Autumn cicada and dreamland

  Forty minutes after the   001 car was parked on Panshan Road, Qiao Ranlan’s mood had shifted from anxiety and annoyance at the beginning to calmness like fate. The town to which Panshan Road leads is scarce, and she encountered a bus but was unable to stop it. Then a white car passed by. The owner was a middle-aged man and only slid down the window probe. Asked about the situation, threw down a sentence “No repair”, and stepped on the accelerator to leave.
  Qiao Yanlan stood under the shade of the roadside. At the end of August, the temperature on the mountain was slightly lower than that in the city, and the tree shadow was sloppy. The mother also got out of the car, and her scorching eyes clearly contained an apology-if it was not for her wish, according to Qiao Yunlan’s personality and driving skills, he would definitely not drive to this remote place.
  Qiao Zhelan stared at a place under the tree. There is an autumn cicada. When it fell from the tree, the hard shell made a crisp sound, attracting Chau Lan’s eyes. It buzzed its wings, and wanted to fly and couldn’t fly. At the beginning, the frequency of flapping was very fast, and the sound was very loud. Gradually, the sound went down, as if it had exhausted its strength and lost hope.
  Qiao Yanlan squatted down, stretched out her fingers, and lightly touched its wings.
  A black jeep has been driving for more than ten meters, and then slowed down and backed up. In the sliding window, a young man wearing sunglasses asked with a probe: “Need help?”
  Qiao Zhelan stood up, her blue cotton skirt wrinkled, and she reached out her hand and pinched the skirt, and Before waiting, the mother hurried over from the shade and said anxiously: “The car is broken, lad, please help me?”
  There are still cicadas on the tree, and the tone is loud and loud. panic. The man got out of the car, his khaki casual pants wrinkled for a long time, and his knees seemed to be bent with laughter, but he looked a little lazy.
  He sat in Chaucer’s car and tried to start, but the steel-clad guy remained silent.
  He went to the car and opened the front cover. Unbelievably, he took off his sunglasses and took a closer look, then looked down at the car logo again, and then turned to ask the girl standing on the side: “How much did you buy for this car?”
  Only then did Qiao Lanlan see his looks clearly-she felt that it must be because of his good quality that he was helpful to others. That’s right, it must be!
  ”Hey!” He couldn’t help but cry when she didn’t answer.
  ”Rent it,” Qiao Lan, who came back, answered honestly.
  ”The problem seems to be serious. Otherwise, you can take my car back to the city and go to the repair shop to find a trailer and drag it back.” He said, closing the front cover. As if to comfort her, he said, “It’s nothing, the car is out, and it will inevitably run into trouble.”
  He said as he walked towards his car. Joe her mother first step in trusting the high legs, looks handsome big boys, brisk walking a few steps with the past, turned to Joe Blue Yi said: “? Small Yi, do you intend to stay here for long,”
  Qiao Yi Lan returned to the car to pack his belongings, then locked the car and ran towards the black jeep. Just before sitting in the car, she still smiled with an unsuspecting smile: “How do you call it?”
  ”Xu Xun.” He replied with a smile. He had handed over his ID card and driver’s license, and handed them together. In front of her, “Relax.”
  Qiao Xunlan did not reach for her hand, but suddenly blushed.   On Road
, Xu Min reminded her that she should first communicate with the car rental company to determine the specific issues such as car repair costs and responsible parties. Qiao Yanlan did as she did, and the other person’s attitude was fairly straightforward, which made her feel relieved.
  Xu Zheng helped her find a repair shop and dragged her bright red temporary car. Read the cover off the car for a while before the master, raised his head and laughed: “! Gouhei heart of car rental companies ah, this car is clearly an embroidered pillow a bag of grass, how assured to the people on the road,”
  Xu Yi Yi Qiao looked blue one, for The master of the car repair said, “Where can a girl understand the car, you quickly think about it. Can you fix it in a few days?” The
  master of the car repaired three fingers. Qiao Xunlan just wanted to speak. The master had shaken his hand. “It’s Xu Xuan’s friend, or three days will be enough.”
  ”Thank you.” Qiao Xunlan said, I don’t know if he is facing Xu Xun or the car repair master.
  Out of the garage, Qiao Yanlan proposed to invite Xu Yan to dinner. Xu Zheng refused, and suddenly asked, “What about your mother?”
