Gift of civilization

  People often love a place because the ancient secrets are hidden in the city wall. But the seaside town in this story has no secrets, it is open under the bright sky. Whenever people have sorrow, doubt, unsatisfied desire to burst out of their chests, they will come to the end of the town. There, the sea is like a huge mirror. When people realize that their figure in the boundless world is so small, all their anxieties have become false, and they return to their daily lives with satisfaction.
  However, some people did not return to the town. They set sail and sailed towards the sun sinking. Their disappearance will cause a short period of chaos, but like the scratches left by the boat on the water will disappear quickly, the people in the town will no longer mention their names, no longer talk about things related to them, they will be like from Never lived here.
  Until one day, the emergence of this big rock-let’s call it a big rock before figuring out what it was-broke the peace here.
  The whole town is here, and people are surrounding it in amazement and discussing it enthusiastically.
  ”Obviously, this is a meteorite.” The most knowledgeable wise man in town said, “The celestial debris falling from space fell through the atmosphere.”
  People suddenly realized that they praised the wise man for his extensive knowledge.
  A naughty child first reached out and touched its surface. “It’s slippery!” He exclaimed. People dared to come forward and touch it. The cold touch felt like stone and metal, and people began to guess which star it fell from.
  ”This is not …” There was a faint voice in the crowd. No one noticed it, and the voice was louder. “This is not a meteorite.” The
  speaker was called Pu Xiu, a strange man in the town. No one knew him. Where did he come from? I only knew that he was a sailor. He got off a ship one day and never left. Today, he polishes his lenses in the southeast corner of the town, but there are not many nearsighted people in the town. Some people have advised him to switch to shoes or weaving fishing nets. .
  ”Why do you say this is not a meteorite?” The wise man asked.
  ”If it is a meteorite falling from the sky, it will definitely smash a pit in the ground, but you see …” Pu Xiu pointed at the ground.
  The ground at the junction of sea and land is very flat. This huge stone does not seem to fall from the sky, but looks like a weary traveler. After a long trek in the deserted area, he stomped to the smokey town. And go to sleep gently.
  ”It’s really not a meteorite.” The oldest elder in the town said in the eyes of everyone expecting, “It’s rolled out of the dung beetle.” The
  naughty child asked: “What
  is a dung beetle?” Someone whispered that everyone would not laugh at the majesty of the elderly.
  The elder said solemnly: “It is the sacred dung beetle in the myth. It is so powerful that the sun is pushed into the sky by it. It must have stumbled the earth on the bottom of the sea into a large ball, and then it returned to the bottom. ” ”
  No, it is the moon. “the only poet in town,” said the moon would have been close to us, and later by the waves pushed very far, now it fell, and the waves sent back. ”
  poet Debate with the elders until the sky became darker, the moon rose from the sea level, and Yinhui spread evenly on the dark sea.
  The crowd gathered gradually dissipated, and people swallowed the doubts in their hearts. The naughty child quietly dragged Pu Xiu’s clothing corner and asked, “What do you think it is?” After
  a while of silence, Pu Xiu said, “It’s a gift.” The
  next day, people gathered to the big stone again, this time Fewer people gathered, neither the wise nor the poet came, and the discussion seemed boring. On the third day, there were fewer people, and they stopped talking about what the stone was. Some couples want to engrav their own name on the surface of the stone, but any sharp things will immediately slip away when they are forced on the surface, like writing on water, leaving no trace.
  After another few months, people still haven’t figured out what to do with it. Some people say that it is too big and obstructive, blocking everyone’s view of the sea and trying to push the stone into the sea. But whether the people in the town pushed hard together, or tied it to a rope and dragged it into the sea, it remained motionless as if it had grown firmly on the ground.

  A few months later, people almost forgot about the existence of large stones. Only the general repair will come to this big stone every morning to look at this huge and flawless existence carefully.
  On a sunny but not scorching afternoon, when Pu Xiu inspected the stone again, he suddenly found that it was not flawless: on the side facing away from the sea, about two meters high, there was a very small Holes, less than one centimeter in diameter. Pu Xiu stomped his feet and could just feel it with his fingertips—a shallow hole, like the bird accidentally pecked out with its beak when it stopped.
  Puxiu quickly fetched the flat-headed mule, and hesitated from this small hole without hesitation. The turquoise powder splashed out of the small hole, and the small hole became larger. For the first time, someone left marks on its surface.
  ”You will bring bad luck like this!” When the elders came tremblingly, it was evening, and Puxiu had cut a hole the size of a bowl on the surface of the stone.
  ”Holy Dung Beetle will curse you,” said the elder.
  ”You can’t change what nature leaves, its wisdom is not what we can imagine.” The wise man said calmly.
