Be kind to dogs

Paris is a city with more than 500,000 dogs, and Parisians really love dogs. When I first moved to Paris, I was also told by friends: “Paris ladies are gentle. if you step on her foot in the street, she may say’ sorry’ to you first, but if you step on her dog, she will kick you to death.”
In the years I lived in Paris, I have never stepped on somebody else’s feet or on somebody else’s dog. The highest “trampling rate” on the streets is dog poop. Just because the dogs and their owners in Paris are used to being at ease, the dogs lift their legs whenever they want, and after that, the city’s cleaners “wipe their bottoms.” I think dogs living in Paris are definitely the most unrestrained group in the world in terms of defecation and urination. In addition, the dogs in Paris (including other pets) have the same quality of life as Parisians. This can be reflected in the infrastructure of local pet life. Taking the 16th district where I live as an example, within a 10-minute walking distance from my home, there are five pet shops, two “hair salons” dedicated to bathing dogs and cats and four animal clinics in the southeast and northwest. Xiao Mao, puppies, even birds, goldfish, turtles, lizards, owls have a need in life that can always be solved immediately. Every year when the seasons change, new cat and dog “suits” and shoes and hats will be displayed in the window of the pet store. During Christmas, the pet store will definitely put on red and white cat and dog Christmas outfits and clearly indicate the gender.
Compared with people, dogs in Paris are always treated with courtesy on buses and subways. For example, if you accidentally squeeze into someone on a crowded subway, getting a dirty look is definitely a slight reaction. But if you lead a dog up and down the public transport, people will make room for the dog in the crowded car. If there is no dog, you may not get up or down at all. In crowded public transport, Parisians are many times more friendly to dogs than to their peers.
Dogs in Paris can go to restaurants as well as by car. even in the west, where dogs are good, this is a very special treatment. Of course, the dogs in Paris are really brilliant. After being led into the restaurant by their owners, they can not only stand and sit, but also turn a blind eye to the big fish and meat and remain calm. There are also dogs in which everyone has the spirit of “not surprised when a sudden death comes, and not angry when a sudden death is not caused.” Once I went to eat in Lipp, an old shop in St. Germain, and there was a family of four on the side. After I ordered the meal, I found that a boy in this family had finished the meal. Then I bent down to pick up a puppy from under the table and left the restaurant. From this, I found a German shepherd dog lying under their table, which surprised me.
When the bill was settled at the table, a scream suddenly came from under the table. Then the big dog suddenly leaned out and looked directly at the waiter with the bill, as if he would throw it to the ground at any time. It turned out that this careless runner accidentally stepped on the dog’s paw. Judging from his stunned face, I think he didn’t know that there was such a fierce dog lying in his service area. At that time, all the people in the restaurant turned their eyes to the waiter and the dog. People looked at the dog with sympathy, but looked at the waiter with a somewhat complicated expression, with disgust and disdain. A young mother pointed and poked at the waiter while saying something angrily to the two little girls around her, her eyes filled with disdain. I understand that this look is not aimed at that dog. At this point, the running errand’s face was somewhat shaken and he bowed to apologize to the dog owner. The owner said nothing with a livid face, but only gave a gentle cry to the dog. The big dog immediately gathered momentum and dropped back under the table.
There are not only a large number of dogs on the streets in Paris, but also a rich variety. Once I accompanied a friend from home to go shopping and agreed to go to the Louvre. When he left the hotel door, he was attracted by all kinds of dogs in the street and chased the dogs all the way to take photos. When he offered to rest, we were already close to Notre Dame. I didn’t know until he introduced me all the way to the names of all kinds of dogs and dog subjects that a dog fair is held every day on the streets of Paris. It’s just a pity that people who know what they do know how to do things. People like me who don’t know how to do things can only watch the excitement.