Embrace you every moment, like a speeding subway

  I didn’t forget it for a second and never mentioned it to anyone.
  But it happens, I always miss you when fragile.
  The only good thing is that all the contact methods have been completely deleted, making me want to find you, but I cannot find a way.
   9:30 in the evening, running back at night.
  Change the pressure pants and put on loose cashmere pajamas. Take a cup of white fragrant tea from the refrigerator, open “Curly Eyelashes” and continue the single cycle.
  This is a very old song, more than 20 years ago, “Spring Pigs Eight Rings” burst into flames, with the theme song red.
  The lyrics are not my euphemism, but they are quite straightforward.
  ”Beauty is at first sight, and it ignites the flame of love.”
  Whenever I heard this, I felt sighed. There is quite the desolation of Nalan Rongruo’s phrase “If life is only as first seen”.
  At the beginning of the story, the kind Zhu Fengchun rescued the little dragon girl who was in trouble. At a glance of Jinghong, the little dragon girl had identified this face.
  Later, Zhu Fengchun was killed before she could see Xiaolong Nuzhen. A destiny piglet got his physical body, and also received the love of the little dragon girl.
  A dragon fell in love with a pig, but this pig was unappreciative. Only Chang’e, who lives in Guanghan Palace, is thinking.
  He pushed her away countless times and said he hated her so that she would not hinder her love.
  Every time the little dragon girl cries, it will rain in the sky. I couldn’t help crying. At that time, I didn’t know what love was, only that the little dragon girl was beautiful and kind, or she was the third princess of Dragon Palace. Where isn’t it worth this stink pig?
  Later I learned that love is not worthy, and who is inseparable.
  Fortunately, after opening the dead knot on their red line at the age of the month, the pig Bajie opened up like a trick, and suddenly realized that Xiaolongnu was good.
  Unfortunately, some people are destined to be together.
  The spring eye of Donghai is broken, the little dragon girl must sacrifice herself to save the entire dragon palace.
  Before she left, she made a split. One in the East China Sea, ready to turn into a new spring eye. The other snuggled up in the arms of Pig Bajie and watched the last fireworks again.
  The careful pig Bajie has already noticed the strangeness, but he did not pierce.
  He held the Dragon Girl tightly in his arms and said with a smile, I promised you that only a drop of tears would be dropped.
  This ending, I find it difficult to accept for a long time.
  Love clearly, why can’t we be together. Why are there so many wills and tricks.
  It wasn’t until I grew up, especially after meeting Simon, that I realized that life came and went, and there was no such thing as coming to Japan.
  002 The
  first time I went to the boy’s house, it was Simon’s small apartment.
  In fact, it is not too small, more than 80 square meters, two rooms and two halls. The decoration style is very simple, as empty as the express hotel, but a little more popular than the hotel.
  On the wall were pictures of him and his predecessor, a girl with a ponytail, deep eyelids, and no dimples when she laughed.
  He didn’t worry about me being jealous, and said lightly that he was going to get married but broke up.
  I didn’t ask about the specific reason. Within a few days, he took the photo away and said that if we were together, we could pick a house again and sell this one.
  When he said that, he was completely reluctant.
  I was only 21 years old, and I thought about it so far away, I just liked him at best. Love is too heavy for me to say.
  At night I slept in the next room. He sent a QQ message asking me if I was hungry.
  Half an hour later, I went to his room for a barbecue. He sat barefoot on the window sill on the 29th floor, with lights outside reflecting in the water. He pressed the shutter at me, took the photo, and threw it a few times hard, and said with a smile, looking at you, it was so good.
  That photo was torn up some time after I lost my temper, he just looked at it calmly, and then said, it doesn’t matter, take it again.
  But after that, it never happened again.
  Actually, I haven’t really understood why we are apart. Why somehow became a friend who would say thank you to each other.
  Just remember that one night, he said you don’t want to make any noise, okay.
  I was very persuaded, what was wrong with me, why do you know that I was waiting outside the door and had to work overtime so late?
  He was also very tired, saying that although his work was done, his colleagues were there.
  In short, he was already a senior office worker that year, and I just could n’t wait to find a job after graduation.
  Most importantly, I never thought about the long run. However, he always thought about what kind of furniture to buy in the future, whether the wedding was on the lawn or the ship deck.
  Later, we no longer mention the future. Just talk about social news, gossip, and where to open a new restaurant.
  Once I hid him and had a meal with a guy who chased me. It’s all about work, and there’s nothing wrong with it. But he knew that he was angry.
  He is very well-cultivated. Even if he is angry, he will not speak loudly, do not drop things, and never hurt others.
  We were silent with each other for a long time, he seemed to be discouraged, patted my shoulder and said, it may be between us, too fast.
  It was a sick sentence, but I understood exactly what he meant.
  Then think about it, I was too disappointed. He kept me on the future plan, but I didn’t even hide such a small thing.
  It’s just that I’m proud and do not understand concessions. Instead he said stubbornly, so be it.
  so be it. He repeated.
  So we became like this. From intimacy to alienation. Later, I also asked a lot of people, and they said they didn’t know the reason for the breakup, but it was just that.
  this year, a friend called me to play the recent live-action NPC version of “Escape Room”.
  The closest friends are usually around, they advise me, don’t be afraid, we have a lot of people, and we can certainly protect you.
  My heart refused, but I couldn’t bear to disappoint everyone. So he stumbled into the darkened room and saw the NPC with a ghost mask.
  It’s not that the sound effects are horrible or that the props are too realistic, but in the dark, I suddenly felt that all my friends did not exist. I’ve never been alone.
  The idea came over, scaring me.
  Almost instantly, tears burst out. In the dark, gritted his teeth and calmly said, I don’t want to play anymore, please take me out.
  Others held my hand tightly, and another sister took me into her arms and whispered comfort, it’s okay, don’t worry, we are all there.
  But I want to say, no, you are not here, I have only myself.
  After I came out, I looked out the window and suddenly remembered that night when he was eating barbecue and pressing the shutter button on me, smiling like a boy.
  That night, he was hugging me from behind, and you could hear the smell of shampoo.
  Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after so many years of separation that I realized afterwards that I had liked him more than I expected that night.
  I like it. Later, whenever I was vulnerable, I would think of his tenderness uncontrollably.
  Unfortunately, he loved too early, and I was half a beat slow.
   004 The
  last contact was when I went to Seoul. He sent a message hoping to bring a watch.
  I walked a lot of duty-free shops before I finally found that one.
  The day he returned, he drove to pick me up. Because the flight was too early, he arrived a day earlier and sat at the airport overnight.
  He naturally took the luggage in my hand, as if I had just made a business trip.
  I couldn’t help but hug him, he responded very hard, and even said like a kid, okay, take you to Chongqing hot pot.
  He was obviously smiling, and he was so gentle, but I knew that it was no longer a couple.
  At that moment, my chest was sad.
  But he said, “Hey, the watch is for you.” Wearing him on a date with a new girlfriend will definitely help you get extra points.
  He pushed my head and said nothing.
  After dinner, he took me home. On the road, the song “Curved Eyes” was on the radio, and she sang, ”
  Embrace each other, tears on my chest.” Before getting out of the car, I didn’t hold back and hugged him sideways.
  He let me hug quietly, his hand resting on my hair. I said, you have to be good. He promised you.
  Then time passed faster and faster, faster than the speeding subway.
  Flash, for so many years.
  I never hug others like I did.