Loud rain

The sound of footsteps on the stairs flickered far and near, and a few fireflies flying low among the grasses flickered and flickered. In the twilight from the beginning of Liu Lan, there was a blurry golden halo. My body curled into a bow, lighter and lighter, levitating and climbing in a void. Unsure whether I am awake or a dream. Such paradoxes, those days, I always patronize my body more and more densely. Before going to bed, I went downstairs and drank a bowl of medicine. The oil lamp is like a bean, and the house is still as if soaked in the yellow water. The mother stood by the cooktop and couldn’t see what she was holding on her waist. The turbulent wind hung her swollen shadow on the wall and flung it around. She ignored me, as if I was a non-speaking object in this room. She raised her neck, her eyes pierced through my body, and stretched out toward the endless dark night outside the door.

Tomorrow I’ll bring the show to the city!

When the mother said this, the sky was still bright. The blood-red residual sun splits the courtyard dam into two distinct fan faces of half-yin and half-yang. The three goose wearing phoenixes quacked and grabbed the grains thrown at their feet, fluttered their wings, and tried to cross the stern threshold in front of them. Father put down the bowl, yelled, and pulled his leg to block the door. But he only took a step, suddenly twisted his feet, slowly turned his face to face his mother. His mother didn’t look at him. She stretched out her chopsticks and pinched a dark turnip. She clicked in her mouth, like eating a pile of pig iron. Let’s go to the county hospital! She said again.

This suggestion was not raised for the first time by the mother. One morning when the paddy field began to freeze last winter, my father took me to Wutao Town, twenty miles away, and when I saw the old Chinese doctor with a long beard with a red nose, my mother began to mumble. But she spoke very lightly, afraid that anyone would hear it. In fact, the father heard it every time, but he was always impatient, and scolded his mother to carry the knife and kill the chicken all the way, or he just turned around and walked angrily. Something happened during this period. Grandfather suddenly fell ill. Several township hospitals rolled down without improvement. That day, the dying grandfather took his father and asked him to quickly invite a few people to go back and clean up the whole land. We all know that it was a centuries-old homeland pointed out to a grandfather by a senior man who walked the Quartet many years ago. Grandpa froze, the muddy liquid was ebb tide, and he had covered his pit-like eye socket without knowing it. It seemed that he was about to fall out, and his father let out a slack mouth and went to the county seat. Within half a month, his grandfather returned from the county town in a healthy manner. It was like winning a battle. From then on, he seized the opportunity to talk about the experience of the county hospital, especially the details of the mother trustee to advance the operation two days in advance, following his saliva flying in front of the listener again and again, as if the mother ran to Yan There was a life lost for Wang Ye.

Every time my grandfather talked about his father, his father was like a mother who robbed him of his work. He shrank and hid in a corner to smoke, and chased his mother with a pair of hawkish eyes while smoking. During that time, the parents’ quarrel became as dense as the stars on their heads. Her mother became crumbling again, and she pushed the purple coat back from the city into the bottom of the box. One day, they were noisy. The father didn’t know what to say. The mother froze and raised his hand to give him a loud slap. Then they twisted together like two ants. When I ran to the tobacco leaf of Shanwan to retrieve my grandfather, the door of the compartment was closed tightly, without any movement. The next day the sun hit three shots before she saw her mother push the door out. It was puzzling that the long waist-length hair that she hadn’t known for many years had disappeared. There seemed to be an extra piece of skin on her back neck, and with her head swaying there was a shocking white light. My migraine still kept going back and forth, and some of my mother’s memories seemed to be missing with her long hair. At that time, Ren’s father took me everywhere to find a prescription for the clinic. She frowned and gave me the decoction. She signed the prescriptions smoothly, and entered the top compartment of the drawer like a medal. She never mentioned it again. County hospital. Until this evening, I carried my school clothes on my back, lowered my head and appeared at their dinner table, and told them, sir, let me cure the illness before returning to school. The classroom is not a place to sleep.

Dang then was swallowed into my belly. My father heard the general, bulging in a balloon and said nothing. The word that popped out of his mother’s mouth was obviously a pushpin that pierced his balloon. He came back abruptly, and the small bench fluttered along with him. His right hand was still stiff at the height where he was going to catch the goose, but his fingers were burned like some hot leaves, and they fell slowly by the ear. He opened his mouth, but his mouth seemed to be stuffed with a rag and he said nothing. He filed a heavy look at me, and raised his brows like a staircase, then stood up, stepped on firecrackers, and went around behind the pigpen.

