The most “stupid” world record in history

   There are too many wonderful things in this world. Some human beings dare to do everything in order to become famous. For example, the following people, in order to set the Guinness World Record, have performed very incredible behaviors, especially not sleeping for 40 consecutive days. This is not Are you kidding me?
   60 years do not take a bath
   you can live how long without a bath, a village in southern Iranian province of Fars in the 80-year-old man Haji, a full 60 years have not bathe, breaking Indian man Singh 38 years do not take a bath record.
   According to reports, Haji suffered setbacks as a child and has since retired from the world. Even if someone with good intentions offered him a free bath, he flatly refused, thinking that his body would be sick if he was clean.
   40 consecutive days without sleep
   Los Angeles, photographer Tyler sheilds from mid-September 2010, an extremely dangerous physical endurance challenge.
   Taylor, who did not close his eyes for 40 consecutive days and slept for a while, finally successfully completed the challenge, setting an amazing world record of not sleeping for 40 consecutive days! However, because Guinness World Records headquarters refused to recognize this dangerous record-breaking challenge, Taylor had previously called 10 friends to serve as his witnesses. These friends were divided into several shifts to monitor Taylor 24 hours a day.
   Solution underwear fastest man in
   the Guinness Book of World Records is never short of strange, even perverted record solution underwear contest is probably one of the. This record is aimed at unlocking the most underwear buckles in 60 seconds. The current world record is that 69 underwear buckles can be unlocked in 1 minute. The evaluation criterion is that before the next underwear button is unlocked, the previous underwear must be completely unlocked.
   Snail face
   Fenkehele particularly like snails. He let almost 43 snails crawl on his face for about ten seconds. In the preparation process, he used almost 87 snails, but the unfortunate thing is that no one testified to him at this moment. Of course, no one would want to break this record in a short time.
   Halapie Basil, the Hungarian, keeps a long record of being pulled a long way on the ground by a horse, and it’s burning! In 2008, he was pulled a full distance of 472 meters on a field road. He was not injured when he finally stood up.
   Kissing 50 hours 5 minutes
   the match was held in Pattaya, Thailand, a total of seven couples involved. The winners were 31-year-old Nondawa and 28-year-old Tanako. They continued to kiss for 4 hours longer than Guinness ’s longest continuous world record (the previous record was 46 hours and 24 minutes). In the end, they were rewarded with diamond rings, cash and five-star hotel coupons worth $ 6,500.
   Kick one minute from the head 134 times
   for most people, kicking his own head sounds like a stupid thing, it would like to do is not easy, it requires you to have a strong flexibility and stability. In mere sixty seconds, kicking yourself 134 times sounds impossible, but Puska Nepal has set such an amazing record.
   The fastest toilet
   Colin Firth was under a water pipe, he built the world’s fastest toilet. Yes, you heard it right. This toilet is available and it is very fast. This toilet with axles can open almost 90km / h, and it will automatically flush if it is not too noticeable in traffic. It’s also a good idea to drive it long distances.
   Fattest people are still fattening
   According to the American media, in 2010 Saixin had almost 273 kg, but her wish is now more than 200 kilograms, she would ingest about 120,000 calories per day, this The intake is six times that recommended by your doctor. However, Sai Xin believed that this was normal and she was very healthy. She would pay about $ 750 a week for snacks.
   The extreme height that humans can afford
   If a person is suddenly sent to Mount Everest (8848 meters) before adapting to the new environment, he may die within 2 minutes. In 1999, Babu Chiri Sherpa lived for 21 hours in the Everest hypoxia environment, breaking the world record. So far, only one person has climbed Everest without an oxygen device in the winter. Scientists believe that the highest altitude humans can withstand is 9,000 meters. If a person stays at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters for a long time, it will lead to muscle atrophy, a significant increase in the risk of fluid accumulation in the lungs and the brain, and affect fertility.
   Most people collect feces
   George Otto Anderson as favorite to collect feces, and won the Guinness Book of World Records. The man from the United States majored in “paleontology” when he was in college, that is, from then on, he began to collect fecal fossils, and his collections came from 15 states in the United States and 8 different countries around the world. It is understood that he collected a total of 1,277 fecal fossils, which are now in the South Florida Museum in Florida, USA. At the same time, these feces also earned him the title of Guinness Record Holder-Collecting Fecal Fossils in the World The most people.
   Although the fossils are stinky and hard, don’t underestimate them. They are said to be as hard as rocks. In his hands is the largest stool fossil called “as always”, which weighs more than 1.92 kg. And why did you give it that name? That’s because it has remained the same 20 million years ago. “As always” was formed in the Miocene, from 23.8 million to 5.3 million years ago, this fecal fossil was found in South Carolina; according to Guinness World Records, this bubble of “prehistoric feces” was formed by a body 6 M’s prehistoric crocodile pulled out.