Enjoy yourself

Xiaose autumn, windy weather. Returning from the night shift, exhausted physically and mentally.

However, in the dwelling house, there may not be nothing gratifying and cola. Looking carefully, these delightful things are still a series.

Bathe. Because of the hard days, you are calm, serene and enjoyable in the bath. You can take matters of the world, work, and family, solemn, trivial, and forget them regardless of disregard. The rain-like clean water not only washed your body, but also made your heart soft and moisturized, and your soul fresh and clean. A bath is like a little rebirth. After leaving the bathroom, is there a kind of kind surprise that Du Li Niang was resurrected?

Laundry. Soak the family’s clothes for washing with detergent, wait for the dust to melt away, and Xinmu’s hair is dry, so wear a light and loose coat, squat and scrub. Seeing that the filth was gone, Xinfen was gradually coming, and he felt very comfortable. Then it was hung on the balcony hangers, neatly fluttering, full of fragrance, full of inner accomplishment.

Take a nap. Everything was over and I took a nap in bed. Habitually turning a few pages of the book, writing a few strokes, the pen has not let go, and the dimness has already arrived. A pillow is black and sweet, but without yellow beams. When I woke up, I felt as light as a swallow, if my heart was new, and my actions were bright and clear, and my masters were quick and calm, but more calm.

wipe. Seeing the sills, bedsides, tables and chairs covered in dust, he often turned a blind eye to them, and sometimes just looked at the disgust but was too lazy to do it. On this day, I was full of interest and climbed the bed. Not only did I clean the window sills, bedside tables, tables and chairs, I also washed all the screens in the house, but also wiped the most difficult chandelier like brand new. After a labor, I feel the hormone balance in the body, and even the breath is sweet and sweet. After sorting it out, nowhere looks unpleasant to the eye, and the heart is as smooth and shiny as satin.

reading. All sorts of chores, not only did not waste time, but also in return for a stable, serene, clean reading environment and state of mind. Reading at this time, as if the breeze is coming, the fragrance is in the heart, reaching the square inch, never forgetting. Books are more than just scrolls and words on paper. Why do n’t everyone who hears the eye “speak with their ears and see the color with their eyes”? Everything in the world is a book, “It’s inexhaustible and inexhaustible, it’s the endless possession of the creator”, and I’m free to soar and find peace in it. Isn’t it joy!

Think carefully, not only bathing, washing, resting, wiping, reading can be happy. With all things in the heart, how can the world be unhappy?

The easiest thing in life is to look for troubles, but in fact, what is the only thing that is full of pain and trouble, but can’t find happiness in it?

On the way to life, the rarest thing is to be “happy with yourself”. Having fun, Taishan’s tops and dark clouds are only silver-like wax gun tips, which have nothing to do with me. As for the small events, small temptations, and small disturbances that seem to be troubling, the gains cannot be increased by one percent, and the losses cannot be lost by one cent, let alone worry about it.

Self-seeking trouble is a kind of self-indulgence that drags down material desires and falls down; self-satisfaction is a sublimation of the soul that has read the thousand sails and escaped the shackles. In the limited time of Bai Ku, why suffer? Why not enjoy the quiet and ethereal years of peace?

With a state of contentment, everything will become relaxed, wishful, interesting, and full of vitality; the happiness of life, the beauty of life, unfolding slowly, and the rest of your life can be wasted.

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