Eternal gift shop in light time

  Qin Wu had not expected in 2019 on the tail, but also receive a gift from the gift shop at the eternal light of.
  She unpacked the box, which contained a delicate small box, which would give many girls the illusion that the gift inside was a ring.
  But when she opened the box, she lost her voice instantly—it was an ordinary 1 yuan coin.
  Obviously it is an ordinary coin, but when standing by the side of the light, I unexpectedly saw that the iron-blooded strongwoman who said she would never cry could not cry at that instant.
  Qin Wu four years ago is a busy man. Her entrepreneurial project improved slightly four years ago, but the investment from investors was not enough to support her next investment plan.
  So her daily life is non-stop traveling through the city, visiting various investment fund companies.
  One day, she was inattentive on the way to the train station, accidentally tripped over the road barricade, and fell a dog to mud.
  She immediately stood up without thinking, not wanting to delay a minute and a second.
  When planning to trot forward, was stopped behind the boy: “Little sister, you lose money.”
  Qin Wu immediately broke away his hand:. “No, you take it, I’m in a hurry,”
  and so on Wu Qin When I arrived at the train station, I found that my cell phone was out of power and I didn’t have much cash on my body.
  She went to the ticket machine to buy a ticket, and invested all the money in her body, but she was only one dollar away.
  ”Go to your mother!” She couldn’t wait to smash the ticket machine, and she didn’t understand why her luck was so bad.
  Today she and another venture capital company have an appointment for a high-level roadshow at their company. If she is late and her first impression is not guaranteed, her investment will be lost.
  While freaking out, a familiar hand emerged from behind her, throwing a $ 1 coin into the ticket machine.
  The money was fully paid, and the ticket machine obediently began to spit out tickets.
  Qin Yue turned back in surprise, and saw that the owner of the hand was a baby-faced boy.
  She quickly responded and thanked her, “Thank you, you can leave an Alipay account. When my phone has power, I will transfer it to you.”
  But the boy just waved and said goodbye to her: “Miss, this is your own money. ”
  Qin Wu, too, that, this guy is the man outside the train station and speaking to her.
  What else did she want to say to him, but he had long disappeared into the crowd.
  Qin Wu saw “a dollar” Again, it was a month later.
  She didn’t pay attention to diet because of overwork. After being hospitalized for a week with stomach bleeding, her partner and girlfriend sooner or later could bring Min Ran to her house. “The next month, Min Ran will cook and cook for you. I stare at you every day to eat on time. “The
  two met with a stunned glance, turning their gaze blindly.
  Qin Yue could not help but resist: “I’m outside every day, how could I be free to come back for dinner?”
  ”Ah, aren’t there us? If you go, the sky won’t fall. For half a month, the company licensed you to Home office. “Sooner or later, knowing that she is a stubborn character, she threw Min Ran into her house and fled away with her own feet.” Xiao Min, take good care of your sister Qin! ”
  Qin Min and Min Ran had big eyes Staring at each other with small eyes.
  Min Ran smiled wryly: “Miss, what do you like to eat?”
  ”How old are you? You don’t have to go to school these days?” Qin Yue tried his best to get rid of the watcher, “She came out How much is it for you? I double! You do n’t have to do anything every day, just text her and say that I have eaten on time. ”
  Min Ran was silent for a while and said,“ I ’ m free. ”
  “ Ha? ”
  ”Sister Chi is my cousin’s girlfriend. I was brought in to cook for you by my cousin.” Min Ran smiled very stiffly. “My brother said that if I do n’t complete the task, he ca n’t marry a sister-in-law When I don’t have my brother again. ”
  Qin Yue heard it, very moved. What a plastic brotherhood!
  ”So this meal, you have to eat it today, if you do n’t eat it, I will choke it for you!”
  Qin Yue heard, crying without tears.
  Qin Wu began as very resistant to the presence of natural Min. First, I was afraid he would disturb her office by walking around the house. Second, I was afraid he would urge her to eat.
