Russian carelessness

A careless Russian
In 2010, several colleagues and I were assigned to work in Russia for three years because the company wanted to cooperate with Russia on a project.
When dealing with the Russians, I find that they have some strange things in their daily life that I cannot understand.
For example, on one occasion, the landlord’s water tank in the Ketondala family leaked, so he called the plumber to help repair it. As a result, he called the electrician by the wrong number. Since the electrician came, he also had to pay for it, so Kakotonga had to have the electrician check the circuit in the house without any problems, and then paid for it. On the second call, the landlord finally called the plumber right.
However, the plumber was even more confused than the landlord. When he came for the first time, he forgot to bring his measuring ruler and other tools. The second time I came, I did bring a measuring ruler, but I forgot my professional pliers. For the third time, he finally brought all the tools and began formal repair. After three days of slow repair, he finally made the water tank watertight, but there was a bigger problem. He repaired the heater and scrapped it. The landlord, Kakodonla, was very angry. Unexpectedly, the plumber said, “You don’t have to worry. I’ll take care of this matter. I’ll find a warmer to help you fix the heater.” Later we heard that the plumber did not collect enough water tank repair fees to pay for the heater.
What makes me wonder is that because of this, the landlord and the plumber have become close friends, and they often get drunk together. The landlord not only didn’t blame him for his poor technique, but also praised him everywhere for helping him to publicize: “This plumber has a very good character. In the future, anyone of you who has a broken pipe will look for him.”
I questioned the landlord’s behavior: “a plumber’s good character does not mean he has good skills. don’t you let him harm others?” Kakotonga didn’t think so. He shook his head and said, “You Chinese don’t understand.”
I really don’t understand, but I understand that their attitude to many things is: as long as it is not the worst, it is good.
Militant Russians
Apart from being careless, every Russian man is very aggressive.
Once on a train business trip, I met an unforgettable thing in the train. The two Russian men next to me began to drink after more and more speculations. As soon as they drink, they put friendship behind them and want to compete to see who is the real man.
Unexpectedly, both of them are good drinkers who are not drunk. They drink wine like Liangshan heroes, but nobody is drunk in the end. Because it was impossible to tell the winner from the loser, one of them pointed to several bottles of soy sauce I bought from the supermarket and said, why don’t you try to drink soy sauce? They also asked me if I would like to contribute soy sauce.
I quickly explained: “soy sauce cannot be drunk.” But they blared that the Chinese were stingy. In order not to wear stingy hats to the Chinese, I had to crustily skin of head and give them soy sauce.
The first person picked up soy sauce and started drinking it. In order to knock down his opponent directly at one time, he drank the whole bottle of soy sauce glumly. After drinking, he said in a hoarse voice: “I won!” But the price of his victory this time was heavy. Ambulance personnel said that his vocal cords had been destroyed and it would probably take a lot of effort to make a sound in the future.
This kind of self-destructive victory is too horrible. I really don’t know if his victory is worth it.
Russian men are competitive, but I don’t think Russian women are inferior to men either. On the surface, they are submissive and forbearing, but in their bones they are competitive.
Not long after I came to Russia, three young girls told me directly that they liked me. Because I have never been pursued by girls in China, I am a little flattered and even at a loss. The three women are the landlord’s 15-year-old daughter Anya, her neighbor Lilia, 18, and my colleague Nasja, 23.
After thinking about it for a long time, I accepted Nasja, who is mature and has a common language with me. When I showed my attitude to the other two girls, I found that they were obviously unconvinced rather than sad. The two unconvinced girls decided to fight Nasja.
The content of their duel surprised me greatly: Anya had to run with Nasja, Lilia had to run with Nasja, and they specifically asked me to be the referee.
This is really a game that makes people laugh and cry. In the match, I announced the result objectively-Nasja lost all. Anyayan said to me with his head raised: “Although you didn’t choose me, at least you know that I am much better than Nasr in many ways!” I nodded yes. Lilia’s words were even bolder: “Not only have I won now, I believe you two will remember me in the future!”
Tough Russians
The Russians are bellicose and aggressive, and they are careless and careless, so many Chinese friends and I have always felt that they are a bit different. But after a visit to military facilities, I found myself seriously underestimating the nation.
Once I was invited to visit the Taman brigade defending Moscow. in a service room in the company dormitory, several sketches on the wall aroused my interest. One of them is to teach soldiers how to polish shoes, and the most special one is that the figure also indicates the sequence of the parts to be polished. Next to it is a schematic diagram showing soldiers how to repair their boots. It is also illustrated with pictures and pictures and is clear at a glance. It is hard to believe that they would be so meticulous if they did not see it with their own eyes.
Later, we visited the military dormitory again. Their meticulous and meticulous details were amazing. I finally understand why Russia, with a population of more than 100 million, can become a military power and a big country in the world. Moreover, the Russians are by no means careless in the honor of the nationalities and countries concerned. Although Russia’s economy is not good at present and some young people worship foreign countries, the Russians never flatter foreign countries. If you talk to them and talk about Russia, they often give themselves thumbs up, and you have to give them thumbs up frequently, then they are happy.
Although Russia lags behind the United States and China in economic and other fields, the Russians will certainly turn around and say they are good.
Perhaps it is precisely because of this kind of national pride that ordinary careless Russians are especially tolerant at critical moments. In the era of food shortage in Russia, it is often seen that there are long lines in front of food shops, and people are quietly and orderly waiting for bread and milk. Even if they know that there is no hope at the end of the queue, they will patiently wait until the last minute without complaint.