Twenty-first birthday

Of course, I have different opinions on this. In my opinion, this thing is extremely important, just like my existence itself. It was getting slightly late and lazy clouds were floating in the sky. The lower part sank in the darkness while the upper part still floated in the sunshine. I was 21 years old on that day. In the golden age of my life, I had many extravagant hopes. I want to love, want to eat, and also want to become a half-bright and half-dark cloud in the sky in an instant. Later, I realized that life is a slow process of being beaten. People get older day by day, their hopes disappear day by day, and finally become like a beaten cow. But I did not foresee this when I celebrated my 21st birthday. I feel that I will go on forever and nothing can beat me.

The world is two words: good and bad. The two characters are the same on one side and different on the other, that is to say, the two characters are interrelated. Therefore, you have to understand that whenever you encounter good things, don’t be arrogant. If you are too arrogant, there will be disasters. Every time you encounter disaster, don’t mess with it, endure it, even if you bite a tooth, you have to endure it. After you have endured the good things, you will come.

But in our heart of hearts, what we want is the end. One day, at a certain time, the train pulled into the station, the drums and music were singing and the colorful flags were flying. Once you reach the finish line, a thousand dreams in your heart will come true, and life’s defects will be restored-just like the final completion of a jigsaw puzzle. We paced, lingered and worried in the corridor of the carriage, cursing the time passing so slowly, just waiting for the arrival of the destination.
“when we reach the finish line, it will be all right.” We cried. “When I reach the age of 18,” “when I buy a new car,” “when I give my last child a chance to finish college,” “when I pay off my debts,” “when I get promoted,” and even “when I reach retirement age, I will live in peace.”
However, sooner or later, we must realize that there is no end point and destination that can be reached once and for all. The real pleasure of life lies in the journey, lies in the process. The end point is just a dream, it is often beyond reach.
Therefore, don’t loiter in the corridor and don’t count the mileage from time to time. Go mountain climbing! To eat ice cream, to run barefoot, to swim in rivers, to enjoy the sunset sunset. Laugh more and cry less. Life is like a journey backwards, and I am also a pedestrian-then the end point will suddenly come.

There is plenty of time in this world-his life and hers. But as soon as he kissed her, he immediately understood that even if he searched the eternal universe, he could not find the lost April time. At the moment, he can hug her tightly and the muscles on his arms suddenly and violently-she is lovely, she is precious, he fought for her and had happiness-but the dimly discernible twitter in the dusk and the gentle differentiation in the night will be lost forever … well, let it go, he thought. April is gone, April is gone.
There are thousands of kinds of love in this world, but there has never been a kind of love to start over.