The German Recognition

First of all, let’s talk about a joke: in Germany, an official was beaten with persimmons by a man in the street, and the man was arrested. According to the law, if you hit people with persimmons, you will be fined more with green persimmons and less with red persimmons, because red persimmons are softer.
However, the investigation found that the man did not use red persimmons or green persimmons, but yellow persimmons. German law did not stipulate any punishment for hitting with yellow persimmons, and the man was finally released.
This is a mockery of the German’s rigidity and denial of death. Then let’s look at what Germans are like in life.
At the beginning of last year, as a marketing technical consultant of an internet company, I was lucky enough to be sent by the company to Munich, Germany, for study. I met many people and encountered many interesting things after working.
Once, I saw a college student doing an experiment in the street. They pasted the big characters “male” and “female” on the doors of two parallel telephone booths along the road, and then hid aside to observe. They saw that all the men who called entered the telephone booth with the word “male”, while the women used the one with the word “female”. After a while, “men’s phone booths” were full, while “women’s” were empty. After a while, a man walking in a hurry saw that the “men’s” were full, and pushed aside the “women’s” without hesitation. The university student came forward and asked, it turned out that the man was French, while all the people waiting in line for the call were all Germans.
One day in May last year, I went on an outing with a German friend. I passed by a small river in the suburb and saw a child fishing with two fishing rods.
The German friend walked over unhappily and asked, “How do you have two fishing rods?” (Germany stipulates that only one fishing rod can be used for fishing. )
The child replied, “He went to the bathroom with his classmates.” (Sure enough, the boy who went to the bathroom came back soon. )
The German friend continued, “Is there a license?” (Germany requires a license to fish. )
The two children quickly took out their licenses: “Yes, look.”
“Have you brought a ruler?” The German friend asked again. (Germany stipulates that fishing requires a ruler, and fish caught cannot reach the required size and must be put back. )
“Yes, I have.” The two children hurriedly took out a ruler again.
“oh.” So the German friend walked away.
On the side I was very strange. I didn’t know why my friends had to worry so much. “Those two are the children of your relatives?” No. “Your friend’s child?” “nor is it. I don’t know them. ” “what? No? You don’t say! Why should people listen to your discipline? ” “Education is the responsibility of the whole society. Children are the future of Germany. Every German has the responsibility to educate anytime and anywhere.” “Do the children know about the fishing regulations?” “Yes, schools, parents and relevant departments will tell the children. Few people violate the regulations. ” The German friend said lightly.
When you read these stories, you will laugh at the German’s principle of recognition of death. You are too rigid to obey the rules and will not change. However, don’t forget, no rules can make a square. It was from an early age that the Germans formed the character of being cautious and faithful. Therefore, you won’t be surprised if Germany can own famous brands in the world such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Universal Records.