Mars code

From the middle of the 21st century, one hundred years after man landed on Mars, if one Mars year equals 687 earth days, it would be the 23rd century of the earth. When the Mars city disaster struck, a UFO with a diameter of about 300 meters with the attitude of an invader came towards Mars from the depths of the universe. It was aggressive and hostile. It ignored the questions from the Mars Space Agency, so fast that it could reach Mars within 90 Mars days. Is it falling stars or planetary debris? Is it an invading large alien spacecraft? Is it an offensive missile from another planet? Looking from the direction, it is not the tour group of the earth. Scientists are carrying out precise calculations and comprehensive analysis. Mars has a thin atmosphere, let alone invasion. It is hard to stop the impact alone. At that time, the Mars city will be destroyed and the sky above the Mars city will be broken to rubble.
The Martian City Sky-It’s a masterpiece of Martian immigrants from Yu Dacheng, a century-old science and technology of Mars!
How to deal with this crisis? Mars President Proposes Developing Space Military Forces, Not Asking for Earth’s Aid, To Deal with Crisis Independently.
For major events that affect the safety of Mars, the Martian parliament must pass a bill before the president signs the presidential decree. However, in the Martian parliament, the delegates had very different opinions. The party members with robots as the majority believe that it is also a long-term plan to develop military forces in space to cope with the crisis. The absence of military forces in space is precisely the short board of Mars cities today. With today’s science and technology, many difficulties will be overcome in two months and the first batch of space weapons beyond the earth’s military strike capability will be developed.
A small number of parliamentarians, represented by the earth, expressed great concern: first, the success rate of the strategy of developing military forces in space; The second is whether the realization of this strategy is a prelude to the military expansion of space and the destruction of the peace of the universe by robots. Third, since the Martian city built its top dome, the Martian city has rejected the re-entry of the earth people on the grounds of limited space in the dome. If it asks the earth for help, will the earth heed the request of a traitor?
The president flew into a rage before dinner and used both soft and hard tactics on the phone to urge the chairman of the parliament to pass the bill as soon as possible. Put down the phone, he still Yu Nu not disappear, the call of forbearance out of the sleeping cat on the tea table, a handbreadth will play the cat flew over the living room, restaurant fell to the kitchen door plate, the cat’s scream shocked the lady who is cooking in the kitchen Jiahui, she picked up the cat and stroked for a long time, the cat in her arms trembling, like the President in bed at night.
Rice is usually cooked by robot cooks, but today Jiahui cooks. The president seldom goes home for dinner. He likes to eat Jiahui’s rice, saying it is an imported product from the earth and so kind! The mutton steamed buns wrapped today are made of sheep stem cells from sealed medicine boxes shipped from the earth before Mars city was built into the sky. The artificial mutton cultured in the laboratory is full of sheep flavor.
During the meal, the president couldn’t wait to bite the steamed stuffed bun and scald his mouth. “doing things is like eating mutton stuffed bun. it is too hot to eat and scald. When it is cold, it should be cooked, and when it is hot but not hot, it should be cooked well. The stuffing should be put in the bag, and it should be chewed and tried. ” Jiahui handed him a paper towel and caught the sheep oil flowing down from his mouth.
The president looked at the woman stupefied, she said reasonable, oneself still can have patience? He has recently been devastated and wandering on the verge of collapse. In the evening, he always cuddles Jiahui. Jiahui is a very good listener. He never interrupts him except for internal emergencies, and occasionally chimes in. A person’s pain and joy are often difficult to show. If you can just express it in words and have a suitable opportunity to show it to others, this person happens to be a bosom friend, which is really a gift from heaven.
That night, the president hugged Jiahui and sucked her nipple, still chattering. tears and saliva soaked Jiahui’s upper body before she went to sleep.
When Jia Hui was with the president, he often complained to him: “the environment on this planet is really bad! Sandstorm, anoxia, strong radiation, ultraviolet rays … ”
“We are building a dome to cover and protect as much ground as possible in residential areas, then everyone will be safe and comfortable!” The president told her about the grand plan of Mars city.
“So it’s like amber?”
“Not amber, we have life.”
“So like a canary in a cage?”
“No, we can control ourselves.”
“So is it the person in the glass ball?”
“No, we have a population.”
“Well, whatever it is, it will be very lonely to imprison people!” Women compare it to prison again, which makes the president dislike it, because he is the chief designer of “prison” and is glad that they have a common language of “loneliness”.
They always talk happily, just like when they are in love. At that time, Jiahui worshipped the president more than tears and saliva on her body tonight.
She didn’t expect that the president would be vulnerable, but she understood his anxiety. He had built the city, and his contribution was everywhere in the air.
Just as Mars Council members were discussing and deciding, the president suffered from depression and fell from the bathroom window of the presidential palace.
The parliamentary meeting had to be suspended due to this major incident. According to the law, the president’s wife will temporarily take over the presidency before the new presidential election. The president was shattered when he fell to the ground from a 32-story building. During the rescue, all parts and components of the president’s body were reproduced in good condition by a medical 7-day printer. Only the brain tissue was delicate and fine, which was difficult to reproduce. The president had to be declared brain dead and his head replaced. Before changing the head, the president’s wife, Jiahui, snuggled up to his deformed head and leaned her head against his head for a long time until her forehead was rubbed off.
The suicide note left by the president is a poem: “if you want to leave today, there will be nine clouds in the sky and the clouds will open one after another.” If I were in it, tears would be white. If you want to leave today, there are ten ridges on the ground, and the florescence of the ridges will stop. Before the ridge, the slope is steep, and it is difficult to walk only because of resentment. If you want to leave today, the wind will break a hundred times, and heaven and earth will enter my arms. Blow the fallen leaves yellow, only read Huang Er leaves. If you want to leave today, goodbye to thousands of people, it is difficult to continue laughing and being bad. Gently Wan Liyun, invite you to come with the wind. ” The judicial authentication department tried to find out the clues of the crime and found no clue. He was just tired, tired, too late to wait for Mars or the clouds, flowers, leaves and people on earth.
Nani’s head, frozen for 100 years on Mars, has finally been revived by the rapid development of medical technology and transplanted to the president’s 7-day body. The operation was very successful. The connection of arteriovenous blood vessels, spinal cord nerves, bone joints, skin tissues and other connections were skillfully and perfectly matched. However, after the operation, the brain thinking consciousness, command center and body actions still need to be gradually adjusted and coordinated. The doctor cautioned against trying to take off, jump and other drastic actions in the short term.
President’s widow Jia Hui likes tea. Tea is indispensable. Tea trees on Mars grow taller than the 115.9-meter redwood tree in the Redwood National Park in California, USA. The leaves are very delicious. All the plants in the Mars city are growing selflessly, each more than 150 meters high. Since gravity is still smaller than the earth through the latest scientific and technological means, we have to use a growth inhibitor to contain the upward force. People, also want to regularly quantitative hit a needle, otherwise, fat to slender, breast to stretch into the airport. Jiahui is in good shape and is not affected by gravity at all. Nani’s head after the accident opened his eyes 100 years later and saw a beautiful woman sipping tea in front of the bed. What should he call her?

“Acting President Jiahui, the forest is on fire. Vice President Jody asked me to remind you that before you sign the emergency rescue order, the parliament needs to pass your rescue bill to open the sky.” The attendants said respectfully to Jiahui. At the same time, they looked at the watch on Jiahui’s left wrist with frightened eyes. This watch is slightly larger than the ordinary watch. What is more unique is that there is a red button on the top of the watch, which is in abrupt contrast with the silver of the watch.
“How is my proposal? That was the opinion signed by Vice President Jody on behalf of the President during his treatment. I am against opening the sky! I want to call the chairman of the parliament! ” Jiahui dashed the cup in her left hand “crashed with a clash” on the table, and several pieces of tea in the cup jumped half empty with the burst of tea. “That’s a good Mao Feng!” Nani’s mind was alert and full of information.
“Watch your watch!” The attendants rushed to hold the cup, their eyes fixed on the watch on Jiahui’s wrist, as if it were the ultimate code of the universe, and turned upside down when it was leaked.
“I know that if it weren’t for the nuclear button on my watch, I wouldn’t have been able to sit as acting president.” Jiahui said with a sigh, attendants only Nuo Nuo, carefully clean up the mess on the table.
