Why do stars get poor so fast?

After reading the newspaper, it was found that Xu Meijing was photographed selling and singing in the streets to make money after a popular song in the mid-1990s. On the video, she was dressed in ordinary clothes and was fatter, revealing that her property had been transferred by her family. The other is the news that Taiwanese singer-songwriter Ming Hok Kwong, who started his career with Zhang Qingfang and Wu Zongxian in 1988, hanged himself at home. The 58-year-old owed several months’ rent. When the landlord came to collect the debt, he found that he had committed suicide and his body was rotten. After all, Xu Meijing’s songs were sung in the streets, and “Moonlight in the City” and “All Night Homecoming” were among Karaoke’s famous songs. Ming Hok Kwong sold 250,000 records that year. According to the singer’s life I know, it is common to make a million dollars at a time even if you go to the second and third tier cities. How did you end up like this?
After years of studying the life of stars, I have to think about a question. Why did the bright stars become so poor in a few years or more? The problems among them are really quite complicated to say. It has something to do with the times, the personality of people, the way they acquire wealth and the way they consume in their class.
First, what is related to the times?
In short, people can’t do the times. Once the market on which one relies for survival has undergone drastic changes and one is helpless, it takes one second to become poor. For example, Ming Hok Kwong, the singer who hanged himself later, became famous by chance. In the late 1980s, Taiwanese pop music was a legitimate hit in city ballads. The next trend indicator was the theme of city women. It is natural that he would not want to keep his fame by singing old songs. This is not the right choice, it happened that he was still determined to go black, of course, there is no hope of success.
Second, it is related to their personality. If you have a bad personality and cannot integrate into society, if you have no job and no income, if you sit around and eat, it will take you several years to become poor.
For example, Xu Meijing. She sings well, but she is young and fragile. In her early years, she separated from producer loved one. Later, she became absent-minded and could only retire after a generation of songs. However, Ming Hok Kwong is too young and has made a great name. He is also handsome and can’t put down his dignity. He is aloof and arrogant. He insists on going his own way and can’t do anything. Therefore, I always feel that the world is losing me. As time goes by, when people reach 50, there are not many opportunities. One more weakness and bad living habits will make it almost impossible to turn over.
Third, it is also related to the way they acquire wealth.
Stars become popular and make money quickly. They will have huge wealth in a short period of time. However, wealth is also a kind of energy. Without considerable financial ability, wealth will hurt you. Spending too much or investing too recklessly will make wealth disappear in an instant.
The fourth point is even more interesting. The fast poverty of stars has much to do with the consumption patterns of their classes.
Stars are rich and think they have entered another class. Soon they will find themselves surrounded by another consumer system. This consumption system is called luxury consumption system, also known as conspicuous consumption. Conspicuous consumption is a kind of consumption channel specially aimed at the rich. Ordinary people buy hundreds of pieces of clothes and only a few thousand famous brands through gritting their teeth. However, if they buy Chanel, a luxury brand, a suit of clothes will cost more than 100,000 yuan. If you are tired of buying luxury goods, there are hundreds of thousands of famous wines, millions of high-grade jewelry, tens of millions of famous cars, or there are hundreds of millions of works of art waiting for you to start … In a consumer market that cannot be seen at a glance, no matter how rich you are, there are things you cannot afford. If the stars are out of breath and have no normal work in recent years, and if they want to maintain this level of consumption, being poor is a bottomless pit.
Fortune, personality, financial management ability and consumption style all determine that the living standard of stars is in an extremely unstable state. And people who have seen big money look down on small money, so in the end, they will appear in all kinds of tragic news. In an era of bad economy, it is probably the way of life for all people, whether stars or ordinary people, to live within their means and to increase revenue and reduce expenditure, isn’t it?