  ”Stop it!” People screamed, as if they had seen the disaster that Puxiu had inflicted on the town.
  There was only one sound of tapping in response.
  ”General repair chiseled more than half a meter deep!” “His hand bleeds a lot of blood!” “He has penetrated half of his body!” The naughty child brought news to the town from the sea every day.
  People gradually forgotten Pu Xiu, and they regarded his daily sound of knocking stones as a natural phenomenon—like wind and rain and sunset.
  ”He put himself in the stone!” Said the child one day.
  That day, people in the town gathered in horror by the stone to watch. But Pu Xiu didn’t know that he cut out a space in the stone that was enough for him alone. He seemed to be lost in its body after being swallowed by a monster. He thought he heard the monster’s heartbeat. After a while, he realized that it was his own heartbeat. He slept deep in the stones, as calm as sliding into a swamp.
  But sleep was only a short truce, and in the early morning the sound of rock-cutting sounded again.
  A few months later, the people in the town noticed that the sound of chiseling had changed, as if mixed into some kind of reverberation. At first they thought that there was something wrong with their hearing, but later they found that the people who cut stones on the seashore had become two, and the only poet in town joined in.

  ”I slept in the stone for one night, and the insomnia that troubled me for twenty years was cured,” the poet explained.
  The wise man did not believe it, and felt that the stone was so hard, how could he fall asleep while lying in it. But when he slept in the stone for one night, he got the sweetest and calmest feeling of his life.
  ”It must be because this stone blocks the light and can promote the secretion of pineal hormones,” the wise man explained.
  More and more people have joined the ranks of rock-cutting, and they all want to get a sleeping place in the stone. Faced with sleep, all beings, regardless of age, status, rich or poor, everyone will be exiled from reality when they sleep.
  Many small spaces were quickly cut out of the stones, and most of the people in the town abandoned their beds and lined up to sleep in the stones at night. After waking up, they talk to each other, exchanging their dreams. Some people began to chisel their dreams into a relief, a bird, a rose, a boat, a storm. When people touch other people’s dreams with their hands, the dreams also come to their dreams, and with all kinds of strange evolutions, they carve out these evolutions. Everyone’s dreams trickle down on the stone, and this place becomes the temple of dreams.
  ”Cut your dreams out too,” someone said to Pu Xiu.
  He still didn’t hear it, but insisted on expanding the space in the stone.
  ”Are you going to hollow the stone?” Someone asked him.
  The only response was still the sound of tapping stones.
  ”He hits a stone every day, and his ears have been deafened,” said the people in the town.
  People spend more time in the stone than they do outside the stone. The stone is a world without time, without scales, and all things have not yet been named, and man has acted as the creator, creating trees without branches, flowers without petals, and gardens without flowers.
  A smart poor man saw business opportunities in it, he cut out a grocery store and moved water and food into stones for sale. In this way, the stone digger does not have to return to the town to eat and drink every few hours.
  The grocery business is good, and the boss hired more people to help him dig out more space. Grocery stores are getting bigger. The richest businessman in the town saw that the wealth of the once poor light egg was more than his, and he was very jealous, so he moved the high-end goods in his town’s store into the stone. The bright neon lights hung in the door of the high-end store. The stones seemed extremely dazzling.
  There are no longer people talking about dreams in the stones, and there are many rumblings all day long. People were disturbed, or the wise man first figured out a method. He cut out a library in the stone. Each floor of the library separated many regular hexagonal rooms, and each side of the hexagon was a bookshelf. Copying this space indefinitely with a mirror, the library looks like a hive. No matter how the bargaining clashes against the stone wall, anyone hiding in the library can be immersed in the book.
  After that, the poet opened up his own space for groaning, and the mother cut a playground for the children … The space in the stones seemed endless, but some sensitive people found that the distance between them was getting closer and closer. People have to be careful not to let their hammers break into others’ spaces. Until one day, when Pu Xiu struck the stone, he found that the touch was not right. It turned out that he had touched the edge of the stone—the stone was hollowed out.
  Pushu walked up from the bottom of the stone, he found that the stone at this time was already like a city, a bigger, more prosperous and more advanced city than the original town. People’s labor and desire constantly shape each other, each carved trace is so exquisite, each space is practical and full of imagination.
  ”That’s not enough.” Pu Xiu said the first words he said after cutting the first trace on the stone.
  ”But the stone has been hollowed out, and there is no extra space,” said the people in surprise.
  Pu Xiu looked up at the top of the stone, a dark gray shroud. He said, “I want to make it transparent.”
  ”How do you make it transparent?”
  ”It’s like turning wood into paper, and washing off the pigment inside,” said Puxiu.
  At first, the people in the town liked the idea very much, and they believed that Pu Xiu must have his reasoning-just like when he first drew stones. People began to help him thin the stone walls and make chemical potions that could extract the pigments from the stones.