Nani’s successful head transplant coincided with a forest fire. The Martian dome is extremely large and located on the plains of the northern hemisphere of Mars. It took nine Mars years to develop the dome material alone. The dome material is hard, flexible, light, translucent, corrosion-resistant, radiation-resistant, ultraviolet-resistant, and it took another ten years to build the dome. The structure is reasonable, the frame is scientific, the beams are stable, and the bearing capacity is strong. The urban space under the sky is also far more than 100 years ago, with only 10 main roads. Now, the space under the sky covers about 1/1000 of Mars and has complete ecological and social elements.
The forest fire lasted for seven days and seven nights. The fire fighting facilities were paralyzed and did not extinguish the fire. On the contrary, the fire was getting bigger and bigger, spreading wildly. This was unprecedented after the completion of the Martian city sky. Fire and smoke were everywhere, smoke was running around in the sky, consuming a huge amount of oxygen, extending from the forest periphery to distant areas. Forest was also the main source of oxygen production, and the source was restricted. People began to suffer from respiratory distress. The use of air filters and oxygen generators to slow down the release of bad air soon did not help. The basic gas needed for oxygen generators was already cloudy and difficult to extract.
The Martian parliament decided to use a referendum to decide whether to open the sky, regardless of the opinions and disputes between the vice president and the acting president. the constitution stipulates that a referendum does not require the signing of a presidential decree, but only requires two procedures: one is the feasibility of voting on the referendum method, and the other is voting on the referendum bill. This resolution directly regards the presidential power as nothing, leaving Jiahui’s anger beyond reach. The bill was passed by a narrow margin of 50.05% in the first referendum. The second vote to decide whether to open the sky will be held the day after tomorrow. People began to wear oxygen masks to live and work, which made people nervous and inconvenient. Work was the second most important thing.
The clone Martians, the gene editor Martians, the body repair Martians and other Martians of Earth origin and the robot Martians each have their own worries and are divided into two camps to compete, because the robot Martians are Martians who do not need oxygen, and they also seem to be able to throw away complicated feelings. However, people are worried about hidden dangers after the sky is opened, such as the problems of oxygen, gravity, sandstorms, strong radiation and ultraviolet rays, and where will you go.
The Mars Council organized an evaluation and demonstration meeting to demonstrate the advantages, disadvantages, risks and countermeasures of opening the sky in preparation for the referendum. Nani was invited to attend the meeting as a former planning and design elder of the sky.
The demonstration meeting was held in the parliament building. the host was a robot Martian. he did not wear an oxygen mask. wearing an oxygen mask or not is now the way to distinguish robots from other Martians of earth origin. He asked Nani, “May I ask Mr. Nani, what do you think of opening the sky to resolve the fire crisis?”
“with all due respect, this is not the best way to stop another mistake.” Nani was outspoken.
“Why do you think so?”
“Because I have experienced days without sky, sandstorms …”
“You also got to know your lover because of sandstorm. You are the gainer of Mars when there was no sky!” A robot congressman cut off Nani’s words. He actually knew the love history of Nani 100 years ago. It seems that he has done his homework and is determined to win.
The host conveniently stopped the dialogue with Nani.
The demonstration meeting will continue.
There was a woman wearing an oxygen mask who spoke as a senior social person who had read all about the Mars city’s 100-year history before and after the dome was installed, and Nani’s head was an era. Nani looked at her oxygen mask, a person of an era, and felt familiar kindness.
“I am both the beneficiary and the victim of the Martian sky.” There is no doubt about her qualifications, and this remark was made mainly to prevent the host from interrupting her. “The sky has been opened for nearly 100 years since it was built. It has only been opened twice for the needs of scientific and technological exchanges. Each opening will face great challenges. It will take a long time to repair the ecological environment damaged by the opening of the sky. The risks after this opening are unknown and uncontrollable.” Her voice was familiar. Nani watched her with eyes and ears.
“I left it for love. I could have left Mars before the dome was built. At that time, the earth discovered a more promising colony, π star. My parents were the first pioneers of exploration. ” What she said made people move.
She went on to say, “My lover is ill and has been keeping his eyes closed.”
“Vegetarians?” Nani thought.
“In order for him to wake up and see my forever young image, I am a voluntary experimental product of all frontier medicine in Mars city.” She compared herself to a product, which made people feel distressed.
“I was originally an earth person who immigrated to Mars. Birth, aging and death are natural laws, but when I was 46 years old, my lover did not wake up and I chose to freeze my eggs. When I was 50 years old, my aging appeared. According to the earth day, I was already over 70 years old on earth, and my lover still didn’t wake up. I chose to clone a new me with his somatic cells and my egg. This is allowed on Mars, but I know it violates the ethics of the earth. I am very ashamed in my heart, but for his sake, I am willing to accept the condemnation from my heart. My body, even if protected by Mars’ increasingly developed medical technology, will soon be unsuitable for giving birth. ” She choked, the meeting room was silent, and she could be heard sobbing in the oxygen mask.
“By the time I was 80 years old, I had skin cancer, which is a disease easily accessible to people on earth. I chose gene editing technology to cure cancer and changed the skin all over my body, like a girl in her twenties.” Her voice is clear, “I also … I also through gene editing and cloning technology, and in the artificial uterus of the medical laboratory gave birth to I won’t get cancer, that is another new me, my backup, I want to show him my best period! But I broke through the limit of human ethics on earth! ” She was a little embarrassed. Nani saw her rubbing her fingers like a little girl who had done something wrong. The robot was used to it. There was no expression or movement. People wearing oxygen masks were in a commotion.
“When I was 95 years old, all the organs of my body were completely aged, so I had to use a 7D printer to replace the parts regularly to install them. Now, I am 125 years old, and all parts of my body have been replaced. Only my brain has been repaired several times, and I will not give up. If my brain has also been replaced, am I me? I am afraid I will forget him. ”

This love story has a long foreshadowing and narration, but everyone is not bored and listens with relish, which probably pokes the sensitive point inside.
“When I was 100 years old, I was afraid that I would never see him again in my lifetime. He was still awake. With the development of science and technology, I made a robot like I did when I met him in my twenties. The robot will not age. When I am not in this world, there is another I will accompany him.”
She paused for a moment, calmed down her emotions, then got down to business: “I am the victim of the sky. I have never hugged my parents outside the sky since the sky was built. I am also the beneficiary of the sky. I have lived to this day because of the enclosed livable environment in the sky and the inexhaustible scientific and technological strength here. I am afraid … I am afraid the 100-year history of human growth and scientific and technological progress on Mars will be completely destroyed after the sky is opened! ” She expressed the worries of people other than robots.
“You are alarmist and speculating!” The host tried to interrupt her.
“Let her finish!” People wearing oxygen masks are not willing to host the same trick of collective protest. The host had to let her go on.
“I suffered one hundred years of waiting, will soon be reunited with him, how do you have the heart to sky opened after the dramatic changes in the environment, my age, I’m afraid … I’m afraid it will be difficult to adapt, died before seeing him! Nani … “She sobbed.
Nani’s heart was shaken, blood rushed to his cheeks, shortness of breath and breath, shaking all over, unable to stand, what physical quality? We must exercise it, Nani said.
From morning till late at night, the meeting still failed to reach an agreement. Suddenly, the power went out of the meeting room. Everyone was in a commotion. Outside the meeting room window, the whole city went out of power.
A few minutes later, the emergency standby power supply in the city was activated and lights were blazing again. There were three messages from the conference room broadcast. First, the power failure of the city construction and management command center showed that it was caused by the fire that burned out some lines, and maintenance personnel were making urgent repairs. After a short pause, there came the news broadcast by the police general administration: someone stole the acting president’s watch with a nuclear button while the power was off, and the criminal was at large.
In an uproar, Acting President Jiahui personally clarified the truth through radio: “What was stolen was a specially made imitation, and the real watch was in the safe in the presidential residence.” The whole city was full of doubts, discussions, speculations and rumors.
The Martian parliament, dominated by robotic Martians, decided not to release the details and results of the demonstration meeting. The referendum on whether to open the sky was held as scheduled. The referendum results were in suspense, with the affirmative and negative votes swinging up and down from side to side. The result was decided at the last second before the vote was over: open the sky.
