Why do plants spontaneously ignite

   We often see in the media that the ruthless fire has turned the vast forest into ashes, which is very deplorable. Exploring the causes of forest fires can be roughly divided into two categories: natural fire sources and man-made fire sources. The natural fire sources are mainly lightning strikes, peat spontaneous combustion, volcanic eruption, meteorite landing fires, etc. This time the Sichuan Liangshan forest fire It was caused by lightning hitting a tree. However, it may be difficult for you to think that sometimes the “arsonist” is the vegetation itself.
   Cistus himself to burned
   rock rose grows in the Mediterranean, during the summer season, between green stems and leaves covered with white flowers, flowers in the middle of revealing golden stamens and purple spots, it is very beautiful. Rock rose is highly competitive in nature. It is an invasive plant. Wherever it goes, it will occupy large areas of farmland and grassland, posing a serious threat to crops. So people will set fire to burn it. But in the second year, Yan Qiangwei became more and more flourishing, occupying more farmland, almost helpless. Later, people were surprised to find that in fact, they would “buy themselves in the sea of ​​fire” by themselves.
   It turns out that the leaves of Rock Rose can secrete a lot of combustible materials like gasoline, and once the temperature reaches 32 ° C, it will spontaneously ignite, thereby turning itself into ashes. “Fire in the city gate, crickets and pond fish,” and other surrounding plants will be burned to nothing. In fact, this is a breeding strategy of Yan Qiangwei, which, driven by instinct, has cleared out competitors with a fire, and won valuable living space for its offspring. Its seeds have a heat-resistant shell, which can burst into the soil while the fire is exploding and fall into the soil. When the spring rain comes the next year, it will sprout and grow.
   They are also
   mysterious and spontaneous plants and plants of the “arsenal of fire in the plant world” , not just the type of rock rose. In the forests of South America, there is a small tree called the rhododendron, which is called a “looking forester” because it can use fire to remove pests from the forest every few years. The rhododendron tree’s golden-yellow flowers and turquoise stems and leaves are full of a fragrant oil moon purpose. They will drift around on a hot day and you will smell it all the way. When the climate is hot and dry, this oil can easily catch fire and cause forest fires. This kind of tree protects and destroys forests, and the locals gave it a bad name— “sparkling spark”.
   A kind of self-immolation tree grows in Africa’s equatorial zone. It is of good quality and is very popular with locals. But when it grows to fourteen or five years, it will secrete many resins with low ignition point. Under the sun, these resins often burn on fire, turning the self-immolation tree into a huge torch. It takes only one hour for a large tree to turn into a pile of black ash.
   In February 1984, hundreds of forest fires broke out in southern Australia, engulfing nearly 500 square kilometers of woodland, burning thousands of wild animals, and bringing a huge disaster to the area. After the incident, scientists learned that the sudden fire was caused by the spontaneous combustion of eucalyptus in the forest. At that time, the average temperature there was above 40 ° C, which caused eucalyptus to secrete a large amount of flammable sesame oil at high temperatures, coupled with long-term drying and no rain, creating conditions for the occurrence of forest fires.
   Bai Xian is a Chinese herbal medicine that is distributed in a vast area of ​​northern China. Bai Xian, who grew up in the Tianshan Mountains of Xinjiang, is an authentic “arsonist”. Its leaves contain a volatile juice called ether, which has a very low flash point. In the hot summer sun, the temperature will soon reach its flash point. As the fruits of white fresh loquat are maturing, the body’s ether storage is the highest, and the water content of the stems and leaves gradually decreases, and it is easy to burn. In addition, it was summer at the time, and the light on the mountains was strong. Once it was dry and sunny, Bai Xian would set itself on fire, leaving a large black spot on the grass. There are many reasons for spontaneous combustion plants
   in fact, there are many reasons for spontaneous combustion plants. Trees are swayed by the wind, and the tinders generated by friction between the trunks may also ignite ancient trees with dry skin. Some concave rocks or cliffs on the surface will condense the sun into a hot dazzling spot like a solar stove, and they will catch fire if they fall on dry grass or trees containing oil moon.
   In general, weeds are burned every few years, which can control the population and accumulate fertilizer for the soil, which is beneficial to its own survival and reproduction. The forest fire caused by the spontaneous combustion of trees can cause devastating damage to the ecological environment. Therefore, care should be taken to eliminate spontaneous plants in the forest area to prevent them from happening.