The two geese turned in successfully. As their heads with red sarcomas rushed towards our low wooden table, the mother swiftly raised the leftover grains on their pale wings. They yelled, and as they scrambled into a new round of scramble, their mother cursed indignantly, hopping at her father. Then they quarreled. Their quarrels flowed up and down, like a pig being choked, and couldn’t hear a word.

One day many years later, in the past, I couldn’t tell why, I suddenly found out the night after my parents’ quarrel. The mother looked blank. When I was on the next day and we were sitting in the shuttle bus that was about to fall apart, her long purple coat was repeatedly lifted up by the wild wind that was poured into the broken window. My mother’s eyes finally passed a bright color. Speaking of it. She said that because of the recurrent headache, I always thought about it in those years or two. The electricity was cut off that night, and no one managed it. Anyway, the electricity in the countryside was like a child crying. My father and I went to bed very early. She lit up an oil lamp, cleaned the stove, and pulled a sheaf of corn grass for the cow. She also fell asleep. Maybe they were too tired to work during the day, and they slept very heavily until dawn. Even when it rained at night, no one got up to catch the leak. There was a large pool of water in the center of the Second Paradise House, and my feet couldn’t go down.

The mother was immersed in her own narrative, and the wrinkles on her face gathered and scattered, like a river of time, rising and falling. The alley in my head was washed and fresh. That night I stumbled across the courtyard dam, just standing in front of the narrow alley, the roll of lights that seemed to be pushing me forward behind me, was crunched with a “creak” and was cut off alive. In the door. Immediately before the eyes were dark, the ears were breathing faster and faster, Uncle Shuangfu was squatting in a corner of the alley. Withdrawing his head, the door was drowned in the darkness, as if it had never been opened by anyone. I fought a cold war, and the night in front of me was so unreal. I was even a little skeptical. I just woke me upstairs and told me that the woman who called was not a mother, but another person with the same face as her. There was a red voice in my head, meandering, and migraine seemed to be coming again. As soon as I gritted my teeth, closed my eyes, opened my arms, and dragged my fingers like brushes on the opposite walls, flying.

Lane, it’s over.

It was snowing in Yinba’s courtyard. The palm of the burning high-power light bulb, with its dazzling light that couldn’t open the eyes, pulled the silver maiden’s new building to be extremely tall. If Uncle Shuangfu, who was left with a pair of legs, did not drive down his cliff with his pickup truck, if he was still alive, their only three-story brick building repaired from the old yard would definitely grow like a bamboo . When I think of it this way, I’m faintly unconvinced. The big color TV was moved out as usual, and it was placed in the courtyard dam directly opposite the Yinniangtang House. But today the move is obviously a bit redundant. The courtyard was empty and there were no crowds. People probably fell asleep after the power failure. In addition to the red lacquered wooden table five steps away from the TV, there were two men who couldn’t stop talking and drinking, and there was only Yinniang in front of the TV. She may have eaten, or not. Maybe it was just the white-faced scholar on TV who sucked her over. She leaned her butt on a back chair, her neck narrowed like a goose, and she kissed the TV screen.

wilderness. The sky is twilight. The white-faced scholar met a beautiful girl, and the two were whispering something. The pink flames leaped in front of the two. The scholar stretched out a hand, trying to carry a bag for Mei Jiao Niang. The other side pretended to give in, and refused to welcome it. Somehow, for several rounds, the baggage climbed onto the scholar’s shoulder, and Mei Jiao Ni nodded, covering her cherry. Mouth, low eyebrows, shy, followed by broken steps.

It is an episode in “Liao Zhai Zhi Yi”, which seems to be called “Painted Skin”. On the way home in the evening, the two big-ass women walking in front talked about the deadly ghost. When my mother told me that electricity was coming, flashes of light and flint flickered in my head. In watching TV, my mother has always been a little laissez-faire to me, as long as my homework is done, nothing can be done. But it was the first time I had been waking me out of bed like tonight. No one noticed my arrival, the silver mother planted these lush navel oranges on the side of the kitchen just blocking my body. The orange blossom is so fragrant, it seems that if you reach for it, you can pinch a handful of powder.

