How to use a breast pump properly

How to choose the right breast pump
The choice of breast pump can be roughly divided into the following types according to the reason and frequency of breast milk mother use:

● Hospital-level electric breast pump

This type of breast pump has many gears, large suction power and fast collection of breast milk. It is suitable for mothers with postpartum separation, insufficient baby sucking times, and frequent stimulation. However, this type of product is expensive, so there is no need to buy it separately. You can rent this type of breast pump host and buy the accessories yourself to use.

● Personal electric breast pump

This type of breast pump has fewer stalls, less suction, and is slower to collect breast milk than hospital-grade breast pumps. Suitable for women who pump breasts at work. Divided into unilateral and bilateral, you can choose according to milk volume and frequency of use.

● Manual breast pump

This type of breast pump collects milk more slowly than an electric breast pump, but it is cheap and easy to carry. Suitable for women who need occasional use.

How to use a breast pump properly
While following the instructions of the breast pump itself, you must also observe the following general principles.

● Wash your hands with soap and water before breast-feeding, but you don’t have to wash your breasts and nipples, so as not to cause local skin dryness, increased friction, and reduced barrier function, but will easily cause damage.

● Make sure that breast pump accessories and containers for breast milk are clean. Clean here means clean, not sterile, there is no need to boil or steam in boiling water.

● Make sure that the horn cover that fits your breasts is the right size. The nipples should not rub against the piping parts of these components, or they will be prone to damage. For people with tapered breasts, the choice of breast pump is even more prudent.

How to improve breast pumping efficiency
To be clear, breast milk is shot, not sucked. If there is no lactation reflex, no matter how powerful the power is, it will damage the nipple. How to stimulate lactation reflex?

● Gently massage the breast before suctioning.

● Use a wet towel to apply heat to the breast. The temperature of the wet towel should not be too high, preferably 38 to 40 degrees Celsius.

● Suction in a dark and quiet room to eliminate outside interference and focus.