Accelerated spread spreads across the globe

It took 67 days to report the first case to the 100,000th case, 11 days to increase from 100,000 to 200,000, and only 4 days to increase from 200,000 to 300,000. On the 23rd local time, WHO Director-General Tan Desai used this set of data to warn that the new crown pneumonia epidemic is accelerating. The voice has just fallen, and the data in the early morning of the 25th showed that nearly 400,000 confirmed cases worldwide. In the epicenter of the epidemic in Europe, the number of confirmed patients in Italy has finally fallen below 5,000, but the number of new deaths has remained at a terrible level of about 600. Spain on the 24th reported more than 6,500 new confirmed cases and 514 deaths, making people worry about whether it will become “the next Italy”. The fastest growing number of confirmed cases is currently in the United States. On the 23rd, more than 10,000 newly diagnosed infections occurred in the country, and the number of new deaths exceeded 100 for the first time. A WHO spokesman warns that the United States could become the new epicenter of the global epidemic. As more and more places in the world fall into a “blockade” state, China has received encouraging news that, starting on the 25th, Hubei except Wuhan will be lifted from the control of the channel from Hubei and Wuhan will be lifted from April 8 Channel control. However, the rising number of imported cases abroad and the emergence of related cases remind once again that China must not relax its vigilance in a situation where the global epidemic is getting worse.

“Weak hope” in Italy

The Spanish Ministry of Health reported on the 24th that in the past 24 hours, the country has newly confirmed 6,584 new cases of new coronary pneumonia and a total of 39,673 confirmed cases. There were 514 new deaths and a total of 2696 deaths. The number of deaths increased by 23.6% a day, the largest increase in the number of deaths since the outbreak in Spain. At present, nearly 14% of Spain’s new crown virus infected people are medical personnel, and the number of infected medical personnel is about 5,400.

The previous day, Spain also reported 462 new deaths. AFP said that Spanish soldiers sent to help fight the epidemic found that some elderly patients were abandoned in nursing homes, and some even died on the bed. The Spanish Attorney General announced that an investigation has been initiated. Earlier, the Madrid City Hall said that the city’s 14 public cemeteries will stop receiving more remains because of insufficient staff protective equipment.

The epidemic situation in Italy remains severe. In the early morning of Beijing time on the 24th, data released by the Italian Ministry of Health showed that the country had added 4,789 confirmed cases and 601 deaths in the past day. The cumulative number of confirmed diagnoses in Italy has reached 63,927, with a cumulative death of 6,077. Compared with the horror data of 6557 diagnosed and 793 deaths last Saturday, the data in Italy has a slow downward trend in the past two days. Julio Galera, a member of the Lombardy District Welfare Committee with the worst outbreak, said: “Today we finally confirmed the downward trend. It can be said that this is the first sunny day. We finally see the dawn. ”

However, some experts are cautious. According to Italy ’s Rainews website, Borelli, the head of the Italian citizen protection department, acknowledged in an interview with the Italian newspaper “Republica” that “every case reported officially represents an estimate of 10 patients who have not been officially tested.” The actual number of people infected with new crown virus in Italy may be 10 times the official figure. Medical staff infections have also worsened the situation in Italy. According to Ansa News Agency reported on the 23rd, data from the Italian health department showed that since the outbreak, a total of 4,824 health professionals in Italy have been infected with the new crown virus, and the confirmed medical staff accounted for 9% of the total number of confirmed diagnoses in the country. A WHO spokesman said on the 24th that after the number of newly diagnosed cases and the number of new deaths has fallen, the outbreak in Italy has shown “faint hope”, but it is still in “a very early stage.” The Italian National Institute of Health believes that the coming week will be critical.

Cases are growing rapidly in several European countries. Germany added 4,764 confirmed cases on the 23rd. As of 14:00 on the 24th local time, Germany has accumulated 31,370 confirmed cases, making it the fifth country in the world to have accumulated cumulative cases of more than 30,000. Switzerland added 776 confirmed cases on the 24th. British control measures were relatively loose before. On the evening of the 23rd local time, British Prime Minister Johnson issued a television speech announcing a blockade across the country for at least 3 weeks, requiring all residents to be isolated at home, and reducing the number of trips to a minimum. Agence France-Presse reported on the evening of the 24th that more than 200,000 confirmed cases and at least 10732 deaths were reported in Europe, making it the region most affected by the epidemic.

On the 24th, the German Ministry of Defense confirmed that 6 million masks had “disappeared” in Kenya, and Italy “confiscated” 2,000 respirators shipped to Greece … As the epidemic spread, similar news emerged endlessly. The Washington Post says Europeans are scrambling for beds, ventilators and medical supplies as the number of patients surges. In the depleted international market, countries are competing for medical supplies. As the number of critically ill patients increases, analysts expect that even the best-prepared health systems in continental Europe will reach their limits.

Increasing number of cases in the U.S.