I paused and suddenly decided to stand there, with a wide field of vision and a little peeping thrill. Then I saw someone. The man who sat opposite Peixiang and held the cup high, as if looking for the best angle to throw the poor cup in his hand, turned out to be his father. Unrealism entangled me strongly. It wasn’t dark yet, and I saw with my own eyes the father who had finished arguing and climbed up onto the bed. Now, when I listen to Duoya, he can penetrate the night, catching his breath on the cypress bed with tenon-and-mortise structure.

Yinniang asked Peixiang grandma to help build the wall. I heard my father said last week. At that time, the mother’s face blew a blush of blood, as if someone slaps hotly. She immediately determined that Yinniang would not marry, and it was impossible for those who wanted to marry to build walls and houses.

People can also recruit men! His father’s voice was clearly dissatisfied. The mother stared strangely at his father. San Niang lived well, staring at her like a goldfish all day long, which dare to go to her bed when she carried her back? His father raised his eyebrows and took a sigh of anger at his feet. He stopped talking about the knife. The yellow rust faded round and round, and an arc-shaped pattern spread on the surface of the whetstone. His sturdy figure fell along with the back and forth of the kitchen knife, as if with whom he was confessing his sin.

Many people in this village want to come with her! The mother seemed to be talking to herself. She tilted the medicine jar at an angle, and when the dark soup smashed the first stain on the edge of the bowl, I saw her take a quick bite on her father’s flat back head with her eyes. The father was invisible. The strange thing is that since that day, he is just like my mother and will not go to the silver maid’s house to watch the color TV. That night I came back from Yinniang. He was still wrapped around the pear tree behind the house like a pile of shadows. He was sweating and holding the round antenna bent by the aluminum wire. Move west. The seventeen-inch black and white, stubbornly flashed snowflakes for a long time, finally twisted together to form a chubby human figure. Yinniang was totally ignorant of all this, and the next day, when she passed the front of my house carrying pigweed, she squatted down as usual, and when she got down, she put her tired back on the ground and prepared to rest. My father was sitting next to the door and was grinding a thin piece of green clams. When he raised his eyes and met the steamy neck that Yin Niang had just opened, he cried suddenly, presumably because his hand was stabbed. Paddling. When he hung his hand and lifted his leg to drill into the room, Yinniang held him with a sweet voice: “Brother is here to help me, too, when will Peixiang grandfather do it alone!” Father had one foot in and one out, like a soft, slumped tail.

Gu, Gu Yu is coming, I have n’t opened the field yet, open the plow! Suddenly, my father’s mouth contained a roast radish. He looked up at the sky as if the field he was going to plow was hanging from the sky. The black dog shook its tail to spread out. I saw the mother under the bamboo forest in front of the courtyard, and her mother stepped on the shadow of her feet, shaking two buckets, paddle-like, kicking over.

The sky suddenly shuddered, and it seemed that someone had reached out his hand and struck his jaw fiercely.

Gu Yu, Gu Yu, this rain is going to rain tonight! Yinhuan—Pei Xiangxiong adjusted her sitting position, tilted her head, and threw this thick voice into Yinniang’s arms like a whip. Yinniang heard it, but she was unwilling to pull her neck from the TV, and turned to the right, her arms dangling on the back of her chair, and her raised fingers circled in the air lazily. Who’s right? Haven’t you heard that thunder and light don’t rain? She glanced scornfully at the red-lacquered table, as if the two men on the table were two drops of rain that couldn’t fall all the time. Yinniang’s words were cramped, and she narrowed her neck and stopped talking. He struck a match lightly and lit a cigarette. The red flame reflected his father’s face, and the glass of wine he suddenly raised. The glass of wine was about to roll out of the glass, shaking, it was clearly a glass of fire. Father lifted his neck and swallowed the fire into his mouth.

Who is drumming? It sounded like a rush, and the sound was pressing, making people feel queasy. He entered a cemetery and the shadows spread over. One eye trembled outside the door, and a pen moved around the door. The camera is turning, zooming in, zooming in. Blue-faced fangs, gaunt look-she, he is an evil!

