not all sunflowers grow towards the sun. Only when the sunflower sprouts to the bloom stage but is immature, will it follow the sun.
   Why is this?
   Because sunflower has two strange elements with different personalities, one is lutein, which loves sunlight; the other is auxin, which is very afraid of sunlight and is mainly used to promote the development and growth of sunflower cells. When the sun comes out, auxin will quietly hide in the back of the sunflower. During the day, it will not receive the extra attention of the sun, but will be in a dormant state. Therefore, the yellow oxidants of the sunflower’s sunny part are bathed in the sun and fully play the role of accelerating the growth of the sunflower, only then has the posture of the sunflower bending toward the sun.
   In the evening, the auxin at the back of the sunflower began to become active, and began to “show its strength” to accelerate the growth of the part of the back of the sunflower. Slowly, the angle that the sunflower originally bent toward the sun will turn to the back of the sun, and gradually turn to the east to south.
   The angle of the sunflower disk pointing to the sun is 12 degrees, about 48 minutes. After the sun goes down, as the sun disappears, the sunflower’s disk will slowly swing back, and at about 3 am, it will look eastward and wait for the sun to rise. Therefore, sunflowers turn with the sun during the day, and in the absence of the sun at night, the sunflower will slowly swing back naturally.
   So, what are sunflowers doing at night? It is still growing hard, growing stubbornly like daytime.