The world’s largest artificial breasts each weigh 9 kg

  Many beauty-loving women like to make themselves proud with breast augmentation. However, if each breast weighs 9 kg, it is a burden to look at. But McHee is a woman with the largest breasts in the world.
  A woman named McShee in Florida, USA, had her breasts raised to a size of 36 cm. A few years ago, she asked doctors to remove the original plastic fillings from her breasts. After re-injecting a polypropylene solution, her breasts became fluid and balloon-like, and grew larger over time. Until then, Maxi’s big breasts reached extremely spectacular sizes, and each breast weighed 9 kg! The Guinness Group has set up a project specifically for Maxi, and she was officially confirmed to win the world record of “the world’s largest prosthetic milk”.

  ”Hello Kitty” is a cartoon image loved by girls. Lauren Rojas, a 12-year-old girl from the United States, took her love of “Hello Kitty” to the extreme and sent a “Hello Kitty” toy to near space with a homemade simple weather balloon.
  According to reports, Lauren Rojas made a simple weather balloon with a “cat rocket” carrying a “Hello Kitty” toy attached to the lower end of the balloon. The balloon took the “Hello Kitty” toy to the 28.5 km high stratosphere, and the camera on the rocket recorded the entire liftoff process. Roxas also uploaded the video to the Internet to witness this “historic moment” with global “Hello Kitty” fans.
  Rojas said that she has been a “Hello Kitty” fan since she was 6 years old. She bought materials from a website that specializes in space experiments and spent several weeks installing rockets, weather balloons and cameras. The “Hello Kitty” toy that was launched this time is her beloved thing she bought from Tokyo.
  It is reported that the rocket eventually returned to the ground with the help of a parachute and landed on a tree 76 kilometers away from the launch point.

  A British couple welcomes their third twin child. With three twins in a row, the chance of this happening is only about one in 500,000.
  Karen Roger is 41 and her husband Colin is 44 and lives in Renfrewshire, Scotland. The two already have four boys, 14-year-old twins Louis and Kyle, and 12-year-old twins Finn and Zude.
  Not long ago, Karen had two more daughters during a Caesarean section at Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital, naming them Ron and Isla. Colin praised his wife, “As a mother and wife, Karen is so great.” He acknowledged that children are more burdensome, “the biggest worry is the economic challenge, but I am sure we can overcome the difficulties.”

  In Dallas, Texas, a man who loves hoarding garbage has been trapped in a house trapped in the mountains due to household items and waste. He lost contact with the outside world for at least two weeks. Rescue workers had no choice but to cut through the roof to rescue him. It took him two days to find out Chen Shi’s house.
  The Dallas Fire and Rescue Authority confirmed that the 67-year-old “garbage hoarder” lost contact with the outside world two weeks ago. When staff rushed to his home last weekend for a routine social welfare survey, he found that his home was in disarray and garbage They were piled up in mountains, suspected of being trapped in their homes, and rescue operations were launched.
  However, all the entrances to the house were blocked by heavy piles of rubbish inside the house. Some even piled up to a ceiling of 12 feet (about 3.66 meters) high. Emergency personnel could not find the owner. Dallas city officials had to hire a construction contractor to clear piles of rubble and send search and rescue dogs specifically trained to find human remains to assist cleaners wearing protective clothing and breathing apparatus.
  Authorities had to cut a large hole in the roof and enter from the top floor. It took two days to clean up garbage and personal belongings before discovering the location of his body.

  According to the British “Daily Mail”, a man from Providence, Rhode Island, claims to have eaten more than 5,000 insects in the past 11 years. The 47-year-old married father also showed people how to catch insects deep in the jungle and “euthanize” them by freezing in an interview with TLC’s “My Crazy Obsession” program.
  David Grace is reported to be an English teacher, and he acknowledges that his eating habits are somewhat different. “This is my own choice. People will say that I’m crazy or my brain is sick, but like eating crabs or shrimps, bugs are seafood in the water. Why can’t I eat them on land?” David said. Under the influence of her husband, his wife King Jason also turned from an initial rejection into an insect fan. David said: “A bowl of grasshopper is richer in vitamins and lower in fat than beef, and consumes much less resources.”

  According to the British “Daily Mail” report, in Mauritius, a West African country, women are obese, and local men are proud to marry obese women. In order to marry better, girls have been forced to eat since childhood, and girls of marriageable age will also be sent to a special “mass fattening camp” to gain weight.
  It is reported that in Mauritius, girls start to gain weight “career” as early as 8 years old. Parents usually achieve weight gain by forcing girls to eat as much as possible (the locals call it “feeding”). . When the girls reach the age of marriage, many girls will also be sent to a “mass fattening camp” in the desert to concentrate on gaining weight. Here, girls eat up to 15,000 calories a day. Many local girls consider forced eating to be a torture, but they dare not resist because their parents punish them.
  In addition, in order to gain weight, local women also use steroids and eat some fattening pills containing bird growth hormone. After taking such medicines, the human stomach, face and chest will become larger, but the limbs will be very small. It can also cause infertility and heart disease. Statistics show that a quarter of women in Mauritius have been “fed”. Media sources believe that due to food shortages in Mauritius, marrying obese women is regarded as a symbol of status and status. Therefore, local cultural practices must be changed to change the situation of women being forced to eat.

  Australia’s 31-year-old environmentalist Miranda Gibson protested on the tree for 457 days to protect the old tree from being felled. But as the threat of forest fires approached, she was forced to end her protest and jump off the tree, and was welcomed heroically.
  Gibson’s protest began when she heard that a logging company was about to harvest an ancient tree in the Styx Valley in Tasmania. To this end, she climbed a giant eucalyptus tree that is 400 years old and more than 30 meters high. Technology sends its environmental information to the world. Gibson said many people were unaware of the threat facing the Tasmanian forest, and she said she had received a large number of emails thanking her for letting the world know about the threat.