Sorry, I stole your life

Chen Wenli’s son was admitted to the university. After the admission notice came down, Chen Wenli discussed with the old Tang Yi that no one would accept any red envelopes or arrange a banquet in the hotel.
However, she could not refuse the wishes of several old friends and invited a table in private. Only her closest friends had taught in No.1 Middle School. At that time, they were all newly graduated young girls and now they are all in their early forties. These women have witnessed each other’s life for half of their lives. Together, they feel a lot of emotion. They will soon return to the status of little girls in those days.
“Lili has no heart trouble this time. her son has passed the examination in Shandong university, which is a national key university.” “It’s called a tiger mother without a son. Lili was excellent when she was young. In retrospect, she was a flower of our No.1 Middle School.” “And what’s that call weeks? Yes, yes, Zhou Yao, and Lili were two sisters. ” “Don’t mention that Zhou Yao. Can she compare with Lili? Look at this tolerance, deputy director of the education bureau.” Chen Wenli smiled awkwardly and quickly changed the subject. The moment someone mentioned Zhou Yao, her heart went haywire.
In that year, Chen Wenli graduated from normal school and took part in the recruitment examination for teachers in No.1 Middle School of the county. When the scores were announced, she was the last one. She entered the exam on the line, and the top one was Zhou Yao. Zhou Yao is proud of his good grades and good looks, and nobody cares. She chose Chen Wenli as her roommate. She likes to pull her together in everything.
Chen Wenli was flattered by this friendship. Zhou Yao seemed to have opened a new world for her. Chen Wenli was not bad, standing with Zhou Yao, there is no feature. However, she has a good personality and is easy-going. She is liked by her predecessors and leaders.
Later, they went to participate in the city’s teaching competition on behalf of the school together and got the top two results. When the headmaster held the meeting, they couldn’t keep their mouths shut with laughter. Zhou Yao’s ability seems to be born with no effort at all, but Chen Wenli works little by little and grinds his lessons until late at night every day. Only she knew that she had to use all her strength to stand beside Zhou Yao. Since the childhood, Chen Wenli has never been paid so much attention. She stood beside Zhou Yao and finally got her light. To tell the truth, she felt lucky to be with such an excellent Zhou Yao.
It didn’t take long for someone to match Zhou Yao, who was the son of the director of the county education committee and worked in a bank. Chen Wenli met the man, named Tang Liang, who was very upright and bought expensive fruits every time he visited Zhou Yao. Zhou Yao did not even bother to give him a smiling face.
Chen Wenli couldn’t look down on it and urged Zhou Yao to cherish it. Tang Liang was sincere and had no minor problems with cadres’ children. Zhou Yao explained to her, “I have someone I like, and my family does not agree. Tang Liang is a smokescreen that can help me resist for a while.” Every time I saw Tang Liang come to Zhou Yao without knowing, Chen Wenli complained for this silly young man. But it is somebody else’s private affairs, one is willing to fight another, she is an outsider, what to say.
That day, Chen Wenli came back from night lessons. The dormitory door was tightly closed and she gave it a push. The two men in the room separated at one fell swoop. Zhou Yao blushed red and had his hair cut. “So, are you finished?” The man is very tall, not Tang Liang. Chen Wenli suddenly realized who this person was, and her face became red. She quickly made an excuse and ran out.
Chen Wenli turned round and round in the playground, getting angry as she walked. She could see that Zhou Yao really liked this person, but she could not accept that Zhou Yao had two feet on the same boat. Perhaps it was too cold and Chen Wenli’s heart was too chaotic. She made a decision that she regretted for 20 years. When she went to the school gate, she just showed a shadow, and the big uncle in the reception office saw it, “why are you running out in this cold weather when you are not in the house?” Chen Wenli prevaricated for half a day and ran away without saying anything.
The big ye gatekeeper’s gossip radar has always been sharp. he immediately judged that Chen wenli was still outside at night and looked flustered. it must be because the dormitory was inconvenient. Early the next morning, the whole school spread the peach news of Zhou Yao. In those days, Zhou Yao did not eat or drink, just like he lost his soul. Chen Wenli wanted to comfort her and was afraid of revealing her guilty conscience.
Before long, Zhou Yao broke up with Director Tang’s son. Chen Wenli pitied Zhou Yao, but she felt that she was too greedy and wanted love and good conditions, which made her what she is now. A month later, Zhou Yao offered to resign. At that time, the establishment of teachers was an iron rice bowl. It seemed that Zhou Yao could not get along in the unit. Chen Wenli panicked. In her opinion, losing a job is like losing one’s life. She tried to persuade Zhou Yao not to leave and to explain the whole story to her, but she just couldn’t open her mouth.
Zhou Yao left everything to Chen Wenli and left with nothing.
Later, the development of the situation, but also Chen Wenli never dreamed of.