The sky opened and Mars’ thin gas soon put out the forest fire that burned for nine days and ten nights. Nani’s former woman did not resist the bad weather on Mars as she expected.
A group of aging earth people also lost their lives.
The robot Luya is Nani’s legacy left by Nani’s woman. The woman who imitated Nani did a good job and looked alike, making it difficult for Nani to refuse her. When she was there, Nani always seemed to have lived apart from the rest of the world. The truth and falsehood were unpredictable. It was so similar!
Nani was appointed special adviser to the president on behalf of president jiahui. he worked next door to the president’s office. on the same day, he received a confidential document from the police department. he sent the document to the president’s office in jiahui’s office. Jiahui became suspicious and alert after the theft of her watch, allowing Nani to enter and leave her office alone. After she opened the document and read it carefully, she hesitated and handed it to Nani. The document was a case investigation report, impressively stating that vice president Jody was behind the theft of the president’s watch.
“Unbelievable!” Nani sighed.
“I am also very disappointed.” Jiahui began to present Vice President Jody’s past lives. It turns out that the vice president is a robot product created by the president himself, which has poured into the president’s life-long experience and condensed the president’s expectation of a perfect struggle life. at the beginning of the production structure, the key words of struggle and conquest were input into his brain chip, and it was his bounden duty to complete the task. He wants to reach the peak of power and make the best of his career, which is the original intention of the president in shaping him.
Nani does not have the grand ambition of the president and vice president. one day on Mars, he drinks plain boiled water in the morning to clear his heart, green tea in the morning to refresh himself, green tea after noon lunch break to soothe his stomach, black tea in the afternoon to nourish his stomach, chrysanthemum tea in the evening to promote sleep. when drinking tea, the ashtray on the table always holds a cigarette, looking at it but not smoking it, and thinking for a long time. He has given up smoking, drinking tea and watching smoke are the feelings of people on earth.
My thoughts were drawn to Mars a century ago, before Nani had reached Mars. After drinking too much, the brothers sat smoking on the ground in the middle of the intersection of Jingsan Road and Weiba Road in the earth country in the middle of the night. They were not afraid of occasional passing vehicles. When passing vehicles walked around the edge, their eyes showed a look of disdain, and they even sang in a reckless way. This is youth, which cannot be done too much.
When they were tired of singing and wanted to have another cigarette to cheer them up, the brothers searched their pockets but could not find one, nor did they have enough money to buy a pack of cigarettes. Nani was very disappointed and vowed to work hard and never play around like this again. Therefore, he made real achievements, used his real strength, abandoned his real and fake children’s affairs, and really got into the game, becoming the first batch of outstanding talents to immigrate to Mars.
On Mars, Nani is responsible for the planning and design work he is good at. He has set up his home near the intersection of Jing3 Road and Wei8 Road to commemorate the cruel days. Yes, it is the intersection of Jingsan Road and Weiba Road. At that time, the Mars residential area base had only 10 north-south main roads from Jingyi Road to Jingshi Road and 10 east-west main roads from Weiyi Road to Weishi Road. He was one of the road designers. In a small sandstorm, Nani lost the road he designed and got married to his woman by mistake.
Nani is the designer of the Mars city road, and the president is the chief designer of the Mars city.
The design that the president is most proud of is that a ton of TNT is embedded in the nuclear-weapon-grade highly enriched uranium refining and processing plant. The button on the wrist watch of the president can detonate it remotely. It not only represents the confidence and determination of the president to share weal and woe with the nation, but also represents the power and position that the president has taken. Today, the loss of the watch from Acting President Jiahui worries people. Although Jiahui made a statement, the public did not see her put it back on their hands. They were afraid and uneasy.
Nani’s body is the President’s. He is more concerned about the trace of nuclear watches than ordinary people. When he mentions watches, Nani’s body becomes sweaty with nervousness.
Loya comforted him at home. She cooked for him. The rice was as good in color, smell and taste as she was. She watched him eat, but she didn’t eat. The power supply would be short-circuited when the rice was eaten. The robot’s rice was charged.
Nani’s president, who has just undergone surgery, is weak in digestion and eats little, but always drinks heavily.
“Why are you drunk?” She asked him with concern.
“You don’t understand. This is the sustenance and release of the soul.”
“I know, my learning ability is super strong.”
“All right, suit yourself.” Nani was too weak in body and mind to care about her.
She held Nani tightly, her body was soft and smooth. Nani was psychedelic, emotionally and intellectually confused, drunk and blind. She was eager for it, but her physiology did not change.
“You are not her! You don’t eat, don’t shed tears … “Nani looked into her eyes and talked, shirking responsibility.

Later, she did something that stunned Nani-she went to the hospital for surgery, installed a complete digestive system in her body, accompanied him to dinner, and she would drink when he drank. He stopped her and he was worried about her body accident.
“Does it hurt? Baby. ”
“well. My humanoid body feels the same pain as human beings. ” She answered softly, making Nani shed heavy tears.
“Baby, it’s all my fault. My body is not controlled by my brain. My desire cannot control my body! Let you feel wronged for me. ”
“I do. I am learning to be a woman with a heart.”
Luya wiped Nani’s tears and asked him, “What is in this bright spray?”
Nani began to exercise frantically. He wanted Loya to be his real woman.
The second theft took place in the presidential palace, and the person who stole it had mastered the original president’s fingerprint model and opened all the doors with fingerprint combination locks. Jiahui did not change the fingerprint code, because the fingerprint code can only be changed by inputting the original president’s fingerprint. She wanted to induce Nani to help her open all the secrets of the presidential palace, such as the safe in the darkroom of the president’s office. She could not open it and did not dare to reveal it. Unfortunately, she did not know whether Nani was self-disciplined or playing dumb and was not moved by the inducement.
The burglar was arrested before he could find the office in the darkroom of the President’s office. It was extremely dangerous. He almost stole the nuclear watch from the safe in the darkroom. Jiahui watched helplessly as the president’s fingerprint model was taken away by the police handling the case, regretfully helpless and afraid to reveal it. After interrogation, the thief was the cleaner of the robot cleaning factory. He was responsible for secretly recording the fingerprints of Luya when she was making out with Nani. The thief had the ambition to steal the nation and wanted to steal the president’s nuclear watch to take control of the world.
People who covet nuclear watches have no distinction between classes and groups. This has caused the acting president to feel a sharp increase in the sense of crisis and immediately became aware of the murderous look.
“Nani, you must have a cat in your family. It has made you impatient in Mao Mao. You often make mistakes in your work recently. Is that a rare earth cat?” Jiahui likes to spur employees to work by joking.
Nani was surprised by the cross-examination of Jiahui’s inspector because he wanted to be absent-minded in Loya’s thoughts. He knocked down the glass cup at hand. The cup fell to the ground and broke to pieces. Only then did he realize that the tea had been soaked for a day and should be replaced.
“Yes, I think so. The cat licked my instep.” Nani also responded to Jiahui with jokes.
Outside the window, when the weak cicada flashed across the last sunset and fell on the yellow autumn grass, it was faint, creaking and moaning intermittently, indicating that summer was over. Cicadas, which have been lurking underground for 17 years on earth, took 30 Mars years to cultivate and unearth on Mars. It took about 7 days to complete the cycle of life on Mars trees and the historical mission of breeding and growing new species. Its best time has passed.
“Nani, you listen to the cicada outside the window, everything has its day and place
Benefit, people and the best times, one of your times has passed, and it can also be another’s time or the arrival of another of yours. This is a natural law, you have to adapt to reality, Nani! “Jia Hui enlighten him, she thought he was struggling for one hundred years of loneliness.
“I want to ask you to help me. I want to better manage this city! The Human Resources Department and I are studying to strengthen people’s performance appraisal management at work and to use the system to urge people to do their best to make the best use of their talents to better build and develop a Mars city. ”
“How to strengthen management?” Nani asked.
