What keeps you safe is your undying love.

Many people have a natural admiration for the so-called “genius” or “cow person”. I don’t feel much about it. What I admire most is that people who can stick to certain characteristics of themselves, such as painting, photography or music, under any circumstances, do not have to be very proficient or even need many people to know. What is important is that he can live in peace with his adherence to love. Because I found that this kind of people will not complain too much about life, nor will they be attached to someone, nor will they be paranoid and depressed. They are as warm and moist as jade polished by time, making people comfortable and giving birth to good feelings.
After graduation, a good friend chose to marry and become a housewife. In the university, she is one of those people who are full of curiosity and love for life. Even though most people are struggling with the heavy medical school curriculum, she can still find time to draw pictures and take photos, which are often reported in newspapers. Even in the case of parents’ opposition and great pressure on the curriculum, I still insist on my love.
Only when we met again, she was already the mother of two children. I asked her, “Why haven’t you updated your photography and paintings on Weibo?”
“There is no time! I’ve been circling around the children all day, but where do I have time and energy to do that? Anyway, I don’t expect it to survive. ” She replied casually, it seems perfectly normal.
I still feel pity. How can one waste one’s talent so much? I believe she was definitely busier and more tired in college than she is now. After all, she doesn’t have to work now and has a nanny and her parents to look after her. She not only gave up her hobby easily, but also gave up her love of life.
Sure enough, she has been complaining about the difficulty of bringing up children, the inconsiderate husband, the boring life, and the fact that her artistic dream has been ruined in the subsequent conversation. I really want to shout out: you can obviously continue your previous hobby or find something you love again, so that your life will be satisfied and happy at least when you invest in it, and you won’t have so much time to complain!
I suggested to her, “Why don’t you try to find something to do and divert your attention?”
She still said indignantly, “I have to manage my marriage well. there are so many temptations for men and so many dangers for children now. I must keep an eye on them all the time to avoid making mistakes!”
But Monroe is also a housewife with four children. She can still find respite in her trivial life and find freedom and balance in the world of writing. As she said, “This is actually protecting herself. Doing so will make you feel that if you follow all good rules and habits, nothing can defeat you.” I don’t care if she won the Nobel Prize, but I appreciate her persistence and pursuit.
People who stick to their own characteristics are always very sure, because no matter how the outside world changes, she can find a sense of existence in her own characteristics and even become a means of self-protection in extremely bad situations, which will make her feel safe and independent. For a person who has no pursuit and love in her heart, the way she exists can only rely on the outside world, such as a job, a husband, a child … all her attention is focused on a specific thing, all her emotions change due to their changes, and because external factors may change at any time, she has to be frightened by this possibility and can no longer obtain inner peace. And this kind of paranoia and carefulness will in turn make her dependent objects at a loss, thus accelerating the departure of the other party.
In order to live a safe life in this changing and unhappy world, one must stick to something. This is the way to fight against the bad side of the world. It is not to blame others, not to be cynical, but to persist and love quietly day after day.
You know, there is never a disappointing world, only a desperate heart. What distinguishes us from everyone else is not only our name, but also our insistence on love. It keeps us from becoming a parrot, it keeps us from being held back by the world, it keeps us from drifting through life, and it makes us make our own decisions, fulfill our true desires, and become a better self. Therefore, life is full of fun of exploration. Therefore, live independently, bravely, sincerely, with a strong and proud heart. Insist on the eternal love in your heart, and you will be truly free and secure.