  But I did not expect that Min Ran obviously did his job very well. When he does not cook and cook, he is like a quiet cat lying on her balcony squinting and basking in the sun.
  When he was cooking, his voice was very soft, and he never disturbed her.
  Only when she coaxed her to eat was his noisiest day of the day.
  He was almost exhausted in the face of her fussy picky kid.
  ”Oh, did you eat it. I prepared desserts after dinner, and you can eat snacks after you finish it!”
  ”Sister, if you do n’t eat, it will become ugly,
  and you will get wrinkles.” Will come to slap me! ”
  Qin Hui usually rewards his face and eats obediently.
  It was just that he had to take leave from work one day, because the investment did not go well, she secretly took a bottle of wine from the wine cabinet and wanted to drink to relieve boredom.
  Who would have thought that the wine changed in flavor with one sip. She looked at the light while holding the bottle, but found that the bottle seemed to be filled with water.
  ”Little bunny!” She yelled angrily, “stolen my wine!”
  So she went downstairs to the supermarket to buy a few beers, more like trying to antagonize him instead of adjusting his mood.
  Finally, after she drank up the wine, she had a stomach bleeding again as expected.
  When her stomach was so unconscious, she heard hurried footsteps when she heard who had opened the door.
  ”Tell you not to drink, do you have a hammer?”
  Then, the familiar hand took her to bed and dialed the emergency phone.
  ”Xiao Min, don’t you really need to go to class every day?”
  Qin Min finally asked him after being with her in the hospital for a few days.
  This is also the question she wanted to ask for a long time: why is he so busy?
  ”Class is so boring.” He avoided answering. “Where is it so fun to
  fight with you for your wisdom and wisdom?” Qin Yue didn’t believe his gossip: “Listen to your late sister, you went to college when you were 16 years old, or the first name into the medical profession. you do not stay in a good laboratory engaged in scientific research, follow me every day. Implying that you are crush on me ah? ”
  she also casually open his joke. She was 6 years older than him and only treated him as a younger brother.
  ”I left the laboratory.” After a long silence, he suddenly said, “When I first met you, you didn’t want that 1 yuan, right?”
  Qin Min remembered that first meeting and explained : “it was I in a hurry ……”
  .?? “that is because the dollar is not worth much if it is 10 million, even if you give up no matter how busy it will stop to pick up come on,”
  Qin Wu Yi leng.
  ”If my research goal is only to reduce the cost of pharmaceuticals, and to develop drugs that are affordable to the poor, rather than those that can apply for patent anticancer drugs, should I be like a dollar worth of money to my instructor and deserve to be Turning a blind eye? ”
  Qin Zheng was shaken by his words, but his nose was sore.” I didn’t mean to discriminate against 1 yuan. Because I myself was 1 yuan. ”
  ” My dad always thought that girls couldn’t make any achievements. Therefore, I would rather adopt my cousin for training than watch me toss in trouble. Since he doesn’t believe it, I will show it to him. “Qin Min took his hand and comforted him,” We are not 1 yuan, but Baili picks one. Hold on, don’t care what others say. ”
  Min Ran looked at the resolute look in her eyes, and suddenly felt the unprecedented power.
   On July
  2019, Qin Wei’s entrepreneurial project was a great success.
  And she read a report about her company in the newspaper, and accidentally found another report there: Dr. Min Ran, Ph.D., C Medical University, successfully optimized the development cost of “penicillamine tablets” and reduced “penicillamine tablets” R & D costs.
  Suddenly she was brought back to 2015 as reported, watching her side face falling asleep next to the bed, her heart suddenly shaken.
  Yeah, she’s not just a joke, but a deliberate temptation.
  She likes this little bunny.
  But now, she looked at the 1 yuan coin, and suddenly a irresistible flame ignited in her heart.
  She said to
  Guang Shi : “I want to find him in a vast crowd. 6 years old is nothing, sister and brother love is nothing. Take our way and let others say it.” Guang Shi smiled: “Yes, Who makes you one of the other? “