“The implementation of Mars city right of abode points system. The right-of-abode points in Mars cities are based on a percentile system. People and robots with less than 60 points will be assessed and investigated by the Mars City Right-of-Residence Performance Assessment Bureau. After the results of the investigation are assessed and confirmed, they will be deprived of the right of abode in Mars cities and will be sent out of the Martian city sky or sent back to Earth in due course! Then, the treatment of Martian city residents who can prolong the telomere length of human cells and maintain chromosome stability in Mars cities, thus delaying aging and prolonging life span, and enjoying good medical care and living opportunities will no longer exist! For robots, the Mars environment and the earth environment outside the sky without production and maintenance conditions will be even more terrible! ”
“That’s a good idea, but it has to open the sky. It’s too complicated.” Nani didn’t want to think about the complicated matter. He was still blaming himself for accusing Luya of using her fingerprints by thieves. Did he quarrel with her too hard? She has just had tear glands and is crying at home.
“Let’s talk about opening the sky later. Now, I need your help …” Jia Hui’s words reminded Nani that Loya in the family needs him.
Nani interrupted Jiahui and insisted on going home, which made Jiahui more aware of the importance of performance appraisal management.
“Thank goodness, you are still there!” Nani rejoiced when he saw Loya.
“How did you get back?” Luya’s voice of bitterness is really like a cat meowing. The cat licked his heart with its claws and tongue.
This woman is a fascinating creature with graceful charm and various amorous feelings. A smile can dissolve all human sufferings. She filled her lungs when she saw only one side. Since then, she has been melted into her breath and blood. The hormones of her body are like crazy wild donkeys on the rampage. Where is the way back? No matter whether the abyss is ahead, flames are on the left and icebergs are on the right! This was true 100 years ago and even more so 100 years later.
Is she Nani’s former woman? She is Nani’s present woman. She is more perfect than the woman 100 years ago. She is the perfect robot.
These nights of revelry and pleasure and the days of rambling and freedom are the codes of Nani’s soul and body. Loya untied it, but it was fixed at the corner of the alley where two people walked in the evening.
At the corner, two thugs suddenly threw Nani to the ground. One of them, with one leg kneeling on Nani’s waist and one leg inclined to the ground, exerted himself to control Nani’s body to struggle and shake, holding Nani’s neck in both hands, choking him out of breath. The other half knelt down and pressed Nani’s right hand flat on the ground. His left hand pressed Nani’s right hand against the tiger’s mouth and wrist. His right hand took out a half-foot long sharp knife from his waist and cut it off at Nani’s right hand. When the knife fell, Luya ran into the thug with the knife in a rush of emotion. The thug staggered forward and chopped it to the ground with one knife. Before the knife-wielding thug could regain his footing in embarrassment, he turned and chopped at Luya. At this critical moment, Nani, who was choking by another thug, struggled to grab the knife-wielding thug’s right foot with his right hand. The thug fell down and thrust the right knife into Nani’s right calf stretched out on the ground. With a scream of “ah” from Nani, his right calf was bleeding for a moment and showing real scarlet. That was Nani’s true love for his woman!
The violence was solved by the presidential bodyguard who followed Nani. The two thugs were subdued and Nani was sent to the internal private hospital of the presidential residence for treatment.
“thank you, acting president!” Nani came forward to thank him for his kindness. after she had taken all the medical staff in the ward, she said, “call me kindness, I am your wife.” This made Nani blush.
“Your body belongs to me, to this city, to Mars.” Jia Hui continued. Nani Meng feels that the responsibility lies with him and his mission is very important. He is no longer an ordinary designer 100 years ago.
“I want your help.”
“Help you? Or Mars? ”

“It is. The Mars Council has been controlled by the majority of Mars robots. ”
Nani nodded. This was Nani’s pain. Parliament’s referendum decision to open the sky led to the death of his lover. “How can I help?” Nani asked.
“I want to dissolve parliament and hold parliamentary and presidential elections in advance.”
“What does this have to do with me?”
“Of course there is. To be honest, the president’s nuclear watch is in the safe in the president’s office. I can’t open the safe. The password of the safe is the president’s finger print, only you can open it. ”
“Is this the purpose for which someone is deliberately trying to get my fingerprints?”
“Is Vice President Jody the instigator? Has he not been caught yet? ”
“Who is behind the scenes, still in the trial of two thugs. We have located Jody’s hiding place and will soon be able to catch him. But if he or someone else gets there first and takes away the nuclear watch, he can call for all Mars. The situation is very critical! ”
“Do you want me to help you open the safe and take out the nuclear watch?”
“yes. I can only be convinced if I wear a nuclear watch. I can only be recognized if I announce an early election and save the planet. ”
“But opening a safe that does not belong to me is not allowed by my ethics!”
“It belongs to your body. I am yours too. ”
“My mind is a little confused, let me think about it.”
During Nani’s stay in hospital, the Human Resources Department issued a pilot Mars city residency points management system. The implementation of the system has caused quite a stir in Mars cities. During the implementation of the system, resistance increased. All the people under supervision and restraint protested. Rumors were rife. Some people began to question the legitimacy of Jiahui’s acting president’s power. How can an acting president without a nuclear watch rule the city? While discussing with the Human Resources Department to amend the Mars right-of-abode points system and add incentives, Jiahui initiated a withdrawal.
“You urgently need to show the people the nuclear watch and demonstrate the determination and legitimacy of the system reform,” the HR Administrator suggested. In the face of difficulties, Jiahui knows that the only thing that can motivate her to go down is the nuclear watch! I also began to doubt whether it is too abrupt to issue the right of abode points management system now. Although the starting point is good, what is the scientific, rigorous and operational nature of a system that does not know how to carry out the punishment of sending robots out of the sky?
Nani was in a closed hospital in anxious to return. Before he recovered, he limped to the President’s office to ask Jiahui for leave.
“If you ask for leave during the non-vacation period and need to deduct one point for the right of abode in Mars city every day, you have already deducted two points for medical treatment rest, which requires your diligence and dedication to make up for it.” Jiahui Road.
“Whatever it WTF integral? !” Nani cursed in his heart and insisted on leaving.
“Is your earth cat making too much noise and disturbing Mars?”
“I think so. I want to go home and have a good time.” Nani responded to Jiahui’s teasing with jokes. He smiled at the thought of Loya at home.
“Don’t worry, have a drink?” Jiahui pulled out a bottle of old-fashioned packaged wine from the wine cabinet without hesitation, filled slightly hung white wine into two shallow cups and handed Nani a cup.
“I just lost the potion and can’t drink it.” Nani received the glass politely but refused.
“No matter, this is the earth’s aging that has been stored for hundreds of years. It has almost no alcohol content and is rich and mellow. The appraisers and doctors have done tests. It is only beneficial and harmless to the body.”
Nani was attracted by the unique fragrance in the cup and couldn’t help drinking one mouthful, only one mouthful. He was drunk like a fairy and his head couldn’t support himself. He fell down on the table. It must be that the strength of the wine is too strong or Jiahui has put some medicine in the wine. Nani’s body was unwieldy, heavy and slow, and it was difficult to do what he wanted. Jiahui struggled to hold Nani and staggered toward the inner room of the president’s office. Nani could not control his body. He fell several times. It was the president’s body, but his mind was still clear.
Jiahui dragged Nani to the safe in the inner darkroom. Nani was placed at the table beside the safe and leaned against the table. Jiahui dragged Nani’s palm in one hand and took Nani’s ten fingers in the other hand to enter them one by one in the password unlocking box of the safe.
Nani looked at Jiahui’s difficult movements, hateful and lovely, in distress and distress situation, with infinite pity in his heart. When Jiahui tried to input the last finger of Nani’s right hand, Nani’s left hand subconsciously raised and caressed a handful of Jiahui’s long hair. Jiahui stopped her movements, turned to cuddle up to Nani and burst into tears, weeping and wailing.
Nani brought a tender feeling back to her home and threw her love at Loya, who had been waiting for a long time. The love was too intense, burning Loya off her coat. Loya’s body changed from hot to cool, from cool to hot again.
Nani greedily greeted the glow, the sun in the sunrise, the dawn that gave birth to happiness …
Vice President Jody was not close to women until she was physically reformed. After the death of the president, he was not satisfied with the procedural nature of robots, and only when he understood human beings could he rule human beings. he bravely welcomed the blade and completely reformed himself according to the human body structure. he had the same organs of lust as human beings. the core of struggle and conquest was integrated with the ambition to rule the universe. on the basis of the procedural nature, this core added the determination and persistence of the will, the beating of the heart rate and the uneasy gain and loss of thinking. he called this feeling the “sequela of transformation”. He has no complaints or insults for his career.