Ahhh! ——

A meow, like falling straight down from the wall, and like squeezing out from the deepest part of the throat, sharp and melodious, like a dagger, like a cluster of arrows. I saw Yinniang turning her head back, opening her mouth as if she had come out of the water, pressing her turbulent chest with her hand, who was pushed hard from behind by her body, straight to the red paint table. Unknown to his father, he suddenly stood up and took out the chopsticks with his hand. He seemed to want to catch Yinniang’s butt from the back of the chair. But his hand fell into the air, the ass woke up, and suddenly stopped the car. Yinniang also woke up, straightened her waist, exposed her bright teeth to the side of the red paint table, and smiled brightly. Father, like eating a worm, suddenly cleared his throat: Yinhuan, Yinhuan, Pei Xiangxiong ran out of wine!

The voice did not fall, and the silver maiden jumped to the red-lacquered table. She sniffed the two strands of hair in front of her forehead, rubbed her hands, and looked at the dishes and the two men with a smile. For a moment, I felt that the woman dressed in paint on TV had penetrated into the body of Yinniang. You see her small broken steps, small eyes, and her small waist twisting around. If she could have a small tail, I don’t know how jubilant she was now. The silver lady moved over to the kitchen, and I shrank into the navel orange branch subconsciously. The thorns in the tree pierced my forehead, but there was no pain at all. I was just faintly worried that when the silver lady came out, would she peel off the painted human skin and become a ghost?

What magic doctor is there in the world! It’s all fucking bullshit. My father’s words were meaningless.

Did you drink too much? Father Peixiang held the wine glass in my father’s hand. With two hands tied together, an arch bridge was erected over the table. Which one is more, where have you ever seen my skinny? The father collapsed and the bridge collapsed in an instant.

Well, do you know Dr. Ming? what? Doctor Ming. Suddenly his arm swept towards the side of the table like a pole, and several frightened celadon bowls swayed. The cone-shaped cup spun up like a clockwork and flickered diagonally. I don’t know why I went out at this time. But I didn’t reach out my hand, I watched the cup dive down like a wave, breaking around my toes.

The silver lady came out. There is a scent of incense on her. It is a plant fragrance that contaminates the smells of fields, wheat stalks and cooking smoke. There is no orange blossom, but it is full of energy. Like countless invisible vines, it holds your throat and binds your waist, making it difficult for you to breathe. I took a step back and pretended to aim at the TV. The ghost stunned outside Wang Shengfang’s door, staring at the hanging instruments, his teeth biting loudly.

Oh great show, come sit down! The whole village called me Xiucai, including my parents, but she added a big letter in front. She is still a silver mother. But she changed her second voice. Her throat was thin and pointed like a cat in estrus pinched by one hand. I was almost tangled by her cat-like voice. She kept peeling peanuts for me, and with a honeypot in her mouth, she kept boasting about me, making me upset.

The two men at the table didn’t know why, as soon as I came up, they were speechless. Especially my father did n’t care about the broken cup. He cut me a glance and found out the cigarette case, but squeezed it in his hands, grinning with toothache, exposing his mother ’s words during dinner at home. The expression of words. The father-in-law of Peixiang suddenly got up and left. He was worried that his mother-in-law had bad ears, and he was afraid that a thief would remember the cow in his shed that was about to give birth to a cub next month. His father caught him. It may be the effect of alcohol, and I saw a flint of Mars in his eyes.

Dad, do you say a fair word, is that Ming in the county, Dr. Ming is a divine doctor? Does he cure everything? what? You too, help me evaluate, silver-ring! My father’s voice was stuffy and rough, as if his chest was pressed by a stone. I saw Yin Niang suddenly flushed, and seeing that blood was about to leak out of her skin, it made people think that she was the thief of the male cow of Peixiang. Her lips trembled for a while, then suddenly closed. She tilted her head to look at the TV, her shoulders tilted down, as if something had fallen and pressed her.

Lightning is in a hurry! There was a thunderous thunder suddenly in my brain, like running a mottled train, driving me to a quiet field. Mai Lang surrounded us, Zi Yunying was driving heavily. A baffling war happened between a mother and a silver mother, two women who grew up in the same courtyard. From noon to dusk, they seemed hard-hearted and wanted to stand in two in this wheat ridge. Plants growing face to face. Suddenly, the name of a man popped out of Yinniang’s mouth. She repeated it several times, all fluttering, but mixed with the strange weird smell of meow spring. The mother muttered a few words weakly, as if the point had been pointed by that breath Suddenly spreading his hands, he lifted the handle in his hands like a rattlesnake, like a bale of straw, with his butt crooked in the setting sun that waned.

