Without wind you run

  When I was about ten years old, my grandfather planted several acres of watermelon. I once accompanied my grandfather to watch the melon, and slept in a simple shed next to the melon at night. In the early morning, we picked melon together and then pushed the cart to sell in town.
  There are many melon farmers in the town, more watermelons, and the whole street is green. But the guests were limited. Everyone tried to sip, just to sell a few more melons. Grandfather frowned as he watched the situation. I am also worried for my grandfather, for this car melon: When the competition is so fierce, so many melons, when can we sell out?
  When there is no business, my grandfather chats with a few melon farmers nearby. One melon farmer said that two thousand pounds of melon were sold at a time during a certain relationship. Some also said that he found a newspaper, and as soon as the newspaper publicized it, all the melons in the field were sold … After you listened, look at your own Melon, sighing invariably. It is really difficult to sell melon without contacts.
  Grandfather said: After two days of heavy rain, this melon is even harder to sell.
  At noon, we pushed the trolley to the door of a restaurant. The grandfather discussed with the restaurant owner and exchanged two watermelons for two bowls of fried rice. The boss happily agreed. When we ate, we found that many people were eager to drink water, but hot water was not enough, and drinks were not cheap at that time. The angle of his grandfather’s mouth slightly raised, as if he had an idea.
  Unsurprisingly, not much melon was sold in a day. Going home in the evening, there was no wind on the road, it was very hot. Grandpa smashed a melon with his fist, and we both took a clean look. I said: It’s boring, if only there is wind. The grandfather said, “If there is no wind, you can run. There will be wind when you run.” I seem to understand, but I still run. The faster and faster I run, the wind really appears. Grandfather smiled happily. At that moment, the sky was beautiful.
  Soon after, grandfather borrowed a juicer from others, and then ran all the restaurants in the town. He cooperated with the restaurant owners to let the restaurant sell watermelon juice for the restaurant, and the restaurant and grandfather opened in thirty or seven. In this way, the melon in the grandfather’s field was sold out quickly, and the profit was higher than selling the whole melon. Later, when the relationship was ripe, some people wanted to wholesale watermelons from grandfather, and grandfather actively recommended to other melon farmers.
  My grandfather told me: Melons are dead, and people are alive. With no one to help, you have to rely on your own mind and efforts to open up a market. If you have n’t moved in place and you do n’t know what to do, your melon will never sell well.
  Yeah, if there is no wind, you run, run desperately, run, and the wind comes naturally.