Living next door to angels

7-year-old Daniel suffers from autism and does not like to talk to or associate with others. Two years ago, his parents sent him to a hospital in Texas. The doctor said Daniel had autism and was not able to give a specific treatment plan for the time being. He had to take it home for observation. However, his parents had to take Daniel home.
Since then, the birds and flowers outside have been almost cut off from him. He likes to shut himself in an unknown corner, contact with darkness, and make friends with silence. Even if he goes out occasionally, he comes and goes in a hurry. Faced with this situation, parents can only sigh in their hearts.
One day in February 2014, Daniel suddenly walked out of the room, holding a small bench and sitting quietly in the corner, his big eyes fixed on the traffic on the opposite road. This made Daniel’s parents overjoyed and felt that his son’s symptoms seemed to have changed for the better. However, this surprise was soon overshadowed by disappointment. Daniel went out of the house, but he seemed to be only interested in cars and flu on the road, and only in trucks in traffic, and he didn’t look at anything else.
His parents asked him why he liked to watch trucks. He was always silent. Looking at the truck outside the house every morning seems to have become his daily routine. What exactly is the reason? The answer was finally announced two months later.
One day two months later, the sun was shining. Daniel’s face suddenly smiled and got up and walked to the road. Opposite him, a big truck stopped and the truck driver, a middle-aged man in his 40s, was smiling to meet Daniel.
Daniel’s parents looked at the stranger in front of them and asked doubtfully why the autistic Daniel was so kind to him. The driver shook his head and said that he did not know the specific reason. But one thing he can be sure, one day two months ago, because of traffic jam, when he stopped for a rest, he saw Daniel sitting in the corner of the room, and Daniel was also looking at him stupefied. Out of courtesy and love for the big-eyed child, the driver gave Daniel a bright smile and said that he would pass this road every day and see Daniel every day. On one occasion, the driver got off the bus and gave Daniel a hug.
Daniel’s parents finally understand: it turns out that Daniel’s kindness to the driver only stems from the driver’s kind smile to him a few months ago. Daniel’s parents quickly told the driver about Daniel’s condition. The driver said that he would be happy to have a close contact with Daniel every day.
In less than half a year, 7-year-old Daniel successfully emerged from the shadow of autism. He likes listening to birds sing, playing with unknown worms, and playing games with children of the same age … His face, the appearance of the little angel, is back again.
Some people ask why, when Daniel’s parents tell the story of the driver, they always add a sentence at the end: “We thank the driver and gently pushed open the door blocking Daniel from the outside world with kindness. Thank the driver for letting us know: in fact, Daniel has always lived next door to angels! “