Canned abalone

Aga, who has just passed the age of earnestness, wept at the sight of canned abalone.
Canned abalone is a bleeding wound in her heart forever.
On that day, her old wife Acheng happily bought a canned abalone and went home, saying, “I haven’t eaten it for a long time.”
When she looked at it, her dissatisfaction immediately rose like an oil star in the water. She lowered her face and said, “It’s not New Year’s Day or a holiday. Why buy this?”
He said vaguely, “I’m greedy. I suddenly want to eat.”
Her voice was mixed with sharp glass fragments: “if you want to eat, you don’t have to buy such an expensive brand. a can costs more than 200 yuan (equivalent to more than 1,000 yuan)! The other 30 or 40 pieces are abalone, too? ”

He mumbled, “It tastes completely different!”
She was like a cat trodden on its tail. The air was scorched by the sound of anger: “You will retire in two years’ time. You have not paid off the apartment you bought for your son on instalments. Do you think your family has a cash cow when you spend money so lavishly? ”
Good temper, he did not make any noise.
When preparing dinner that day, she did not open the can of abalone and he did not ask. She thought to herself: go to the store tomorrow and return it! “The more you live, the more brainless you become,” he secretly scolded.
The next morning, Cheng went to Malaysia on a business trip.
She took out the canned abalone and wanted to return it. On second thought, she felt inappropriate. He earns all the money. He does not question or interfere with how she spends it at ordinary times. However, I don’t have too many requirements for myself. I just like eating abalone. She was always too expensive. Only when celebrating the festival did she, at his request, reluctantly buy one or two cans for the occasion. They were also the kind of cans bought in 35 yuan. When he enjoyed it pleasantly, she also tartly acid him: “eating abalone is noble habit! Why can’t you quit? ” This time, if not greedy, how could he buy such an expensive can of abalone! At the time of buying, there must have been repeated struggles inside, right?
More think more feel oneself too much, she decided to let him enjoy this can of abalone alone when he came back the day after tomorrow.
But he, unexpectedly did not have this blessing.
The day after his business trip, he died of a heart attack in a foreign land.

Some people will spend an hour or two waiting in line to get a bowl of Lamian Noodles. Why do busy modern people like to queue up so much?
Like everyone else, you can feel at ease.

Recently, the business of some popular Lamian Noodles shops is very popular. It is said that long queues form in front of the shops every day. If I didn’t see the relevant reports on TV and magazines, I can’t believe there were so many people waiting in line. Why do people spend an hour or two waiting in line to eat a bowl of Lamian Noodles?
Just because Lamian Noodles is delicious? Or are you curious about the Lamian Noodles store? In fact, the reason why so many people queue up is not so simple, it is a concrete manifestation of a psychological “homology behavior”. In people’s hearts, everyone wants to keep pace with the majority.
Social psychologist milgram once did an experiment. He invited several “nurseries” to stand on the street and look at a high-rise building, then observed how passers-by would react. In fact, there is nothing special in that high-rise building. However, when three “nurseries” are looking upstairs at the same time, 60% of the passers-by will stop and look upstairs. When the number of “child care” is increased to five, 80% of passers-by will look upstairs. The same is true for queuing. When you see so many people queuing, you don’t want to be left alone, and you will feel relieved to take the same actions as everyone else.
The longer you wait, the higher your expectations are.

In addition, there is an incredible phenomenon, that is, among the people in the queue, there are people who do not know why they are lining up. If you ask them, “Do you know what kind of food the restaurant you are waiting in line for?” He would reply, “I don’t know.” Moreover, the longer the queue, the more people will be motivated to queue up. The long line seemed to be saying, “Come on, there are good things ahead!” People have strong expectations for the things ahead.
Seeing many people lining up can stimulate the secretion of a hormone called dopamine in human brain, which has the effect of exciting people. People who like to queue up, as soon as they see the queue, their brains begin to secrete dopamine, so they unconsciously join the queue. Some businesses have taken advantage of people’s psychology and will look for some “child care” to line up when they start their business.