  ”I let her go to the movies. It was embarrassing for her to understand the process of my deception in more detail.” Qiao Yanlan answered with a smile.
  Xu Yan smiled and said softly, “Your mother seems to be a little princess than you.”
  Qiao Lanlan breathed a sigh of relief, and whispered, “My dad was no longer taking care of her. Now Dad is gone, it should be me taking care of her. Ah. ”
  Xu Min walked a few steps silently, suddenly said:” Let’s eat together, I invite you. ”
  Qiao Xunlan quickly shook her hand, Xu Xu laughed,” This is where I live, if you insist on refusing, I’m shameless. “It
  seemed as if he was infected by his bright smile, and when Qiao Lanlan laughed, his eyes shone. On the road, she pointed to the direction they climb the mountain before, told him: “.. My mother was born in that town, there are now some relatives living there this time we go back, because Biao Yi’s daughter married,”
  Joe Yi When Lan’s father died, she was 16 years old, and the severe illness that was suddenly detected scared a family. After Dad was admitted to the hospital, his physical condition deteriorated. The mother who lived under the care of her husband for a long time was panicked. He spent more time holding the husband’s hand in front of the bed and crying.
  16-year-old Qiao Xilan just went to high school and ran to the hospital as soon as school was over. He went upstairs and downstairs to go through the formalities, pay money, and helped his father to do the examination and treatment. Because of her mother’s excessive depression and grief, she suppressed her emotions, because after her father fell down, someone needed to support the family.
  But Dad left quickly. After being laid off from the unit many years ago, she never went out to work because of her father’s compassion. Because my dad was sick, he had already spent most of his savings at home, and had to pay for the tuition and living expenses of both of them. Mom had to work as a tally in the supermarket.
  Mom carefully worked a dull job for six years until Qiao Lanlan graduated from college and got a job.
  This time, the aunt’s daughter’s family got married, and Qiao Yanlan had no plans to return. She has just started working for an entertainment company. But her mother’s lost and eager eyes made her unable to refuse. Uncle Cousin just became the mayor of that affluent town three years ago. Their daughter was admitted to a prestigious university. The married husband is said to be a successful person in the standard sense.
  My mother and cousin were all alone in the same year.
  In this case, my mother wanted to go back to her hometown to see it, but she felt a little bit lost. Qiao Zhelan thought about it before renting this well-known “brand car” and wanted to support her mother.
  ”Actually, I only got my driver’s license half a year ago. I have no driving experience, and I have nothing to do along the way. If I didn’t meet you today, I wouldn’t know what to do.” I took the beer bottle and asked, “Can I have a drink?”

Xu Yan smiled, “Of course.”
Probably the beer was a bit cold. Two big mouths, Qiao Lanlan felt a little cold, so he reached out and stroked his bare little arm.
Xu Xuzhen got up and raised the air conditioner twice, but said, “I’m a bit cold.”
乔 弋 蓝 looked at him and smiled. His forehead clearly had a few fine beads of sweat, and the sleeves of the blue shirt were torn to his elbows.
But it was just the look of that gaze, and with a smile, Qiao Lanlan felt that the temperature in the bag had suddenly risen a lot. She remembered a sentence just written in the script two days ago: the heart felt like a cicada, dormant in the body for many years, only a moment, began to sing loudly throughout life.
“Sometimes, I feel like the autumn cicada on the mountain, so strong, but so weak.” She held her chin and looked at Xu Yan with bright eyes, and asked, “Do you know that autumn cicada?”
“I know, I saw it.” He said softly, “But you are not like it. You are like a tree growing on the top of a mountain, so tall and strong.”
For a word, I almost clicked Qiao Yanlan’s tears.
Qiao Qiaolan did not expect that when she went to the car rental company to return the car, the other party changed her face. Instead of reimbursing the cost of repairing the car, she did not intend to refund the deposit she paid.
With patience and reasonableness, when she showed him the details from the garage, he showed them on the table, and the man swiped the documents in his hands, rubbed them, and threw them. Into the trash.
乔 弋 蓝 flushed with anger, and just about to argue, the ringtone of the cell phone rang. She glanced at the number on the screen, and she felt the familiar sourness in her eyes. She calmed down and answered the phone: “Xu Xu, I’m here, it’s safe.”