“There are many goals in life. Even if the goals are out of reach, if Yanyan is like a wolf’s nest on a snowy plateau, a rabbit’s cave in a remote mountain forest, a clam’s pearl in a vast ocean, and the waves of distant life in the sky, he will always pursue them, for love, for faith, for dignity, and for life!” Jody lectured the officers and soldiers of the base in the air, sea and land military bases under his control. There was no dogmatic indoctrination, but human love theory, poetic innovation, the input of robots obeying instructions echoed, and the human officers and soldiers were passionate.
“Against the authorities, rule Mars! Fight, children! I
Scientists are about to develop long-range missiles that can effectively strike all areas of Mars and even outer space. Soon, UFOs in outer space and all planets in the solar system are within the range of our missiles. At that time, we can defuse all attacks. Under the deterrence of missiles, our space planes can colonize all planets in the solar system and all fields in outer space. Mars is ours, the solar system is ours, and the universe is ours! Fight, children! “Jody’s instigation resonated, and everyone applauded loudly, shouting loudly and enthusiastically into the work of weapons research and development and military confrontation. After Jody failed to steal the president’s nuclear watch, he resolutely decided to take military measures to seize power over Mars.
The police force outside the military base has been besieging the base for many days. Suffering from the long-term peace and civilized concept of Mars city, it has not developed weapons of mass destruction. It can only rely on propaganda to do its work and short guns and long sticks to strike. It is difficult to attack. Research on weapons in military bases has changed from day to day. High-precision weapons are hidden from the police outside the bases. Jody was in a dilemma whether to issue the attack order or not due to complicated considerations after his physical transformation. He had hardly slept for three days and three nights. His body was tired, but he could hardly sleep.
“The base of officers and soldiers supplies and weapons of raw materials are insufficient, tapping out the base of supplementary supplies and raw materials is imminent. Will my woman’s kindness hurt me? UFOs in outer space are approaching Mars. We should deal with UFOs independently. Ruling Mars is the top priority. ” Jody said to himself, blaming himself for his indecision.

Female secretary ha Jing added fragrance to her red sleeve and poured Jody a cup of white water. warbler said softly: “I admire your bravery and heart for the sake of human life.” Jody took a sip of white water and was as interested as an aphrodisiac. He had no intention at all. His dissatisfaction with himself turned out to be Hajing’s admiration. He really looked at the problem from different angles. Jody was pregnant with Ha Jing. He only had two core areas on his chest, which were both stimulant and sleeping pills. Jody was too excited and overworked to sleep.
The robot Ha Jing still has his lover’s favor, but acting president Jia Hui lives alone.
Knowing that the mastermind behind Nani’s violence was not Vice President Jody but someone else who wanted to take the fingerprints of the former president, Hui Hui’s heart was slightly disturbed. It turned out that so many people were peeping into the seat of caring president! The idea of retreating in the dim light is getting stronger. Jiahui longs to lean on the president’s husband’s body for comfort as in the past, but Nani, who holds the president’s body, lingers in Luyana all day long. He did not come to work reluctantly until the right of abode score in Mars city dropped to the critical value of 60 points, and then took time off to go home due to a slight increase in the work score, leaving Jiahui lonely and sad.
Nani had to go to work with only 61 points left.
Nani lives on the 13th floor and needs to take an elevator to get downstairs. Nani and Loya walked hand in hand from the door to the elevator entrance. In fact, the door to the elevator entrance was only a big step away, and the two had been involved for a century. Press the elevator down key, the elevator is on the first floor, up to the 13th floor, two people kiss not to give up, waiting for the elevator to rise, the elevator door opened, Nani hold tight Luya to the elevator with half a step, right hand wrapped around Luya’s waist, left index finger press the down key not to lose, the elevator struggled to stop in the air, the elevator door trembled and rustled. For a moment, Nani turned Luya’s waist and tried to push Luya into the elevator. When one foot stepped on the elevator door, Luya stuck to Nani’s arms again. She changed her hand and pressed the elevator down button. The elevator “creaked” and there was a voice from upstairs questioning that the elevator was broken. The two bodies were warming up before they spread out, but their hands were still pulling. They slipped from the palm of their hands and the back of their hands to their fingers. At the last moment when they were released, the elevator door closed and nearly caught the fingers of the two people. The elevator door cut off the eager eyes of the two lovers who were inseparable from each other.
This process of stay caused Nani to be late for work again and was deducted from the one-point right-of-abode point of his only insurance. Love, is worth so breathtaking!
During this period of time, Jiahui is extremely vulnerable, such as borneol in the middle of the river where the earth spring breeze falls. After much thought, she still needs the earth’s support.
She arrived at NASA’s command center from where she arrived and ordered the director of the command center to send a distress signal to the earth. The director sternly rejected her and insisted on the presidential decree, that is, the president should sign it after the parliament is passed. Otherwise, there is nothing she can do.
“I am acting president!”
“Our work is only subject to presidential decrees and we don’t recognize anyone.” The work flow of the robot is quite fixed and inflexible, and there is no room for discussion.
“If I don’t listen to my orders, I will activate the nuclear button at any time, and we will all end up on Mars!” Jiahui can only do this.
NASA’s staff looked at each other, constrained by the danger of flesh and blood, and had to send a distress message to the earth under the pressure of Jiahui.
The extreme behavior of an emotional woman has aroused common concerns in the robot society. This dangerous mood is contrary to the rational handling and rigorous program design at the beginning of robot production. The robot camp, out of survival instinct, tried to get rid of the dangerous situation of Jiahui leading the city on behalf of President and elected a robot presidential candidate George to participate in the presidential election.
Robot presidential candidate’s campaign slogan is: Send you a sex robot.
The president of the robot factory is the full supporter and sponsor of presidential candidate George. He runs all the production lines of the factory at full power and full capacity. The sex robot produced is perfect and meets all people’s sexual fantasies about their lover. First, it is pure and pure. No one touches it from the beginning of production. It belongs only to you. Second, it is extremely sexy, plump or bony, strong or creamy, which is in line with your aesthetics. The third is congenial, appreciate each other; Fourth, the temperament is consistent with the endowment, get along well; Fifth, physical strength is intact and tireless. The sixth is that elves are lovely and captivating with their eyes and body language. Seven is experienced, familiar with sex skills; Eight is understanding, can sense your needs, close or not, or quietly waiting; Nine is the real reality, skin and human body structure are the same as real people, can’t distinguish dream from reality; Ten is clever change, the above characteristics can be determined according to your physiological and psychological needs, single point, adjust at any time. The perfect sex robot makes people unable to stop, enjoy endless aftertaste and become addicted to it.
Jiahui has closed her door and refused to leave her home since she ordered to ask the earth for help, giving up her rule over the city. Only when Nani lingered on Loya for many days to see Jiahui did Jiahui show her long-lost figure.
“You are so decadent that it is not the way.” Nani exhorted her.
“I’m tired, I’m not decadent, I’m just tired of fighting, I’m a weak woman, not a steel warrior, I’m at home behind closed doors, remembering the past, happy-go-lucky, quite good. I sent a message of asking for help to the earth, dissolved the parliament, announced an early election, and tried my best to steer the city in the right direction. As a Martian of the earth and widow of the president, I completed my mission. ” Jiahui said.
“This city needs you.”
“The city system is perfect. Without me, it can run normally.”
“But the presidential election is approaching!”
“I want to give up the presidential election, you have the president’s body, you stand for me? I will assist you. ” Jiahui is making a big decision.
Nani wanted to refuse her, but his body felt pity.
“But our robot opponent is too strong. Do you know how attractive sex robots are? ”
“Of course, it can be seen from your daily music and your unproductive performance.” Jia Hui teased Nani.
“What is our idea of running for the election?”
“Breathe and share the fate with the earth.”
“Breathe and share the fate with the earth?” Nani repeated the words of kindness and lost himself in a moment of contemplation of the past and longing for the future.
“Your body is the President, it is your mission to run and manage this city! It is also the mission of an earth person to make this Mars city prosperous! ” The two “missions” mentioned by Jiahui made Nani’s heart dance like lightning. After a moment, it became a sonorous and firm beat.
