French Boss Sees Soup

Six months ago, I took a bus to travel in the French countryside. Once, the car had to stop in a small town for ten minutes. In my spare time, I walked into a small restaurant near the bus.
The restaurant is very neat, with thick soup, assorted salads, coffee and fine wine on the display. I wanted to try French bisque and ordered one from the French boss.
“No soup.”
“what?” I asked puzzled.
“Please forgive me. Since you are a bus passenger, I think you’d better order hamburgers or sandwiches casually. To tell you the truth, I spent several hours cooking this soup. Its taste is the best in France. Faced with such delicious food, you only have a few minutes to drink it. It’s too bad, I will never let you spoil it. ”
I finally failed to drink this delicious French soup.
But I can fully understand the owner of a small restaurant. Because, in the opinion of the boss who insists on not selling soup, drinking soup is a matter that should be emphasized very much on the tasting process. The rich and detailed taste in soup can only be fully appreciated if you taste it slowly and carefully. What is a sandwich? The only thing people want to eat is to fill their stomachs as soon as possible.
The life of modern people is noisy and busy. More and more people are gradually paying attention to the final result of one thing and often ignoring the rich process of enjoying and ignorance of life. Their life is more and more like a sandwich that they swallow in a hurry, and the feeling of savoring the delicious soup is far away from them.