“Did they embarrass you?” Xu Yan asked straightforwardly.
Qiao Qiaolan swallowed a bit, before he answered, he had hung up the phone. When she raised her head puzzledly again, she saw Xu Yan striding toward her face outside the glass door.
乔 弋 蓝 welcomed out, “Why are you here?”
Xu Xun glanced at her, his face calmed down a lot, he said, “I’m afraid you’ll meet a rogue, but you’re really afraid of what comes.”
来 His aggressive appearance has weakened the boss’s momentum. Hearing that the list was destroyed, Xu Zheng showed him the original photo stored in the mobile phone. When he took out the phone, he brought out a business card with the words: “×× law firm, Xu Xu.”
Boss boss probably felt that this profession had too much fighting experience, so he had to return her money to her according to the contract. When the two left, the boss sent them out and glimpsed the car Xu Xu who was parked at the door, who was ashamed because he was on the road. Then he said to Qiao Zhelan, “What kind of car does a boyfriend drive to rent such a good car? Don’t blame me for selling dog meat on the head of a sheep. Is it not the vanity of someone like you? ”
Xu Xun’s face darkened, “Shut up!”
Qiao Qiaolan took a meal to grab the white, but was unable to refute, and took a sigh of relief, without speaking for a long time. Xu Min patted her on the shoulder, “It’s all right!”
The car drove a long way on the road before Qiao Lanlan remembered to ask him, “Where are we going?”
“Hotel.” Xu 翊 seemed to inadvertently answer, Qiao Zhelan froze suddenly, staring at his side with a big pair of eyes, but suddenly looked away as he turned his face.
Xu Yan laughed and said, “Last night I worked overtime and I didn’t sleep much in the middle of the night. I followed you here early in the morning. I have to find a hotel to take a bath, sleep, and then I have to catch go back.”
“You … came here on purpose?” Qiao Lanlan swallowed a bit, still couldn’t help asking.
Xu Xu smiled and did not answer. In fact, he was not far behind her car along the way, but her driving skills were too bad, her palms were so nervous all the way, she had no intention to care about the car that was always behind her. When she entered the car rental company and didn’t see it for a long time, he guessed that she was in trouble.
“Are you a lawyer?” It took her a while to find the next topic awkwardly.
Xu Xu smiled again, “Yeah, otherwise you thought I would only do carpentry?”
“That’s a magical craft!” Qiao Lanlan was happy, she said, “I really like the small chair you are making.”
“Bring you next time.”
“That is not what i mean!”
“But that’s what I mean.” Xu Yan’s smile was as bright as the autumn sky outside the car window at the moment, “Where are you going? I’ll send you.”
“Go home.” After a while, she said, “Thank you, Xu Huan.”
There was another word, twirling on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t help but say, “I’m so lucky to meet you.”

In the three days waiting for the car to drive out of the repair shop, Xu 翊 took Qiao Yuanlan and her mother to visit the attractions of the town and ate local special snacks. These are new to Qiao Qinlan, but to her mother, they are revisited. Mom happily photographed along the way, recalling the past to the two young people around her. Mother Qiao’s impression of Xu Zheng was so good. When the three of them took a break to eat, Mother Qiao asked, “Did Xu have a girlfriend?”
“No.” Xu Huan frowned, gently blowing the hot tea in the tea cup.
“I don’t know whose daughter has the blessing to find you.” Mother Qiao said, “Xiao Xu will be a boy who is very good to his girlfriend at first glance. Auntie always looks right to people!”
Xu Xu laughed, but Qiao Lanlan dropped her eyes, as if focusing on the dishes on the table. Later, she told Xu Yan that a large part of the reason why her mother had been immersed in the sorrow of her father’s early death was that her father was so considerate to her mother. At that time, the uncles who were familiar with the uncle always joked about their father and said that Lao Xu had two daughters.
“In fact, my mother is still young and she can start her own life again,” she said.
At that time, they just came out of the specialty restaurant. Mother Qiao was tired. She took a taxi to the hotel first, and the rest of them slowly walked along Jiangbin Avenue.
“Take you to my workshop to take a look?” Silent for a while, Xu Su suddenly proposed.
