“Growing slowly” is also a blessing.

A few days ago when I went to Taiqing Palace in Laoshan, Qingdao, the tour guide did not rush to show us the “Three Palaces” and the “Taoist Wall in Laoshan”, but talked about the trees here first. She showed us one by one: this one is yellow poplar, it has been more than 140 years. This tree is crape myrtle, which has been in existence for more than 310 years. This tree is Platycladus orientalis, which has been in existence for more than 710 years. This one is ginkgo biloba, which has been around for 1010 years. There is also this one, Yuanbai, which has been around for 2110 years. With Taiqing Palace, there is this tree.
Just as people were busy taking pictures, the tour guide asked another question: “why do some trees live long and others live short?” Some people say it is because of the climate, some people say it is because of the soil, and some people say it is because of tree species. The tour guide smiled and said, “The main reason why these trees live long is that they grow slowly.” Everyone marvels, ah, if you grow slowly, you will live long.
What tree has the longest life span? Ginkgo trees can live 3500 years, spruce can live 9500 years. The “dragon blood tree” known as the “evergreen pine of Nanshan” can live for 10,000 years. I saw this kind of tree more than 20 years ago when I first went to Hainan. It is said that it appeared in the Cretaceous dinosaur period and is called a living fossil in plants. When I didn’t see the young pine, I thought it must be very tall and stout. Only after seeing it did I find that the young pine is not more than a few meters high and looks like a bush from a distance, growing up to 1 cm in height a year. Chuang Tzu said in Xiaoyao You: “In ancient times, those with big stakes took 8,000 years as spring and 8,000 years as autumn.” This is the kind of tree.
What tree has the shortest life span? The first is poplar, because it grows fast and grows old fast. The average life span is 30-40 years, and rarely can live beyond 100 years. The same is true of willow trees. Although they looked good when they were young, they began to age after 30 years. The other is fruit trees, most of which do not live long. Peach trees in the north can generally live for 15 to 20 years. The life span of pear trees is also 20-30 years. The life span of apple trees, if well managed, can reach 50 years. The shortest life span in the plant kingdom is “Haloxylon ammodendron tree”. It lives in the desert. As long as there is a little water, the seeds can germinate, but it can live for at most one day.
The miracle in the tree is also the Populus euphratica in Xinjiang. Their lives can last for 3,000 years. Life is immortal for a thousand years, death is immortal for a thousand years. The secret of Populus euphratica’s longevity is also its extremely slow growth, averaging 0.1 cm per year. Hu Yangshu in 100 years is only 10cm.
The same is true of the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom. There is a kind of fish in Tangshan Bohai Bay, our hometown, called “Lengbengyu”. Growing in shallow sea, it looks like a freshwater catfish. It is said that it is always too slow to grow, so it goes to the dragon king to complain. the dragon king said, “let you grow one foot older.” I am very happy to hear this. Unexpectedly, the dragon king went on to say, “one year is death!” As a result, all the jumping fish have only one year’s life span, growing fast and dying fast.
From this we can see that it is not necessarily a bad thing to grow slowly. Because they grow slowly, they have good physique, strong endurance, rich experience and stable character. No rush to blossom, no rush to bear fruit. No matter what kind of cold and hot weather, severe storm and rain, they can stand up and carry on.
Trees are so, so is life. Some people keep increasing nutrition in order to grow fast, but they end up trapped in obesity. Some people are constantly increasing pressure to mature earlier. As a result, Jiang Lang did not finish before taking a few steps. Some people have made many strange moves in their financial and official careers. They have taken risks. Although they go fast and rank among the people, they often fall off in the middle of the journey. They are despicable.
Trees have the rule of trees and people have the rule of people. It is better to grow faster than to walk farther, and it is better to rise faster than to live longer. The more rapid things are, the easier it is to decay. So grow fast, don’t be proud. Don’t be discouraged if you grow slowly. Only when you walk slowly can you stand steadily. Only when you grow slowly can you be happier.

This is the best time. The computing power of mobile phones has exceeded that of high-end PC ten years ago. With a mobile phone in hand, if you want, you can stay away from the garden for three months like Dong Zhongshu in the Han Dynasty, take-out food is not repeated every day, and new clothes bought online are worn every day. This is the worst time. Deep blue defeated the human chess champion, alpha dog defeated the human go champion, and machines largely replaced manual workers and most primary skilled workers. The future has come, how to face it?
First, don’t be afraid. Just like 30 years ago, we let washing machines do our laundry instead of us, and calculators do multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication and division instead of us. Second, love is done. If humans like to do what Alpha dogs are good at, let them do it without stopping them. Third, learn how to kill time as soon as possible. As soon as possible, cultivate a little uncommon hobby, one that can help you kill a lot of time, and one that can help you find a few similar hobbies.
In the foreseeable future, in some aspects, artificial intelligence will only be artificial mental retardation, and there is still a great possibility for human beings to maintain their dignity. Release your animal nature, exercise moderately and compete occasionally. Appreciate your human nature, be greedy, resentful, stupid and slow in doubting. When you have not read all of your thoughts, you will start again. Dig up your divinity, create more, and create more poems, novels, movies and TV programs, and business models.
A gentleman is not a tool. We don’t need to be as useful as a machine. We don’t need to be as limited as a machine. We don’t need a clear purpose. We have unlimited possibilities. Facing the changes of the times that we can’t stop, we should use more body, more ecstasy and sadness, more creation and more human beings.

An egg is fragile. It is foolish to touch a stone with an egg.
But if an egg falls from the 25th floor, someone sees it and thinks, is it not an egg? It doesn’t matter what happens if you touch it head-on. You will hear the sound of “pa”, in this “pa”, broken, of course, there are eggs, but at the same time broken, and the head to touch.
Some people have calculated that a 30-gram egg falling from the 4th floor will make one’s head swollen, falling from the 8th floor will make one’s scalp damaged, falling from the 18th floor will break one’s skull, and falling from the 25th floor will cause one to die instantly.
A fragile egg becomes extremely powerful when it has a certain height and speed.
Therefore, never underestimate an egg. As an egg, never underestimate yourself. A weak egg, when having the corresponding conditions, can make a hard stone tremble with fear.