  ”I can’t sleep anymore, the stone starts to shine, and it’s brighter.” “The chemical potion is too stinky, I can’t stand it.” More and more people began to complain.
  Gradually someone started to live in the town. People found that they forgot how peaceful life was in the town and how spacious the space was. They stopped going into the stones.
  There are still many idealists who are willing to “wash” stones with transparents, but turning stones into transparent is not as simple as hollowing out the stones. Chemical potions always go wrong, sometimes it turns the stone red, and sometimes it leaves white foam on the stone. At this time, people felt that Pu Xiu had fallen into deep depression and pain. He remained silent, but there were always endless sighs in the stones.
  ”Give up, this is the best way now.” “What’s the benefit of turning the stone transparent, just to look better?” The people who “washed” the stone together also began to persuade Pu Xiu to give up. After any response, they whispered that it was only luck for Pu Xiu to become the first stone-digger, but he was actually a pure delusion.
  There are fewer and fewer people working with Puxiu. One day, only Puxiu is left in the stone. The world created by the people in the town is easily abandoned.
  ”The top of the stone has become transparent!” “Pusiu’s arm was burned!” “He almost burned a hole out of the stone!” Still only the naughty child brought new news every day.
  ”He is trying to turn sand into hemp rope,” said the elder.
  I do n’t know how long it took, the wind and rain destroyed the earth, the afterglow of the setting sun came and went, and after the old tree died, a new tree grew in the same position. Great changes have also taken place in the town: the elders have died; the first poor man to open a grocery store in the stone earns a lot and left the town; the poet has been unable to write new poems, just keeps on Recite the sentence he wrote twenty years ago.
  ”Pu Xiu turned the stone into a transparent one!” When the naughty child talked to the people in the town, many people had forgotten who Phu Xiu was, and at this time, the preaching child had grown up youth.
  People in the town gathered to the seaside. In the sunlight, the stone looked like a large shiny diamond from afar. When you approached it, all the traces carved by people were clear.
  Standing in front of the stone, Pu Xiu was thin, weak, and almost naked. He made an invitation gesture and invited everyone to look into the stone.
  Walking into the stone, everyone was stunned. When they stood looking out of the stones, they found that everything in the distance became big and clear. They can see the wings of Shanghai gulls on the sea, the sails in the distance, and even the clothes hanging in the backyard of a town being blown to the ground.
  It turned out that Pu Xiu polished the surface of the stone into concave and convex sides, turning the entire stone into a huge telescope.

  People fall in love with stones again, it is an extension of vision. The poet gained new inspiration because he could see the thin sea fog. He taught more people how to get inspiration by looking at a cloud, and more poets appeared in the town. At the incomplete part of his knowledge system, he told the children that this is not a mysterious world, and more wise men will appear in the town.
  And those who are not interested in art and knowledge also like to stay in the stones. They search for those who left the town and found that they have not disappeared, but live on the mainland of the other side, which has given others a sail The courage to go, they went to find new wonders and discoveries. But the town’s population has not plummeted, and more and more foreigners are coming for this huge telescope.
  Puxiu no longer likes to stay in the stone. He only occasionally comes to the top of the stone at night. He always sees only one thing, which is the distant star.
  The flickering of the stars seems to be only bright and dark, but in fact they are very different. Some stars emit light, illuminating the surrounding space, trying to see the unknown in the dark; while others act like sponges, absorbing the surrounding light into their own collectors.
  The distant Southern Cross Constellation is the latter. The planets here have no curiosity to illuminate and explore the outside world. They enjoy the existing civilization. They have found the perfect balance between intelligence and happiness, and do not want to make a slight change.
  At this time, one of the planets is celebrating their traditional festival. On this day, the residents will gather together and take out the good things they have collected from other galaxies throughout the year as gifts.
  A resident named Romis was convinced he had brought the best gift. When everyone arrived, he turned a transparent ball in his palm.
  ”What’s so nice about this?” Said other residents.
  ”You look closer,” said Romis. Residents found that there were creatures in the ball.
  ”Wow! They look so cute!”
  ”What are they? How did you put them in?” The residents asked in surprise.
  ”It was originally a piece that I accidentally dropped when I played cross chess, and it fell to the earth,” said Romis. “Cross Chess” is a game of chess that uses the Milky Way as a board game invented by the residents of Southern Cross. It was once the favorite pastime of higher civilizations on the planet, but it is now out of date.
  Romis continued: “I didn’t expect a creature on the earth to make it transparent, and I don’t know how they did it. But now, you see, it has become a lively display.”
  ”This What a great gift! “The residents praised loudly, and laughter echoed through every gap between the stars.