乔 弋 蓝 has no friends who are interested in wood crafts, so she has never touched these, and her eyes widened when she saw the finished products and semi-finished products exuding the fragrance.
Xu Xu’s studio is not far from the riverside, pushing open the rusty iron gate, there is a small yard for stacking wood, and in the night wind of early autumn, the air has a special aroma of logs. In the spacious workshop and neat warehouse, Chau Lan saw the wood-colored tables and chairs, as well as the delicately carved frames and pen holders.
“I’m not willing to sell it, I put it here.” He said with a smile.
“It must take a long time,” she said with emotion.
“Yeah, so there is no girlfriend!” Xu Yan laughed. “I will find a clean place with mountains and water in the future, and build a house. All the furniture in the house is handmade, simple and clean. it is good.”

“Alone?” Qiao Yi blue wittily asked.
“Of course not! It is better to have a wife who loves each other and has a tacit understanding, as Mr. Lao she wrote in his article. two children, the daughter is 12 or 3 years old, always looks like 12 or 3 years old. the son is 3 years old and fat and naughty. ” Xu Yi was a little shy, her eyes alight with light.
Qiao Yilan was moved by the scene he described, but he said softly and wistfully, “How nice!”
“That is my ideal country.” Xu Yi smiled happily. He blinked and said, “But not now. Now run to do this. My father is expected to kill me.”
Qiao Yi laughed and his fingers slowly caressed the moist logs. The little chair she likes is a semi-finished product, simple and honest and strong, like a small wooden horse. She didn’t expect, another weekend, Xu Yi came with it. Because she said it was like a small wooden horse, Xu Yi specially fitted it with two wooden wings on the back of the chair. He said: “Now it can not only run, but also fly.”
When Qiao Yi blue laughed, her eyes were bright and soft that she had never noticed.
Qiao Yilan’s entertainment company is planning a variety show on the feelings of simple people, in which five pairs of strange men and women live in the same house for two weeks to observe the details of their relationship and make love psychological analysis and reasoning. As a planning assistant, Qiao Yilan, who has taken psychology as an elective course, has come up with many clever new ideas for the program group. When the person in charge thought that a planner was needed to enter the group as an observer, his eyes fell on the young Qiao Yilan.
Qiao Yilan repeatedly refused, she just wanted to be behind the scenes. However, the person-in-charge used both soft and hard tactics, allowing her to get a high salary at one time and then saying with a dark face, “If you refuse to join the group and follow the film, then you should not even be a planning assistant!”
A deputy director smiled at Qiao Yilan and said, “Your face is very photogenic, and the effect is definitely not bad. It is not certain that you will start your career here.”
Qiao Yi blue woebegone. She didn’t think so far. As a person who was embarrassed to pose for photos, she didn’t think she could finish the new job of team leader. But to be fair, she was still very tempted by the remuneration.
She was upset and did not reply to Xu Yi’s WeChat until his phone came in.
Qiao Yilan said sullenly, “I have to go to other places to take part in the group’s shooting mission, which is not convenient for me to contact for about half a month.”
Later, Xu Yi said that he had fully mobilized half his endurance before hearing her detailed description of the program’s form and content without going mad. After a long silence, he said, “do you lack a partner? Do you think I can do it? ”
“Stop it!” Qiao Yilan couldn’t help laughing, “I’m almost bored.”
After a while, Xu Yi said softly: “Xiao Yi, go and tell your team leader that your boyfriend does not agree with you to take part in the shooting.”
“They know I don’t have a boyfriend!”
“There is now.” Xu Yi said, “Either I will be your partner or I will be your boyfriend. Please choose one.”
Qiao Yilan felt his heart beat so fast that he hit his chest as if he were about to jump out of his throat. At that moment, she suddenly remembered her father. He died of heart disease.
Her tears came off guard, biting her lips and refusing to let Xu Yi hear her sob, leaving only a long silence in her cell phone.
Xu Yi said: “If I leave now, I can still pick you up from work.”
Still no response. “Are you listening?” He called her “Xiao Yi” uncertainly.
“I’m here.” She said her voice was already full of tears.
