Only by eating can you get philosophical satisfaction while eating

  The term “foodie” first appeared in a restaurant review by American food critic Gail Greene-something that happened in the early 1980s.
  For New Yorkers of that era, extensive eating was justified. People ate food for nothing more than good food and convenience. Few people were nervous about linking food to sex, politics, and social status. The uncompromising eating pioneer Greene turned over the meal one by one, she pointedly pointed out: “Dining is not a fruitful action like an animal for survival, but a ‘theater full of temptation and social competition. ‘”In the
  past 40 years, food has become more important than ever. From Europe and the United States to China, from New Delhi to Johannesburg, people take pictures of food much more than themselves and their families. Everyone will post at least one to an unlimited number of food photos on social media.
  Chefs are no longer just chefs. They have changed from ordinary social workers to celebrities and celebrities. Their status is more valuable and beloved than the president of a university.
  Young people are eager to “eat”, an easy way to gain happiness. They just want to find some comfort in the troubled life, so they all call themselves “food.” Just like being attached to love, they are attached to eating-this is the lowest and highest standard.
  At this point, the word “food” was originally used to ridicule that people would never eat anything, and was suddenly given a sense of pride in group identity.
  ”Eating food” is not a kind of person. They may be staple food control, display control, social control, history control, chemical control, or food writer, documentary director and world explorer. They get the comfort of the stomach and even the internal organs and some deep, philosophical satisfaction from the food.
Staple Control: Me and My Last Stubbornness

  At the moment when a large mouthful of hoe was swallowed down solidly, Wang Juanhong felt that her internal organs were returning home, and she had a heavy sense of satisfaction and security.
  Among all kinds of food, there is a group of people who only love the staple food (starch). Wang Juanhong is one of them. She is 40 years old and an ordinary person “without any bright spots”-ordinary looks, ordinary work, ordinary family, everything is ordinary. Wang Juanhong has also kept a polite distance from the grotesque food, not that she can’t afford it, but that she “doesn’t feel solid after eating”.
  Every day, she steamed buns or rolled noodles herself. Although she made steamed buns that were neither white nor fragrant, and exuded the sour taste of yeast, she loved it.
  ”When flour is turned into dough, Mai Xiang is tangy, sometimes I can’t help but want to take a bite of raw noodles.” Only when smooth rice, “dynamic millet” (as she described it), add With the cumin seed pancakes, buns, and flowers rolled down, Wang Juanhong felt that she was “alive.”
  Wang Juanhong likes simple food and simple life. Unlike other girls who go shopping in the mall, she neither wears makeup nor dresses, but is very interested in going outing.
  Every time she goes on a tour, she will bring a bun and a bun, no matter on the high-speed rail or on the plane, she will take it out when she is hungry, regardless of how others see her.
  In the past ten years, staple foods are being abandoned by mainstream society. People are afraid of carbohydrates and high sugar content.
  In order to counteract the lack of staple food, people put fermented bean curd on the buns, pour rice with meat dumplings, and roll green onions in the cakes … everything is necessary. However, Wang Juanhong likes to eat dry, in literary terms, “to pay tribute to the nature of the food.” She can hold a steamed bun or hold a pot of rice slowly and watch TV for an hour with interest.
  To some extent, Wang Juanhong is stubborn and difficult to be shaken. No matter how the world changes, she still dies and fights the prevailing trend of low-carbon, green and healthy diet.
Spicy Control: Sometimes I See Someone

  Contrary to the ebb of the staple food, China has become “non-spicy” in the past decade, and not eating spicy has almost become a certain political error. This is the case with Liu Wei. Although he comes from a traditional non-spicy province like Shandong, no one can think of it. Three years ago, he had perforated his stomach because of spicy food, but he still insists on spicy food.
  Life without peppers was inexplicable to him, “It’s like going to a night market to eat skewers without drinking beer, it’s redundant to be alive.” Liu Wei speaks with the vitality of Shandong people and is as embarrassing as pepper.
  Unlike ordinary people, his passion for spicy food has reached an incredible level—not only is there always chopped pepper sauce, small green peppers, chili peppers, spicy beef sauce, spicy sticks, etc., no matter what he eats, he has to order some peppers and eat them. Add rice and porridge, even breakfast. This way of eating has transcended love and entered the category of “addiction.” Just like an alcoholic who feels dizzy without drinking half a catty of white wine every day, Liu Wei doesn’t get tired all day without eating some peppers.
  ”Actually, I did n’t eat spicy food because my ex-girlfriend started to learn to eat.” He said this voice in a low voice, but explained all his spicy behaviors. “In the past, we quarreled every day because of eating. She wants to eat spicy food, I ca n’t eat it. After six months, I also like spicy food, she ca n’t stop it. Hot and sour powder, hot pot, hot and spicy food, I have a headache at first glance, now two days You ca n’t take
  it without eating. ” Many couples have nothing left after they break up, but they retain each other ’s tastes—no spicy food, no spicy food, no Western food, steaks, and those who hate sweets have become bakery VIPs. Sometimes we see Wusiren; sometimes we see Wusiren.
  As Anthony Burton wrote in The Chef’s Journey: “Of course, I already know that the best and most perfect diets in the world are hardly the most expensive and sophisticated. I know that miracles can be made at the table In addition to the culinary skills and the rare ingredients, the real cuisine that takes place has other very important factors. Atmosphere and memories play an extremely important role in all the truly memorable diets of a person’s life. ”
Control: Vanity is really delicious

  Nowadays, the tide of exquisite diets is sweeping around. Young people are very generous to their stomachs. Although they earn a few thousand a month, they will not stop at Michelin restaurants, let alone miss the opportunity to check in online celebrities. Dorothy is such a post-90s. For her, the form is more than the content, which is beyond doubt.
  ”I’ll code the noodles in the ramen in one direction and place poached eggs in the right place; the plate is very important. I only use light, solid-colored plates so that I can use the ingredients; I have more than twenty aprons and ten Table flags, a lot of placemats, and various cups to match the display of the day. ”
  Dorothy’s dishes are well-made, but not so delicious. But this does not prevent her from insisting that she is the number one foodie. “The main thing to eat is to be persistent. Anyone who loves eating can be called eating, even if he only loves to take pictures.”
  In fact, each eating control is self-taught. Dorothy has been fascinated with the form of eating since college. The reason was that her girlfriend, Bai Fumei, took her to a five-star hotel once, and after that day she understood the truth: vanity is really delicious.
  ”On the dining table were pure white bone china plates. At that time, I didn’t know what bone china was, and it just looked good; various wine glasses were put together, and the sound of jingle and jingle was particularly beautiful, and the lights were soft and bright. I thought then This is the meal. Even the white kale that I don’t like to eat, I ate several of them that day. ”
  Dorothy is determined to copy the memories of this wonderful dinner in his small rental house with a monthly rent of 3500 yuan. She bought the same plates and glasses, frozen the ice cubes in the refrigerator, carefully placed them in the cup, and installed a few downlights above the dining table to create an elegant light.
  Vanity has always been Dorothy’s motivation to improve her living standards. She did not like her job as a bank clerk, but now it is different. Her goal is ambitious: “I want to eat all Michelin restaurants!” Speaking of this, her eyes glowed: “I hope that meal Become everyday, not a meal that I need to remember. ”
  In order to achieve this goal, Dorothy spends a lot of “funds” every month dedicated to eating high-end restaurants. When she meets her favorite restaurant style, she goes home and tries to do everything possible.
  ”At least the same placemats are always available,” she said seriously.