The colder the better

  When I was young, I went out of school at dusk in the winter and encountered an ambush: a hawker selling roasted potato stands by the road, orange flames warm the eyes, and the scent of potato is warm and mellow, like a fluffy solid. You have a hungry empty stomach. Can’t resist, bought it. The child was anxious, holding the roasted potato, and it was so hot that he changed his left hand and right hand without thinking about it. He couldn’t stand the hand, how to endure his mouth. On the sweet, golden and brilliant potato, it felt like a bite of the sun. The first mouthful is always very soft and delicious, and the second and third mouthfuls are a little greasy-the tongue is really weird! But it is true that yam smells better than fragrant-when you try to bite the skin, you will feel that crispy yam seems sweeter and chewy than taro. After eating, the mouth is full of sweetness, the whole body is warm, and the warm yellow is filled in the belly: this will go home!
  At the weekend, my dad and I went out together at noon for mutton soup. Most of the mutton soups in Jiangnan are labeled with “Huzhou mutton” and “Suzhou mutton”. A good mutton soup requires excellent lamb bones. It takes time to boil it thoroughly to make it fragrant. First buy a few white buns or noodles along the way, and go into the shiny black shop, beckoning for a bowl of mutton soup. As soon as the owner lifted the lid of the huge bucket, the steaming pan that was not clear from the hot steam was revealed, scooping out a few tablespoons of soup, and fishing for a few large pieces of lamb chops. A large pot of soup was handed in, and a handful of crushed onion leaves were sprinkled in. After being burnt by the soup, the fragrance was thinned immediately, and the pot was green. Take a bite of soup first, it’s hot, itchy on your back, and your forehead sweating. Then I picked up a lamb chop, with fat and thin, a bit of meat bite and swallowed, and eaten with white steamed buns or pasta, stuffed the belly, and the last big bowl of soup was attached with onions. Feeling that from the Tianling cover to the lower abdomen, Ren Du’s second pulse crackled through, and hurriedly asked for another bowl. The second bowl of lamb soup is less flavorful than the first bowl, so you have to add some green onions and hot peppers. The lamb soup will enter the hot mouth to make it smell more fragrant and stronger. Warm to the top of my head, my body was sweaty, and my clothes couldn’t be put on. My mouth spit out and spit fire: It will be a little bit of winter if I go through this.
  There are also foods that get colder in winter.
  When I was a kid, the deli in Wuxi had beef supply in all seasons, but white cut lamb was only sold in the winter. Common people bought wine. It is obviously not appropriate to use hot rice wine or cold beer, usually white cut lamb, put some chili sauce, and use it to cold white wine. The white cut lamb with frozen sheep fat is the best. During the chewing, the taste of the meat is sometimes tender and smooth like foie gras, and it also has strands of sparseness. Even better, the cream is frozen and mixed in between. A piece of white-cut lamb, smooth and cold, is crispy and crispy. After a few years, when you buy a package of white-cut lamb, you can freeze it directly and chew your mouth into a crunchy sound of ice. Eating cold meat and drinking cold wine, the cold fragrance overflows, all relying on wine and meat to refresh yourself, set yourself on fire. Therefore, in the winter, people eat white-cut lamb and drink cold white wine. In the future, two people often have cold hands and eat a piece of lamb, so that their neck shrinks. .
  In Paris in the winter, even if there are only potatoes and curry left in the refrigerator, you can survive: cut the potatoes, fry them, add water, sprinkle the curry powder, and slowly simmer. The curry powdered sauce mixed with half-simmered potatoes will make a “flap” sound, much more stuffy than boiling water. This is just to remind you: our juice is thick, and the taste is thick, we will hang bowls of sticky chopsticks, so be careful. When the potatoes and curry are mixed, they are poured on white rice, and the slice is golden and full of aroma. This is not over: the unfinished curry rests in the refrigerator and is served at noon the next day. The curry has cooled and rested on the white rice. The strong aroma of the previous day has gone, and there is a strange and lubricious aroma.
  We used to eat banquets in the countryside. The whole fish was simmered in red and black, sweet and crisp, and sprinkled with green onion leaves. Children who are not very good at eating fish can eat a mess. If the housewife has a mind, she wo n’t put onion leaves-we all believe that as long as the onion is not put in the soup, it wo n’t break overnight-take the leftover braised fish, remove the bones, and scrape the meat apart Put the soup in the refrigerator. The next morning, the plate was taken out, and the fish soup was frozen, condensed like a cream, and shaped like a pudding. There are countless pieces of minced fish meat hidden underneath, smooth and fresh, and it is good for porridge and wine. I did n’t know much when I was young. I put a spoonful of fish soup frozen on the porridge bowl, and was looking for meat floss and sprinkled it in the porridge. Looking back, the fish soup frozen was melted by the warm porridge. Cried.
  That’s how I learned it, and then I applied it. When I cooked white fish—salmon, catfish, and catfish—I put a little salt and a little fish soup. The fatty salmon is salted, fried for a while, rolled in the soup, and the hot soup boiled with radish, which is good with rice; if it is frozen, it will have a milky white goldfish frozen, which looks good, too. It is much more refreshing than the broth of braised fish soup.
  Yuan Mei wrote that stir-fried vegetables must use soy sauce. To put it plainly, it is meaty, stinky, oily, and can be attached to fat and sugar, which is always delicious. Especially in winter. We certainly know the secrets of all health, but oftentimes, deliciousness goes against health, and in winter you have to eat high calories. Think about it the other way round: If you can only eat boiled cabbage in winter, you can live a healthy and dull life, but this kind of life is a little less fun.