It was the first time Qiao Yilan knew that deep love can make people afraid and weak. Because liking that person too much will bring forth worries and fears. Fear will last for the rest of my life. Anything that may happen to each other is not good, just like what my mother had lost forever. Pain will never heal. Therefore, for a moment, she told herself that she would rather be with a person who is not so tempted. It doesn’t matter if she has it. It probably won’t be so painful when she loses it.
“Don’t you come.” Qiao Yilan said: “We are not suitable.”
“I have arrived at the garage.” Xu Yi said in a low voice: “You have made my heart cry.”
On the highway that afternoon, there was fog after the rain and Xu Yi was stuck on the road for more than an hour after several cars in front of him were rear-ended. During that period, he made several important work calls, and then Qiao Yilan’s phone came in: “Where are you, Xu Yi?”
“stuck in the road.” He said, “I am afraid I will be late.”
“It doesn’t matter.” Qiao Yilan paused: “I saw the news and was worried about you.”
Xu Yi was about to speak when she already said, “I’ll go and tell the director that I won’t participate in the program. I don’t have any big ambition and I don’t want to be rich and expensive. I just want to live a simple and ordinary life with the people I like. ”
She finally said she liked it. Her heart seemed to be flowing with a clear stream, and every subtle emotional vein could be seen. After he appeared, she understood and remembered all the ripples caused by the clean water and the never-seen luxuriant grass and warbler flying on the shore.
At night, Qiao Yilan walked out of the building and saw Xu Yi waiting there. She followed him to the car and heard him say very homely: “I am so hungry. I only drank a bowl of porridge in the morning. I just remembered that I forgot to eat lunch because I was so hungry and had a stomachache.”
“Me too. The team leader urged the planning book in the morning, and it was very difficult to finish it, because of the shooting. She gave him a look: “If you hadn’t just called, I might have continued to struggle.”
“There is nothing to struggle with. If you don’t want to do anything in the future, you can do nothing. ” He said: “I will have a change of job soon. The new office is not far from here.”
Qiao Yilan’s shocked eyes, Xu Yi smiled lightly and said: “People who like each other should be together. If we were two trees, how could I tear you up? So, here I am! ”
Qiao Yilan grinned and tried to laugh, but he burst out crying. Xu Yi is still looking at her smile, she was so embarrassed by it. She wanted to bury her face in his arms so that he wouldn’t see her crying and laughing at the moment, and wiped tears on his shirt. However, as soon as she stretched out her arm, her shoulders and chest felt the tight binding of the safety belt. What a shame! Xu Yi looked at her, laughing eyes are small.
He leaned over to embrace her and was not surprised by her beating.
One night, Xu Yi just sent Qiao Yilan home and stood there watching Qiao Yilan go upstairs. Before getting in the car, the two men jumped out of the shadow of the corner of the building and punched him.
Xu Yi knows very well that it was a case he just took part in. The defendant did not succeed in inducements and retaliated against him with violence after losing the lawsuit for compensation.
His resistance was weak in the fist and fist of the other party. At this moment, he had to keep his mouth shut without saying a word. His first reaction was not to disturb Qiao Yilan and implicate her in the injury. After the two men left, he got up from the ground, unconsciously wiped a burning nose and mouth, only to find that his hands were full of blood.

Xu Yi managed to get rid of the stain on his face with a paper towel. His physical pain and sudden feeling of powerlessness made him dial Qiao Yilan’s cell phone: “Xiao Yi, come down.”
Qiao Yilan had just changed into his household clothes and put on white slippers with rabbit ears. He ran downstairs in a panic. He frowned at the sight of Xu Yi and repeatedly asked, “How did this happen?”
“It’s okay. They just want to get out of it. It won’t really happen.” He tried to pull the corners of the mouth smiled, but touched the wound, twisted with pain.
“I’ll take you to the hospital!”
“No.” Xu Yi held down her hand and her eyes were soft. “Take me home. I may not be able to drive.”
Qiao Yi blue eyes a hot, tears fell down.
“Come on, I won’t die.” Xu Yi wants to make an easy joke.
“What nonsense?” Qiao Yilan was somewhat annoyed. “Don’t talk nonsense in the future!”
Xu Yi darling shut up. On the way, Qiao Yilan stopped his car and flew to the roadside drugstore. He bought pills and potions for internal and external use, and then flew back. The slippers on rabbit ears snapped. She sat in, gave him a quick look and started the car. She said, “Xu Yi, I like you so much. For me, you have to protect yourself.”
