Please let me fall

Officer Lex was walking idly on the road. Today is Sunday, he walked out and wanted to go to church.
“Hello, Officer Lex!” A man greeted him from the opposite side and said hello to him.
“You are …” Officer Lex vaguely felt that the other party was a little familiar. He couldn’t remember it at once. He was just about to ask who the other party was. The short red beard on the man’s face gave Officer Lex some hints-he was Mark!
Mark was once a small drug dealer. One morning six months ago, Officer Lex took advantage of Mark’s unexpected situation in front of his house, threw Mark, who was about to leave, to the ground and subdued him … It seems that he has been released from prison.
“Mark! Are you out of jail? ” Looking at the people who had been arrested by themselves and sent to prison appeared in front of them, officer lex instinctively felt a little alert and alert in his heart, and his hand involuntarily reached to the waist, but his waist was empty. This weekend, he didn’t carry a gun.
“yes! There is something, I hope you can do me a favor! ” Mark blushed and turned to look at the distance, a little uncomfortable. But more is timidity and shame.
Seeing his expression, Officer Lex’s vigilance relaxed. “Can I help you?” He asked.
“It’s like this, I think …” Mark lowered his voice and said, “I want to ask you … to let me fall!”
“Mark, are you looking for revenge?” Officer Lex, who had just relaxed, couldn’t help being alert again. He was even secretly prepared for the attack.
“no! No! It’s like this, my child John, he always thinks I am a great hero, so he still doesn’t know about my prison experience. When you arrested me in front of my house, he was actually looking out of the upstairs room … yesterday, when I was just released from prison, he asked me:’ dad, why did that man fall you down so easily? Why did you fall down by the bad guys? ” “Speaking of which, Mark couldn’t help sobbing. He looked away again and then added softly,” I have always been the best in his mind. He thinks I am his protector … Of course, I deserve my arrest. I can’t blame you. I just hope you can let me fall. I want him to know that his father has always been the best and has always been the best able to protect him … Of course, I will certainly live up to his expectations of me in the future, I swear! ”
Mark said, and casually looked behind him. Officer Lex looked down his eyes. A 6-or 7-year-old boy stood by a tree dozens of meters away, looking timidly this way. Officer Lex hesitated. A prisoner who had been arrested by himself unexpectedly demanded that he fall down! Although no one has ever mentioned such a request to him, lex felt that he really couldn’t refuse looking at the little boy. Officer Lex looked back and said softly to Mark, “Are you ready?” Then with a “bang”, he hit the other side hard in the chest. Mark got a punch, but the corners of his mouth smiled gratefully. He rubbed his chest and wrestled with Officer Rex.
After a few rounds, Officer Lex pretended to be defeated. With a wink, Mark got the message and threw Lex to the ground. “Give me a break!” Lex shouted.
“spare you, but remember, mark and mark’s family are not easy to handle!” Mark said, let go of his hand, then turned and walked towards the child with a heroic triumphant gesture. Officer Lex got up and pretended to run away hastily. He turned to look as he ran. Mark was crouching down to hug his child. His child also hugged Mark’s neck with a admiring smile. They smiled so brightly …
Every father is the greatest to his children, and every father is a hero in their eyes! You can arrest a criminal in the legal sense, but you must not destroy a child’s hero … Officer Lex told himself in his heart.