Women who love reading

There are many female compatriots in the unit. Sometimes they meet together like a nest of sparrows. Only she stood silently, sometimes smiling slightly at our eyes.

This thin and thin girl was admitted to our unit after graduating from college. She was 25 or six years old. Everyone called her Xiaohuang. Perhaps because of her poor family, she always wears a simple dress and carries a book with her. She sits down and looks down when she is free. The light and light student looks very comfortable.

The female compatriots in the unit often talked about the fashion and cosmetics of the season. She always listened quietly without saying a word. When she was about to fight for the wholesale price, she blushed and refused with apologetic smile. It seems that she is really miserable. Naturally, she does not understand that a woman who has no money will be looked down upon, but she still does her own thing, and she should never spend money that should not be spent. Occasionally, when she receives a wedding invitation from a colleague, she will also accompany her with a gift, but rarely goes to the wine party, only to ridicule that she is used to the days of clear porridge and side dishes.

During a trip, because the mountain was too high and the road was too steep, the female colleagues’ backpacks let male colleagues do the work for them. Xiao Huang refused to bother others, and carried more than 20 kilograms of bags with me. Her blushing cheeks from her movements made her calm face fresh like a flower. Along the way, she and I talked about a lot of reading while walking, and the speech was very funny. To my surprise, she has read many esoteric and obscure books, including tomes such as Nietzsche’s Anthology, Iliad, Ulysses, and Brothers Karamazov. I can’t help feeling that the little girl is young and really thinks a lot.

Xiao Huang, who is inconspicuous in the unit, also likes to submit some drafts on weekdays. She also subscribes to several literary magazines. The leader often praises her willingness to learn and strive for improvement. However, some people don’t take it seriously and think that it is the reason why young people’s lives are too boring. It wasn’t until one day that her novella was published in a large journal and then won a literary prize that everyone would look at her. Everyone knew that she was a talented woman with potential, but only I knew how much hard work she had put behind her.

In the end, Xiao Huang left silently, and she was transferred back to a remote village hundreds of miles away. The people who originally envy her began to regret it for her again, and felt that it was an overkill. But in the countryside of Xiaoxiancheng, there are her elderly parents, and her fiance who teaches in a rural middle school. How can she not go back? Every time I recalled Xiaohuang, she always smiled slightly in front of me, and the good looks of her carrying a backpack.

I live in a compound called Xinglin Garden. Every day around 8 am, a farmer near the town pushes a flat cart to sell turnips and cabbages. Most of these people are middle-aged women, including a thin woman in her early 40s who only sells red-skinned onions. This woman sells vegetables without holding a scale or drinking. The 5 yuan is a net bag of onions. Her onions are good and never put the bad in the bottom. I like to buy them here. Over time, I found that when someone patronized her onion stand, she would collect money and change with a low eyebrow; when no one came, she read a book and read a newspaper, with a peaceful, gentle and elegant appearance. Women with rough voices are very different.

I started to have an interest in her because there were not many vegetable farmers who could read books and newspapers. Sometimes, the onions at home are not eaten and I don’t need to buy them. I also stop by her stall for a while and chat with her when I pass the market. From her few words, I can feel that she is a knowledgeable woman and has some experience. She may be well educated, but why not change jobs? At least I also choose a more casual way of doing things, such as going to the supermarket to do cashiering or something … She never said it myself, I don’t know how to ask, these questions are still a mystery until today.

It’s very cold in the winter, and in the early morning when the wind is raining, some lazy vegetable vendors will not show up, but she will come. Still standing there with that green umbrella, her face had rough skin after the storm, but her figure was still so strong and tough. The umbrella was like a sprout in the gray city A tender and lovely mushroom. When I was tired at the desk, I would habitually stand at the window and look down, and sometimes I could see her thin back. I think she and I, like many women who love reading, are carrying the burden of life, but never forget to hold themselves up in the storm.

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