“Wait!” Xu Yi cried, “Can you keep this for a while? I want to go back to wash my face and change clothes, now this ghost appearance … ”
“There are so many things!” Qiao Yilan gave him a sidelong glance with a smile: “I don’t remember what I said just now.”
She suddenly understood, life is too short, in addition to hold tightly when you have, what is the way to cherish?
In Xu Yi’s disgruntled expression, Qiao Yilan reached out and brushed his already messy hair a little bit further. She said, “You are really distressed by your appearance.”
Xu Yi was in distress situation.
Qiao Yilan’s birthday is in the deep winter. My mother and her new friends went on a trip together. The video sent back is the swaying sunlight and tree shadows in the south. My mother smiled and said to her in the video, “will you not be used to not accompanying you on your birthday for the first time? However, I am very happy that you will always be accompanied by someone, so mom will have to live her own life! ”
Qiao Yi Lan laughed, “Mom, have fun.”
Turning off the video, Qiao Yilan felt some emotion. He always felt that he was taking care of and accompanying his mother. In fact, his mother was taking care of and accompanying herself in the same way. The seemingly weak mother is making her dear daughter strong and brave in her own way.
Xu Yi came in with washed fruits, red cherries and yellow pears, and peeled pomegranates in a transparent crystal bowl.
As soon as he put down his things and sat down, Qiao Yilan took his arm and put his head on his shoulder. She said: “Me Before You, I am most afraid of becoming a woman like my mother, but now I am more and more like her. I really don’t know whether I am lucky or unlucky. She loves my father so much and I like you so much. ”
The confession came off guard and Xu Yi was flattered.
“Lucky, of course!” He touched her hair with a smile, “that’s why you really understand mom now, right?”
Qiao Yilan smiled. “Yes, if it weren’t for the warmth and affection in my memory, my mother wouldn’t know how to spend the bleak days and how boring this life would be.”
Out of the window, the setting sun in early winter sprinkled gold dust all over the sky. The peaceful daily life is the most graceful fairy tale in the world.
On the night of Qiao Yilan’s birthday, Xu Yi, who had no cooking skills, planned to cook a meal at home, but he was clumsy and scalded on the back of his hand by the hot oil splashing. Qiao Yilan pulled Xu Yi behind him, then neatly covered the lid of the frying pan and turned off the gas. She turned and took his hand and washed it in cold water. The heads of the two men were very close. Xu Yi gave a bad smile and gently put his forehead on her cheek. She whispered, “It’s okay, don’t wrinkle your face.”
Qiao Yilan could not help but blame: “You are so clumsy, don’t come to the kitchen in the future.”
“I don’t want to tell you that I can take care of you in all directions in the future?”
Qiao Yilan smiled, turned around and hugged him: “We can take care of each other. But you remember to accompany me to my old age. I want to build our ideal country with you. I want you to help me dye my black and white hair. I want you to take me on a trip. You have to hold my hand all my life. ”
Xu Yi forcibly placed his head. Then he did not know where Qiao Yilan took out two gym cards and waved them in front of his eyes.
“It’s expensive, so you can’t waste it.” She said: “You should take good exercise and improve your physical quality. Don’t let two gangsters take you down …”
Qiao Yi blue also want to continue rambling, suddenly appeared Xu Yi face at close range, his gentle eyebrow eye and lip Angle, let her instantly swallow the rest of the words back into the belly.
Later Xu Yi, under Qiao Yilan’s supervision, became a health care expert. In autumn, he was the first person in the office to put on long Johns. In summer, he was the one who still held a thermos cup in hot July. He doesn’t eat spicy food in spring and stay up late in winter. No matter how hot it is in summer or winter, rain or wind, he keeps exercising. His good living habits were praised by his predecessors, ridiculed by his peers, and admired and curious by young people, because he was happy with his strict and self-disciplined living condition except occasionally stealing food with heavy tastes at parties.
He always thought that one day he and her ideal country would be built in some quiet place. Recently, colleagues and friends can’t meet him even on weekends and holidays. As long as he is free, he hides in his new studio. His woodwork includes large and small houses, such as tea tables, bookshelves and jewelry boxes. It is said that he is currently building a crib as simple and honest as a “little Trojan horse.”