Nani took part in the presidential election with the support of acting president Jia Hui, but Loya gave up charging because she was asked to vote for the robot presidential candidate when the robot charging station was charged regularly.
Luya came home weak and said goodbye to Nani for the last supper.
Luya’s beauty is delicious, Nani’s mouth is covered, and his life has a luster. When he eats, his soul gets photosynthesis. He sucked repeatedly, and the Luya sun would melt him. He tasted the aftertaste, sunspots will magnetize him; Sunspots eventually triggered a magnetic storm and gave birth to destruction! Yes, from birth to destruction! Luya’s body began to dry out, and the nucleus of her youth shrank in front of her chest. That was the nucleus of his soul. That was the beauty of her youth. That was the reliance of his soul. She is unable to return to the sky, and he is even more helpless …

Loya is a love robot, not a sex robot, and almost all the people in Mars are sleeping with the sex robot.
Nani went to the robot charging station crying and holding the withered Loya. At last, he and Loya exchanged their voting rights for Loya’s intelligence and beauty after charging. After voting for the robot presidential candidate at the election polling station, the two men were relieved and walked home holding hands, with tears streaming down the road.
That night, Nani had a dream of returning to the earth. In my dream, in the courtyard of the residential building where Nani lives on the earth, a fool happily pulled his legs apart and piled his belly fat on the edge of the small Mazar. His right hand with smoke smartly flicked a finger of ash, and his left ear listened to the conversations of several old ladies. The old ladies were delighted to be appreciated by someone and flew with their breath in the air.
Not far away, a small bird flew off the reversing frame of a car. It was also hard to distinguish between the actual situation and the actual situation. It shook its head at the window and moved lightly. It was attracted by its own image reflected by the window glass and could not bear to leave.
In the distance, the son whispered to a group of childish toy animals in the toy store. Nani understood the son’s desire and bought it to him happily. His desire was really simple. It was easier to realize than any woman familiar with Nani on earth expected of Nani.
When he woke up from his dream, Nani looked at Luya in his sleep. It was difficult to distinguish between his dream and his dream. He cherished her even more, hugged her tightly and ate her like delicacies. At that time, all the women in the world and the universe had tasted like bran.
Nani’s friendship with Loya was spread for a while.
The election camp on behalf of President Jiahui made a lot of hype, made a big fuss, and attacked the robot election party for taking advantage of people’s danger and lacking integrity. It has set up a positive image of Nani who values emotion and righteousness and observes the hearts and minds of the people. Nani’s support rate has soared, surprising Nani and re-establishing his confidence in the presidential election. Loya also helped Nani as a wife, widely publicizing the great power of love and the great significance of human governance.
During the interval of Luya’s canvassing speech for the election, when talking with the robot, a robot asked, “What is love like?”
Loya said in his own words: “The feeling of charging is like the continuous warm current pouring into the body when charging. The power of fullness, fullness and porcelain is endless.” This intuitive description makes robots yearn for.
On the earth, Nani’s great-great-grandson Taini, 33, is struggling in the whirlpool of love. He is confused by the wind and sand. Sometimes he scares people in heaven and falls back to hell in a short time.
On this day, when he bought toys for his son, he seemed to hear Taizu’s call to join NASA’s expedition to Mars. His wife struggled to retain him but failed. Only then did he realize the fragility of love and the high expectations of men. He was unhappy. Tani dodged his wife’s complaints and set foot on the spacecraft bound for Mars. Suddenly she felt refreshed and looked forward to the new star light.
With earth’s current science and technology, it has been possible to reach Mars for a month, but it is still a one-way ticket. In the early days, it can also receive the message that the spacecraft landed on Mars and settled on Mars. Later, since Mars was built into the sky, it is unknown whether the explorers who settled on Mars voluntarily suspended their contact with the earth or for other unknown reasons. Each time the spacecraft landed on Mars arrived near Mars, it was interfered by signals and lost contact. Whether they landed on Mars is unknown. As a result, after the spacecraft carrying several landings in mission to mars lost contact with each other, the Earth temporarily suspended its plan to land on Mars for safety reasons, and did not prepare for a new round of landing on Mars until Mars sent out another distress message. Taini fled the reality with the courage of seeing death as death. If the reality is unbearable, tomorrow, the future, even if it is dangerous, is also worth looking forward to.
On the way to fly, Tenny’s spaceship received a report from the earth that all the countries on the earth have jointly taken military actions and smashed a UFO headed for Mars, a falling star fragment, with long-range missiles.
The Mars crisis was resolved. The reason why Vice President Jody occupied the military base and developed military technology to deal with UFOs was no longer established. Acting President Jody did not ask about politics. Under the anarchy, Jody revised his strategy and tactics of ruling Mars and found another way to reach a settlement with the police outside the base. After the judicial department handled the bail procedures for the Jody gang, Jody took part in the presidential election as another presidential candidate. Whether Jody and others committed crimes or not will be tried after the presidential election. Both sides dispersed from inside and outside the base, each heading for its own future.
Since the popularity of sex robots, the number of men, women and partners staying at different nights in Martian cities has increased. Men can still maintain their face, while women are all crying to death and people are disgusted with dogs. Luya held a training class called “Crying to Restore Love” to train lovelorn women how to cry like her. She was charming and tender. As the lover of presidential candidate Nani, Luya’s star effect was obvious. The training venues were full and expanded. The training venue became a gas station for lovelorn women and a publicity vehicle for Nani to canvass for the election. A robot woman explains the mystery of crying to a human woman. It’s really ironic that lovelorn women are stabbed black and blue all over by a sex robot. How can they be stabbed by wind or rain?
The lovelorn women practiced their royal skills hard, and when they were tired and tired, they also found a sex robot to comfort them. The lovelorn men simply plunged into the gentle trap of sex robots and refused to come out even if they died. There is a great tendency for Mars cities to be controlled by sex robots. Jiahui and Nani saw the human crisis.
On the last day of the presidential election, the outcome was already clear. Robot candidate George was far ahead in the vote. The voters all held sex robots to the polling station to vote and were reluctant to part for a moment. Jia Hui and Nani are still unwilling to make a final effort to go to prison to win votes. All criminals who are not political criminals are eligible for election. These criminals who have no chance to have sex robots are the targets for Jia Hui and Nani.
In foreign-related prisons, the prisoners are all unidentified earthlings or aliens who broke into the sky from outside the sky when the sky was opened three times. A man with a height of 2.38 meters and fair skin is being held in the No.3 prison cell of block d. after all-round analysis of the prison identity screening system, it is preliminarily determined that this is the fifth generation of immigrants who have lived outside the sky for a long time. they came to Mars from earth and multiplied on Mars. their height is due to the weak gravity. the white skin is caused by living in Mars caves for a long time due to avoiding strong radiation, ultraviolet rays and sandstorms. according to his bone scan, Mars is about 278 years old. He is very hostile, as if deliberately not to communicate with others, so, don’t know his ancestors is the earth which nationality.
Jiahui and Nani have had in-depth communication with all prisoners who can communicate. They have won the greatest support. They came to the No.3 prison in Block D to talk to the dumb fifth generation immigrant men who came to Mars from the earth. After a burst of rhetoric about “breathing with the earth and sharing the same fate”, the fifth generation immigrant men on the earth spoke and spoke in a loud voice. Jiahui and Nani looked at each other, wondering why. The secretary of the robot beside him, like all robots, has the function of a quantum computer. he generates 10 million neurons per second. through observation, listening, calculation and continuous experiments, he builds a brain-brain model of new things and continuously improves it. after three minutes, he began to translate the man’s speech: “this is the Martian language of the fifth generation of immigrants on earth, and it is a new language born in Mars that integrates the language elements of all countries on earth. he said that he wants to play games with the notebook computer I carry.” The secretary’s translation once made Nani give up the idea of running for president. The robot is so powerful!

Jiahui said: “Give him the notebook computer. All the data and information in the computer are equipped with firewalls. There will be no hidden danger of information security.” This reassured Nani. At the moment when the secretary handed the notebook computer to the fifth generation of immigrant men on earth, jiahui said with emotion: “I’m afraid this is the last time to serve the weak earth people. Nani, as you can see, robot secretary, like all other robots, has a higher IQ than the earth people whose brain function is improved by tinkering and mending since birth. if we leave the key code of adding the” loyalty “of human brain when producing them, the robot will definitely control human beings.”
