When there is no high technology in the world

In the Northern Song Dynasty, there were no cars or feet on the brakes. The people of the Song Dynasty were riding in the Taiping cart with five or seven donkeys, mules and horses in front. Without brakes, what about downhill? The people of the Song Dynasty came up with a stupid way: they tied two other donkeys and mules behind the car. When going downhill, they would whip and frighten the ass of the car. They forced the two donkeys and mules to run up the slope and compete with the five or seven downhill donkeys in front of them, so as to complete the downhill deceleration work. After reading the model, the physics teacher of the middle school could not help but give the students the stress analysis questions.
In Europe in the Middle Ages, spices were more expensive than gold. In addition, doctors loved to read and write. Some people always imagined that spices were used in all kinds of devious ways. For example, in the 11th century Arab scholar Ale Gazali said suddenly that angel gabriel suggested that meat porridge mixed with pepper would greatly help the happiness of the couple’s boudoir. The European monks believed it was true, and they thought that spices simply represented the Arab’s shameless debauchery and debauchery, which should be banned. As a result, the ban became more and more enjoyable. Some Europeans really believe that: ginger, pepper, cinnamon and other synthetic decoction for men to drink can support yang; Rubbing a girl between her legs can help both sides to be happy as gods-although now it seems that it can also cure colds and sneezes.
Before, when there was no global chart in the world, every time navigators explored ravines, it was an adventure: you sailed along a piece of water and the two sides narrowed. you didn’t know whether you were sailing on a strait-leading to another sea-or a river. The stupidest way is this: the captain appoints a sailor and takes a sip of water at regular intervals: fresh water, then they have sailed to a river: salt water, the sailor vomits himself out of nausea and vomiting, shouting to the captain: “it’s a strait!”
In the past, when there was no mobile phone, telephone or video chat, girls were willing to believe in dreams. It seems that when sleeping, the brain will open a video window to live broadcast the lover’s every move. Sailors on the border between Hunan, Guizhou and Sichuan bid farewell to the girls who would talk, listen and dream when they sailed downstream. If you dream for a few days that the person you love is hanging out with other girls and eating sanhua, you will not think about tea and rice. I’m really crazy. When I get angry, I scold my dead friends and jump into the river.
Before, when there was no phonograph, iPod, CD or recorder in the world, listening to music was a luxury. In the Song Dynasty, the court feasted and ate, followed by listening to music. There are rules for what kind of music and dance each dish is accompanied by. Europeans have no phonograph to collect and have to buy human musical instruments. For example, Bach and other celestial figures are music creators raised at home by nobles, who, together with grooms and gardeners, create music to please their masters. At that time, musicians had to both create and play, because when the master called, you had to play by yourself-the same reason that Chinese literati and officialdom had their own singers and actors: there was no home cinema in that time, so it had to be.
In ancient times, when people did not have toothbrushes, they made their fingers brush their teeth. The ancient Chinese used the middle finger of their right hand. Dip in some salt or something, brush it. It’s very convenient, but very earthy. During the Ming Dynasty, some people put forward reform suggestions: brushing your right middle finger is too backward! -We need to wipe our teeth with our right and left hands at the same time! ! You can imagine that in the Ming Dynasty, when the sky was bright, everyone lined up on the well table, lifting their elbows, extending their fingers and purring in their mouths. The skin of your fingers can be worn out if you brush your teeth too fast. What scares me most is that someone who is having a good brush suddenly screams, “I just picked out donkey dung early in the morning! I forgot to wash my hands! ”
Tang dynasty people came up with a way, Yang Liuzhi bubble soft, used to bite open brush your teeth. So in the morning, everyone lined up to bite the wood. Toothbrushes with boar bristles inserted into bone handles were already available in the Ming Dynasty, but they were not popular. When the Europeans were taken in, they took it back to brush and screamed, “Wild boar hair is too hard! Is the gum of the Ming Dynasty made of iron? ”
Just 20 years ago, there were tapes and recorders in the world, but there were no digital players, network cloud sharing and instant multimedia communication software. Who do you want to share a song with, you have to run to her house with tape and lyrics paper and sit side by side quietly listening. She may also borrow lyric paper from you to copy, because she doesn’t know that after 20 years, you can find the lyrics of any song at will in the search engine and sync it into the mobile phone memo.
Of course, at that time, you didn’t expect all this to be so convenient. You will think that once you graduate, you will go your own way and find it hard to find in a huge crowd. These tapes and lyrics will be like summer showers, leaving nothing left after an afternoon. You certainly didn’t know at that time that 20 years later, social networks gave you countless ways to find her, and pressing a few keys would allow you to resume the conversation you had interrupted before or to talk about a song again. But then, you will find that everything has changed. High-tech can find everything, but it can’t bring you back to 20 years ago: that Sunday afternoon when there was no high-tech, when you were afraid of losing everything, when you listened to songs together, when you couldn’t think of the distant future.