It was windy that day, and Mai Lang was constantly changing around with us. Secretly, I licked the long loose baby tooth with my tongue, opened my mouth, and showed people the miracle of that cavity. But no one cares about me, not even his father, who has been squatting and smoking next to him, would like to glance at it. I finally decided to bury that tooth. After his mother was picked up, his father fell away and headed alone. I ran to the sandbag where he squatted all afternoon, threw him on the side and pushed aside the smoky buttocks, and then made a pit with a branch, and put the whitened tooth like a seed.

That night, my mother never went home, my father poured a drink, and drunk alone. That was the first night in my memory when my mother was not with me. I don’t know where she went. I was even worried that I would never see her again. Sadness tied me like silk. I had a strange dream. The sun is shining brilliantly, ironing against the ground like gold, and the air is disturbing, a thin and clear man who can’t see the eyebrows, walks into our sleeping village, opens the closed door of my house, mouth Sticking it to my father and my ears, asking us about someone, we looked down to see the photo spread out in his hand, but he pushed us away and went straight to the box behind us …

Xiucai, tomorrow we will go to the new … new temple field, the legend said that the doctor … my father suddenly held me from behind, as if holding the last straw for life. Something suddenly rises in my heart and can’t tell what it is. I want to shout at him aloud, I’m not going to the school, I want to go outside like the Second Army and go outside freely, otherwise, it’s not bad to learn to shave with my uncle. But he made me feel sore, and the hot and coy wine squirted into my neck. I can’t say a word.

Yin Niang went to the TV again, but Pei Xiang’s father disappeared. The rain really came. From far to near, as if thousands of wild horses had fallen off, raising their hoofs, breaking the tranquility of this yard. The cold light flashed, and the Taoist drew his sword and fell. While the human skin fell to the ground, the old woman suddenly fell down, showing the appearance of a ghost, like a pig, and howling.

The sound of cricket’s footsteps 挟 fell from the sky, howling wind and rain, howling. I haven’t had time to look back, the erratic shadow has spread over our father and son, rushing away the silver maiden like a leaf, and holding a TV surrounded by rain like a baby. In a blink of an eye, he turned into Yinniang’s temple house.

The pig that was lying on the ground, still twitching its throat, howled in my head. I froze there. My father took a heavy drink, and his eyes were dragged away by the shadow. Yinniang’s eyes were empty, like a piece of frozen ice. But when the mother shook her hand and stepped out of the threshold from the bright hall, Yinniu grinned and chuckled, chuckling, chuckling, like a group of hens who had just laid eggs.

The mother tilted her head and said something to her, then leaped over, as if a flexible hare was hidden inside her. She acted like a joke, spreading an umbrella “handily”, handed it to me, then pulled up her father and plunged into the rain. Yinniang Ding-Dang-Dang ran into the house and Ding-Dang-Dang chased it out. But she seemed to have forgotten what she was trying to do. She raised her umbrella sword like a half-sound before shouting at my parents, hey, wait until the rain stops! The mother did not look back. She opened her arms and took a carefree look at her father’s waist like a man. The father was like a little daughter-in-law who was furious and still playing, and struggled to give way. Maybe he really drank too much. His body didn’t obey his orders. Within two steps, he leaned back and forth against his mother’s shoulder. Their backs looked like they were pinched and stitched together by needle and thread.

I have to get up early tomorrow and bring the show to the city to see a doctor!

The mother’s voice is not loud, but she has the clear and quiet water of the hongxi at the mouth of the beach. I looked back, and Yin Niang’s umbrella, which had not had time to spread, hanged down her exquisite body, like a crutch, weakly on the ground. The dazzling light from the high-power light bulbs from top to bottom hung her face. But her face seemed to be old suddenly.

When they turned around, their parents were no longer visible. Inexplicable puppets came out and instantly wet my clothes. The rain was loud and seemed to be struggling to take away everything in this world, including those joys and sorrows hidden in the night sea, and those subtle sentiments deposited underwater. But I would like to believe that in this growing night, something always grows secretly. Even if a small drop of rain falls, it will eventually trace the clues that it has come, and on every road it passes, in the sky, eaves, river, hills, or somewhere unknown.