South Africa added 152 confirmed cases on the 24th and implemented a three-week national blockade from the 26th; Indian Prime Minister Modi announced a national blockade on the 25th for 21 days; the Philippines announced on Tuesday that 90 new confirmed cases were single. The highest daily increase rate; 107 new confirmed cases in Indonesia, the largest number in a single day; Myanmar announced the first confirmed 2 cases on the 23rd, and decided to implement a 14-day isolation observation for all immigrants from the 25th; the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Australia reached 2136 cases, an increase of 427 cases from the previous day … The impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic on the world is growing. According to statistics from the website of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of the early morning of the 25th Beijing time, the number of confirmed cases worldwide has reached 398,000, with more than 17,000 deaths.

The fastest growth in confirmed cases is in the United States. On the 23rd, more than 10,000 new confirmed cases were reported in the United States, and more than 100 new deaths were reported in each state. This is the first time that the number of deaths in a single day in the United States has exceeded 100 since the outbreak. As of 24:00 on the 24th, Beijing time, the United States has reported 46548 confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and a total of 593 deaths. In the worst-affected New York State, the number of confirmed cases rose to 25,665 on the morning of the 24th, an increase of 4,790 from the previous day. A World Health Organization spokesman said on the 24th that the number of newly diagnosed patients with new coronary pneumonia in the United States has increased significantly and may become the new epicenter of the global epidemic.

“More and more doctors and nurses are infected, and medical workers across the United States have said that masks, ventilators and staff are seriously inadequate.” CNN reported that New York City Mayor Bai Sihao said on the 23rd that 11 public hospitals in New York City Can only survive this week, and then “to the point where it cannot be saved.” On the same day, Michigan, Indiana and more states issued “home orders”, about 158 ​​million people in the United States were required to stay at home.

Trump, who repeatedly “slammed the pot” to China, said at a press conference on the 23rd that economic activity would resume as soon as possible. The New York Times said that Trump sent a complex signal from the White House podium. He once agreed with the director of health, saying that “the situation could be worse,” and then hinted that the response to the virus might be exaggerated. U.S. Director of Public Health Adams warned on the same day that young Americans are more likely to be infected with the new crown virus, and the situation in the United States will be worse this week, and the public does not pay enough attention to this threat.

CNN commented that Trump and his team are in a dilemma: if the necessary severe measures are taken to stop the epidemic, the economy will not only fall into recession, but even into the Great Depression; if only half of the measures are taken to deal with the spread of the virus, US history may emerge The most serious disease pandemic. A recent poll from the University of Monmouth shows that the states’ governors have scored much better than President Trump in responding to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Trump’s political opponent, former U.S. Vice President Biden, said on the 23rd that the failure of the White House’s plans and preparations has exacerbated the health and economic crisis facing the United States. “For a long time, the government has stated that the outbreak is under their control. Already under control and compare it to the flu. ”

Under severe circumstances, the Federal Reserve offered a “big move” and announced that it would buy “necessary-sized” government bonds and institutional mortgage bonds. As there is no upper limit on the size of asset purchases, this is considered to be equivalent to an “unlimited” quantitative easing policy. AFP describes this as the direct printing of money to support “the US economy, which is maintained on a ventilator.”

Increasing pressure on China’s epidemic prevention

“When the world is in a blockade, the epicenter of China’s epidemic is opening up.” Malaysia’s Star Daily commented on the 24th about the different epidemic situations facing China and the world. On the same day, the Hubei Provincial Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters issued a notice that areas outside Wuhan will be deregulated from the Hubei Channel at 00:00 on the 25th, and Wuhan will deregulate the Hubei Channel from the Hubei on April 8 two weeks later. AFP quoted a female doctor surnamed Wu in Wuhan as saying: “We are seeing a decrease in the number of critically ill patients every day, the situation is improving, patients are being discharged, and doctors and nurses are becoming more and more relaxed every day. I am very happy!”

Russia ’s “Parliament” stated on the 24th that Maslov, the dean of the Oriental Academy of the Russian State University of Economics, said that the high level of mutual trust between the state and society and the consciousness of the business community have enabled China to effectively combat the new crown pneumonia epidemic. This is mainly due to the firm mutual trust between the government and the people. It is because of this trust that China has survived the crisis.

However, the serious situation of the overseas epidemic cannot threaten China. According to data released by the National Health and Medical Commission on the 24th, 78 newly diagnosed cases were reported in Mainland China the day before, of which 74 were imported overseas. In addition, one case related to overseas import was reported in each of Beijing and Shanghai. In Hubei, one new confirmed case was reported after five consecutive days of zero reporting, and one imported case in Hubei appeared in Guangdong.

The British “Daily Telegraph” said that China added 74 imported cases on Tuesday, the highest value since the data began to be reported in early March, almost double the previous day. To prevent the second wave of outbreaks, China has further strengthened immigration control measures in many places. Beijing decided from midnight on the 25th that all immigrants, regardless of their destination, will be concentrated and observed in situ and all nucleic acid tests will be performed.