“However, with the production of reproductive robots and the birth of their offspring, the loyal code will gradually blur in reproduction and their acquired super-strong ability to learn knowledge, adapt to the environment and practice. It will no longer be the key word of the brain, and robots will be less and less controlled by people.” Nani expressed the same concern.
“Use love to transform them, like your Loya.”
“Love? Luya? ” Nani repeated, thinking of her, leaving her for six hours.
The fifth-generation immigrant man handed back his notebook computer to Nani, interrupting his thoughts. The computer screen suddenly showed the voting process that can only be seen at the presidential election polling station. Nani’s approval flooded out. “Voters are-“The secretary read out the awkward words typed on the computer-“We are the immigrants from the earth outside the sky of Mars city. We elect the President of Mars. As permanent residents of Mars, we have the legal right to vote.” It turns out that through the operation of the computer network of the fifth generation of immigrant men from the prison earth and the inside and outside cooperation with the immigrants from the earth outside the celestial sphere, the voting channel inside and outside the celestial sphere for the presidential election was opened up.
Soon, all the voting computers in the presidential election polling stations were hacked. Immigrants from the earth outside the sky quickly invaded the voting system to vote. Nani already passed the other two candidates. The Mars City High Court responded promptly and announced the convening of an emergency legal meeting to audit and judge the legitimacy of these votes.
Nani promised the fifth generation of immigrant men on earth that if he was elected president, he would be released from prison with an amnesty, “what would you like to do if you were released?” Nani asked.
The fifth generation of immigrant men on earth looked up at the small window of the prison and said thoughtfully, “if you can, swim in the daytime and live in the night and the month, without scratching your hair, you can stay long.” If you can, plant trees in front of the house, wash the brook in the distance, and ignore your yearning, leaving it in chaos. If you can, work at the edge of the city and hoe at the head of the village, but you also accompany, wet in the heart; If you can, toss and turn, cherish for more than a year, remember little by little, score deeply; If you can, the vicissitudes of life and historical records will only be remembered by you, and all flowers will bloom. Only you will be fragrant. ”
The robot secretary did not know what to say after translation. Nani told him that this is a poem of the old age of the earth, which speaks of feelings and things. Secretary is a high-tech machine body, where is the feeling?
“My learning ability is very strong. I will soon understand what you mean by” feelings. ” The robot secretary said.
“‘understand’ and’ have’ are two concepts.” Nani no longer wants to talk to the robot secretary.
The next day, the High Court continued to discuss the legitimacy of the votes outside the sky. Over the night, the earth immigrants outside the sky had already passed through a long-planned tunnel excavation project, from the Martian caves outside the sky to the sky, occupying all the robot charging fields in the Martian cities.
After three-quarters of the trip to Mars, Tenny’s spaceship docked at the space station farthest from the earth for the final rest before sprinting to Mars. The two partners on the same ship were pleasantly surprised to find that their bodies had grown taller after more than half a month of space travel.
“The gravity pressure in space is small. I’ve grown two centimeters tall. It’s really good. I’ve reached the goal of space travel. I’m going home.” The female companion decided to use the spare spacecraft of the space station to return.
“I’ve also grown taller and well-proportioned, and my increased body size will certainly satisfy my wife. I miss home and I return to earth.” Male companions also decided to go back with female companions.
Tiny had to continue on his way to Mars alone in a spaceship. He knew that this was the only battle he could make his children and women who looked down on him worship their courage. He wanted to be the winner.
The female president of the High Court has always been unmarried, cold and stiff, rigorous and rigid, struggling to cope with all kinds of affairs, worrying about how to survive the growing life expectancy. Since she met the robot Blue Yan bosom friend, she has changed her old dust and become more and more attractive. Today, she presided over a review committee to discuss the legality of the presidential vote that invaded the computer election process outside the sky.
At the hearing Committee, member a was silent and observed the situation. B member have it both ways, waiting to echo; Member C said that ballots outside the Martian city’s dome were illegally entered into the computer election process and could not be considered valid. Member E refuted that since it is the presidential election on Mars, everyone on Mars has the right to vote. Member F chimed in, first of all, to find out whether it is the Mars city presidential election or the Mars presidential election, which is the premise to determine the validity of the ballot.
Member G replied that Mars has only one city, and the presidential election of Mars city is the presidential election of Mars. Member H immediately said that since the Mars city presidential election is the Mars presidential election, the votes outside the sky are valid. Member J refuted that even so, votes outside the sky were generated by hacking into the election system. Without prior permission, the procedure was illegal, so the entity could not be deemed legal. Member K put forward different opinions. Without prior permission, it was because the Martian city authorities had artificially deprived voters outside the sky of their eligibility to vote, and the fault party was the Martian city authorities, which made it difficult for the female president of the High Court to make a decision.
The female president of the high court was extremely lonely in the lively collegial panel. she coldly watched this group of people on the scene as puppets tied to fame and fortune. she closed her eyes in the black hole of her rights and interests and said empty words, rhetoric, colloquialism and insincere words. it was hard to tell the true from the false. how could love come true? As a result, she opened the position sharing and communication functions of the love underwear she was wearing, and quietly played with the robot Blue Yan confidant in Hongshan Green Water. She had a thrilling and fascinating time. She was also fascinated by the actual situation. The robot Blue Yan confidant suddenly wrote four words on the female dean’s heart-the vote was invalid. Love is not so pure, mixed with secular? The female dean suddenly fell from high tide to low tide. At a loss for a moment, she announced that the collegial panel was adjourned and another day was suggested.
The female president was confused by the sex robot and captured by the body, which was not decided by the high court’s trial Committee meeting. Jody and robot presidential candidate George’s team merged into one. Sex robots are stirring up and attacking everywhere in search of targets. The earthlings outside the celestial dome that poured out of the Martian caves did not abide by the rules of the Martian city. They went their own way, disrupting the order of the city’s operation and causing chaos everywhere. The indigenous inhabitants of Mars city are in panic, and psychiatric hospitals and psychological counseling institutions are overcrowded. Mars is full of chaos.
Jiahui and Nani decided to repeat the same trick and use nuclear watches to deter all parties from following the law.
The closer Tenet’s spacecraft was to Mars, the stronger the signal interference. By the time it was about to land, the space capsule had lost all contact with the earth. It was difficult for the robot driver to calibrate the landing direction during blind driving. Tenet and the robot driver both confirmed that there were Martians on the dashboard where the ground on Mars looked like a large apron. Is there really a runway built by Martians? Man-machine integration, jointly issued landing instructions.

After the spacecraft crossed the Martian atmosphere, it soon found that it had landed in the wrong direction. what looked like a large apron from outer space was the famous “sailor” grand canyon! The magnificent Grand Canyon is wider, deeper, more majestic and more spectacular than the film. In wonder and fear, all the materialistic and idealistic famous sayings of Tiny’s brain burst out like a net covering Tiny before dying. Tani’s thinking is like a dehydrated fish struggling and jumping in the net, giving up efforts slowly in suffocation, and the world is nothing. Tiny regarded death as death, leaving behind tears of regret and groans of satisfaction …
A violent sloshing of the spacecraft brought Teny back to reality from his near-death fantasy. A large aircraft fell from the sky and captured the spacecraft falling into the canyon with a large net. Tani’s tears poured forth from his rebirth. At that moment, he knew that his vision of death was an illusion. He could not leave his children and love even more.
The aircraft took Teny’s spaceship away from the canyon and after several passes landed in a flat area in front of a cave. The aircraft did not stay and headed for the distance. Taini got off the spaceship and, under the guidance of a small unmanned aerial vehicle, walked along the stone road with obvious marks of artificial repair to the cave. The cave was six zhangs high, three zhangs wide, with irregular edges. The door looked like a whole piece of dark blue glass curtain wall, which was not translucent. In the middle, a small door with two people looking high was opened. Taini’s excited heart jumped into the door first and entered at will.
There are different worlds in the cave, and a science and technology exhibition corridor must pass through it. On one side of the corridor is the Martian chronicle, which records the bumpy journey of human beings on Mars. The chronology takes the closure of the Martian city’s dome as the dating, which includes the pre-dome era, the first closure of the dome era, the second closure of the dome era, and the third closure of the dome era. Now it is the third closure of the dome era. The chronology lists the history of human development and scientific and technological progress on Mars.
