Nothing can stop us from yearning for a better life.

In such an era of “there is only one flight distance between civilization and virus”, the lethality of virus to human beings can easily be magnified thousands of times.
No one expected that the 21st century would open its third decade in such a heavy way. A battle “epidemic” that started at the end of 2019 has touched the hearts of 1.4 billion people.
This epidemic situation is equivalent to a sudden brake on the whole Chinese society.
Many years ago, some media said that China was going too fast and needed to stop galloping and wait for our souls. But can you stop? Do you dare to stop?
Before, we thought it was impossible to stop, but today we find that our nation has a special kind of resilience: as long as necessary, we can actually do anything.
The new coronavirus has brought a painful blow to the Chinese society. It has brought the Chinese society to an overall emergency stop. It has stopped us from running, given us enough time to meditate and look back.
Looking back at the road from which we came, it is not difficult to find that the broad road that the motherland is getting stronger and stronger is not smooth everywhere. However, the muddy the road, the deeper the footprints left.
In the face of diseases and disasters, we only know the insignificance of human beings. According to scientists’ measurement, the total number of viruses on the earth is 200 million tons, which is about 3.3 times the weight of human beings. The virus on many wild animals would not have much to do with human beings. It is the expansion of human beings, which continuously squeezes the living environment of wild animals. It even unknowingly allows game to directly enter farmers’ markets and residents’ dining tables, tilting the wings of butterflies.
What we want to overcome is not only the virus, but also our bad habits, disobedience and indulgence. To get along with nature is not to get close to wild animals indefinitely, but to stay away from them and live in peace.
During the long “anti-epidemic” holiday, we no longer worry about GDP and what to do. In addition to the most lovely people who shelter us from the wind and rain, no matter who they are, no matter whether they are poor or rich, they all stay at home.
This is the longest and calmest holiday the Chinese have enjoyed collectively in Chinese history.
Life needs to press the pause button once, but the price of this pause is too painful, yet we have to experience it and face it.
When ordinary things become precious, we finally know that to live safely is the spring of life.
The history of human development is also a history of fighting against epidemic diseases. China’s 3,500-year history with written records proves that China is a country brave and good at fighting epidemics and has defeated various infectious diseases. This time, there will definitely be no exception.
I believe that after this epidemic, we will usher in a better society, more people will understand that life is more important than everything, and more people will cherish their survivors.
In the future, maybe we can really do it. We don’t go to unnecessary parties or see each other unnecessarily. We just stay at home, “give up the number”, read books, drink tea, cook meals, accompany our families to do things we usually think boring, and listen patiently to every word they say.