Tang Liang entrusted an introducer to look for her, said he had noticed her for a long time, liked her character very much, and asked if he could try some other people. Chen Wenli vowed that she had done that, absolutely not because of Tang Liang, she just didn’t like Zhou Yao. But she does think that Tang Liang is a good person and also quite reliable. Chen Wenli hesitated for a long time, also make up our minds. In the end, it was the person who made the master for her and brought them together. They both have a good impression of each other, and both are solid personalities. They soon established the relationship.
Zhou Yao left and never contacted anyone again. Slowly, people forget that there was once such a person. The following spring, Chen Wenli unexpectedly ran into Zhou Yao. During her summer vacation, she went to the provincial capital for training, which lasted for more than a month. when she was ready to go home after training, Tang Liang came to pick her up. She was pleasantly surprised and took Tang Liang by the hand to visit Daming Lake. There are many weeping willows planted on the edge of Daming Lake and sprouted new green leaves. They are beautiful everywhere. Chen Wenli accidentally saw a familiar figure, Zhou Yao, carrying a pack of heavy things. She looked very thin, gaunt and lonely. She would like to go over and ask how Zhou Yao is doing and find a job. But she looked at Tang Liang nearby and hesitated again, pulling him to the side path.
In the autumn of that year, Chen Wenli and Tang Liang got married. The following year, her son was born. It is also her own ability and hard work that have promoted her to the position of deputy director of the education bureau. Over the years, Chen Wenli’s career has gone smoothly, her husband and wife have a good relationship, and her son is also brilliant. Everything in her life can be described as perfect. However, she often has a dream when she is nervous and anxious. In the dream, in broad daylight, many people around her pointed at her. She looked down and found herself naked. She panicked and ran all the time, but could not find a place to hide.
When I woke up, I still remembered the feeling of shame in my heart. She has always felt that all she has should belong to Zhou Yao. She stole Zhou Yao’s life. Now, the name Zhou Yao has suddenly been mentioned by several old friends. Chen Wenli’s heart is full of mixed feelings. When she closed her eyes in the evening, she was the last time she saw Zhou Yao. She was black and thin, gaunt, and completely lacking the original elegant demeanour.
If we know that Zhou Yao is doing well, Chen Wenli may feel better.
In early September, Chen Wenli sent his son to Alexander.
When they walked past the laboratory building, a man was pouring something in the garbage can. Chen Wenli couldn’t help looking back, this one look, found that the other party is also looking at her. She was about to smile when the man said, “Are you Lily?” Chen Wenli paused and looked at each other up and down. “Are you Yao?” Zhou Yao cried, “Lili, is it really you?” She looked at Chen Wenli, who had been staring at her clothes and the tools in her hand. She was a little embarrassed. “Please wait for me first. I’ll put down the dustpan and change my clothes before coming back to find you.”
Such as Zhou Yao that a few minutes, Chen Wenli heart, through 20 years.
Zhou Yao changed her clothes and came out completely different from what she had just seen. She took Chen Wenli to the coffee bar on campus. They sat face to face and haven’t seen each other for 20 years. If you look closely, they are still the same. Chen Wenli’s eyes were sore, and when she opened her mouth, she was holding back the words for 20 years, “Yao Yao, I’m sorry, I hurt you that year.” With tears in her eyes, she told the story word by word. Zhou Yao wait for a while looked at her carefully for a while and smiled, “Lili, do you think I am a school cleaner?” She smiled for a long time. “The students went to welcome the new students. I cleaned the laboratory myself and ran down the stairs to take out the garbage. I happened to meet you.”
“You just said that when I met you, I was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. I tried my best to brush the questions every day. I did not eat well and slept well. I was not dark and thin. Later on, I passed the exam, read a blog, and then came here to be a teacher. ” Chen Wenli remembered, “What happened to the original man?” “At the beginning, the man said he wanted to come out with me, but he was always indecisive. I was afraid that my family would force me to make a blind date, so I couldn’t get involved with Tang Liang. Later, after I came to the provincial capital, I also slowly broke up with him. I know my present husband when I was studying at the university, and we are quite in tune. ” Chen Wenli couldn’t turn around at the moment. “Over the years, you must have suffered a lot outside, if it weren’t for me …” Zhou Yao interrupted her, “in those days, everyone in the school was staying up for retirement, and seeing the head at a glance on that day was not what I wanted at all. I have to thank you for helping me make the decision. ”
At the moment, Chen Wenli already couldn’t say for sure what it was like to feel guilty, happy and wronged. She simply lay down on the table and cried with sobs. Zhou Yao could not coax her. Chen Wenli cried for a long time. She had never been so rude or so happy. She was pressed by the heavy stone for too long, her heart was hurt and bent. She regretted that she had been confused for a while and had done something wrong. She also regretted that she had not plucked up the courage to face it earlier, so that she could be relieved earlier.
Fortunately, it is not too late now. The two sisters flowers of that year can stand side by side and shine again.