Syncope on wedding night

She fainted on her wedding night
The incidence of intercourse syncope is not high in the clinic, and many people do not know much about it. This symptom mostly occurs in newlyweds and young men and women during the first intercourse. When the orgasm comes, the body appears transient and conscious. The phenomenon of loss is manifested as dizziness, pale, cold limbs, sweating, and even loss of consciousness, but consciousness can be restored within tens of seconds. Because this phenomenon is extremely short and often obscured by orgasm, people generally do not pay attention. However, some people, especially women, have a particularly strong manifestation, prolonged time, and even symptoms such as palpitation, shortness of breath, decreased blood pressure, weak pulse, and aphasia. However, there is no organic disease in the body after clinical examination. What we usually call sexual intercourse syncope is medically called “sexual syncope.”

Why did she pass out on her wedding night?
The causes of intercourse syncope are many and may be related to these factors:

● The bride’s weak constitution or excessive mental excitement, tension and excitement, resulting in strong stimulation of the autonomic nerve, causing abnormal vascular motor regulation, expanding the peripheral blood vessels of the body, and causing transient ischemia and hypoxia in brain tissue.

● Improper movements in sexual life can induce syncope. If you hug your opponent’s neck too tightly with your hands, or oppress the lateral area of ​​your opponent’s neck, or your head spins too fast, you may press the carotid sinus baroreceptor, and Causes vagus nerve excitement, resulting in slowed heart rate, reduced cardiac output and reduced peripheral vascular resistance, reduced blood pressure and syncope.

● The wedding night is excessively obsessed with the pursuit of orgasm and indulge yourself, especially the wedding, or heavy physical labor, physical exercise, long distance business trips, and return from travel. If the body is very tired, continuous intercourse will cause syncope.

● Syncope occurs due to fear in the heart. Some women have experienced some misfortunes, such as being abused by a bad person before marriage. At that time, syncope occurred due to excessive fear and anger. When they first had sex with their husband after marriage, the old psychological trauma seemed to be touching the scene. “The old play repeats itself,” and syncope appears again.

● For newly-married couples who have sex for the first time, due to lack of sexual common sense before marriage, excessive tension, rapid breathing and mild respiratory alkalosis, dizziness, chest tightness, numbness in the limbs, and even convulsions and syncope.

● Syncope caused by highly allergic constitution. Individual brides are allergic to her husband’s semen protein or other substances. During or after sex, she has itching, urticaria and other symptoms, accompanied by sneezing, asthma, dizziness, fainting, very few. Anaphylactic shock may even occur.

What to do if you have intercourse syncope
When intercourse syncope occurs, don’t panic, don’t rush to move out of bed, let the patient lie flat, unfasten the collar, keep the head low, to increase the amount of brain blood, head to one side, and keep the airway open , Anti-vomiting material inhaled into the respiratory tract and caused other complications, generally can quickly recover; use acupuncture or thumb to press the person’s mid-point (in the middle between the upper lip and the nostril), usually 1 to 2 minutes to recover as usual, After that, you can drink some sugar water to replenish energy; if you are a serious allergic constitution, you should use condoms correctly in advance to prevent accidents. If allergies occur, based on the above treatment, you can take some anti-allergic drugs, such as chlorpheniramine, loratadine, etc., and go to the hospital for help; for longer durations, accompanied by convulsions and vomiting Patients should be sent to the hospital for treatment in a timely manner. Regardless of the first or frequent occurrence of syncope, it is recommended to go to the hospital for examination and consultation to find the cause, to rule out the possibility of organic diseases, and to listen to the doctor’s opinion.

How to prevent intercourse syncope
First of all, a regular pre-marital medical examination should be carried out to understand the health status of both parties. Couples should learn some basic sexual life common knowledge, understand the male and female reproductive organs, sexual health and other knowledge, and master some simple first aid common sense. Secondly, the relationship between the two sides must be harmonious, keep the mood comfortable, do not be overly tense, move gently, avoid holding the other person’s neck too tightly, pay attention to the other person’s reaction. In addition, the wedding must be combined with work and rest, and do not overdose tobacco and alcohol. If you feel tired and physically weak, it is difficult to coordinate the sexual process. You may wish to suspend the same room to avoid unpleasant things.

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