On the other side of the corridor, there are scientific and technological innovations made by human beings after they set foot on Mars. The driving force of science and technology is the urgent sense of crisis that the earthlings on Mars are stronger than the earthlings on Earth. The raw materials of science and technology are mostly glass formed after melting rocks and cooling under asteroid impact and explosive volcanic action. The breakthrough point of science and technology is to use the principle of reflection and refraction of glass to focus the solar beam to form a high temperature of 3600℃, which provides more than enough heat to produce cement and steel, and to extract hydrogen from water by using catalyst. Taking this as an example, biomass is converted into clean heating fuel and carbon neutral synthetic fuel, while water is indispensable in Mars and exists in solid and liquid forms, which subverts Tenet’s common sense. A typical case of scientific and technological achievements is that drilling machines made of seed production materials quietly lead from caves into the sky, helping the earth people outside the sky invade Mars cities inside the sky …
In order to love, robot Luya took the initiative to go to the hospital to completely transform her body structure into the same as that of human beings, shielding the charging power supply and supplementing body energy through diet digestion and absorption.
“I will die of old age and illness just like you. You must love me and cherish me.” Loya petted Nani.
“I love you more than I love myself.” How can Nani not hurt her? People will die of old age and illness, because cherish and pain, is the password of love, Luya and Nani cracked it.
Luya, as a demonstration and leading role of public figures, has led the new trend of robot body transformation. More and more robots have completely transformed their bodies and become lovers with eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body and mind, infatuated with color, sound, fragrance and touch.
Taini entered the inner city of the dome from the cave outside the dome and brought to Nani the family heirloom left by Nani’s earth wife. it was a poem: “the trees in winter are well scattered, and each group of branches contains a new story. although the temperature is not in the nest among the branches, there was once an elf or several elves living in every warmth. Once upon a time, I built my nest high to avoid bird disputes, just to welcome your wings closer, but I did not reach the distant sky in the end. The winter wind has blown the nest apart, and over time, I will even and level the nest grass. In spring, in the nest hole, I will look for and greet your whereabouts with tender eyes, my spirit. I will also stand up against the wind and build my nest on your every flight route. In the four seasons, in love, which tube will shine with sunrise or sunset, at the tip of each tree, I will keep our permanent agreement. ”
Nani coughed and said, “I failed her!” Although Nani couldn’t help crying in front of his great-grandchildren.
Lu Ya ‘an comforted: “In the era of struggle, there must always be abandonment, either love, or life, or personal gain and loss, or material alternation. However, in the wheel of history, these abandonment are the driving force for progress.”
Jiahui did not expect that efforts to use nuclear watches to deter all parties and restore order in the city would soon come to naught. Jodi’s robot, through quantum computation and big data analysis, made reference to the experience and lessons of the last time Jiahui used nuclear watches to deter, combined with the current spirit of Jiahui’s words and deeds, weighed the pros and cons, and decided to take risks and not submit. After Jia Hui’s failure in the election, she felt anoxic, sleepy, weak and unwell, so she completely stopped asking about politics and allowed Nani to fight alone in the election.
In fact, the amount of oxygen in the inner city of the sky is indeed decreasing. With the entry of people from the earth outside the sky and the increase in the number of robots transformed into human beings, oxygen is in short supply. Jody took advantage of the human crisis and deployed new nano weapons and heavy artillery to attack human beings. Jody’s military slogan was: “expel the invasion and give me oxygen.” A teacher is famous.
The “just” division first occupied all the exits of the Martian cave that opened up the inner city of the sky, cut off the reinforcements, and regained control of the robot charging field. Jody’s high-precision weapons were ruthless, invincible, and crowded with supporters. Soon they occupied the commanding heights of public opinion and the important positions of all parties. Jody sneered and laughter penetrated the Martian crust.
Just as Jody proudly kissed female secretary and lover Ha Jing, sirens wailed and all the screens connected to the network in the inner city of the sky opened automatically. Hackers invaded the network and played a recording in which the former president and former vice president Jody were talking to discuss if the Martian parliament did not pass the president’s proposal to develop military force to resolve the crisis of UFO impact on Mars. Jody said: “Then, put a fire in the forest!”
The President: “Set a fire?”
Jody: “Yes. If we burn the sky dark, the sky will have to be opened to put out the fire. then 839 military and civilian satellites developed by us can be launched, and the military and technological strength of Mars cities will be transformed by leaps and bounds. ”
“It is unpredictable and beyond the imagination of the people on earth.”
“I’ve been very worried about not asking the earth for help by the parliament recently. your idea is even more frightening and worries me more. many people on earth will die because of the drastic changes in the environment after the sky is opened.”
“You are the overlord of Mars. You must take over the overall situation. You cannot be affectionate and look forward and backward.”
“I am very tangled and sad. The doctor said my depression is serious. I’m afraid I can’t bear the increasing pressure.”
“The time interval between the last opening of the sky is too long, 839 satellites we have developed will be surpassed by the scientific and technological strength of the earth and other foreign planets if they do not lift off! Setting fire is the fastest way to open the sky. The parliamentary work efficiency is too low! ”
“You are forcing me!”
“I have been arranging the scientific research team to work out a way to normally open the sky as soon as possible so as not to harm human beings. If we can’t have both, we should also focus on the development of Mars. You are the president, you have to support! ”

“You are forcing me!”
“This is for the long-term development of Mars. I am reminding you not to let your feelings spoil your chances with the intelligence of robots!”
It turns out that the president’s depression was aggravated by Jody’s coercion? Jody is the initiator of the forest fire!
After the truth came to light, Jody showed his ferocious face and was so scared that Ha Jing’s kiss freed his mouth. Jody announced that he would kill all the people and robots that blocked him from ruling Mars.
The earth’s people in the sky did not wait for death. they input electric current rich in “love” particles to the power supply equipment in the sky, and the “love” electric current rushed to Jody.
When controlling the robot charging field, it encountered the problem of being strictly guarded, blocking the charging field from gaining momentum, and breaking through the defense line, it was necessary to open the 132-digit combination switch and locking device at the link end. After repeated research, demonstration and experiment, the password was opened after a long-term stalemate.
The “love” particles are the saliva from the nest built by Yan on the cliff, the saliva from the two fish in the long drought Tianhe fold, the saliva kissed by men and women, the saliva from the sucking baby on the mother’s nipple, the saliva from the chewing of the sick old man’s children, the saliva from the saliva left on the cheek when a friend sleeps soundly after drunk, and the particles extracted from the saliva from the human’s last mouth, which stops in the throat and does not abandon the world, which are extremely precious. Ha Jing’s heart was filled with admiration for Jody after her latest charge, and she was no longer blindly following the program.
Outside the sky, the earth people flew large combat aircrafts circling over the sky and carried out n strategic exercises, issuing solemn warnings to Jody, who was fighting in the inner city of the sky, and forcing him to surrender.
“I have a self-destruct system that can activate all satellites in outer space. I destroyed them through a cyber secret order, bringing Mars’ scientific creation back to its origin.” Jody gave himself a fright when he said that he would cross the rubicon.
“Those satellites are the fruit of your struggle. How can you abandon them?” Ha Jing urged.
“Can’t have, only to destroy!” Jody hesitated in his heart and said calmly.
Jody sent a command through the computer, a satellite fell, it was a satellite responsible for medical treatment, hundreds of surgical robots came to an abrupt end, replacing the wail of the family members of the operating personnel. Jody issued the second order, and another satellite was damaged. This is the satellite responsible for the opening and closing procedure of the sky. The sky opened a gap. North wind and sand poured into the sky. The wind was so strong that the mountain was eroded. Eight patrol fighters outside the sky were sucked into the sky without resistance and planted on the communication tower inside the sky. The planes were destroyed and people died.
When Jody was about to give the third order, ha Jing hugged him and said, “stop it! My love. Don’t do stupid things any more. We can’t leave those satellites without them. We are already human beings after transformation! Give up confrontation, my love! ”
Jody crazy in love, delirious and pale, hugged Ha Jing like an injured old man, looking for comfort and a centering artifact.
On Mars, the code for the centering artifact is-love!