Enterprise Low Energy Survival Method

Is it impossible for a person not to eat or drink for a long time and continue to live?

Enterprises in special periods, especially small, medium and micro enterprises, are facing this situation and challenge. On the one hand, they have to delay the resumption of work and their income is zero; on the other hand, they still have many rigid expenditures, such as staff salaries, social security, and rent Other costs.

Tsinghua University and Peking University conducted a joint survey of 995 companies and found that affected by the epidemic, 29.58% of the companies’ operating income fell by more than 50%, and 58.05% of the companies fell by more than 20%. At the same time, 85.01% of companies cannot survive for 3 months!

In fact, the first batch of companies that resumed work on February 10 will soon be unable to support it. For example, Xinchao Media announced on the same day that it would lay off 10% of its staff, that is, 500 people, while executives collectively cut their salaries by 20%. The strength and scale of this company are not too small, with about 5,000 employees, and it is said that the company still has 1 billion cash on its books. Operations like Trendy Media can be called “amputing survival.” If there is no better way to cope with the difficult times, it is estimated that many companies will have to break their wrists and give up the market that was previously worked hard and exhausted countless resources and efforts.

So, is there any other response?

Of course there is!

“Break Valley” survival
According to legend, Taoism in China has a magical method called “pigu”. When a person enters a state of grain-clearing, he can survive for a long time with only a small amount of water without eating any grains, vegetables and fruits. Many years ago, I learned to break the valley by chance, and I had to do it once or twice a year for seven days each time. During this period, I do n’t eat and I do n’t feel hungry. On the whole, I ’m very energetic.

Seeing here, if you think that the Biangu Xuanzhi is mysterious, and you have deep doubts, you don’t need to look down. Because no one can find a solution outside his perception. If you are forced to survive the crisis, then continue to look down, the poor are thinking about change, which is the eternal truth.

Pigu is actually a low-energy way of living. On the one hand, it saves human energy consumption by maintaining the body’s low basal metabolic rate, and at the same time, it uses mysterious external energy to support human survival.

This method is compared to the enterprise, which is to break the valley.

Many companies will find this epidemic an extremely difficult survival challenge. But in fact, if we zoom in to the floods of the universe and examine the evolution of species on the earth for millions of years, we will understand that the current epidemic is actually nothing at all. The cruel environmental changes have eliminated many species, but many have survived stubbornly.

After in-depth study of energy consumption theory, I realized that the basic principle of nature operation is energy saving. Only low-energy survival methods can sustain species. This is the essential reason why dinosaurs are extinct and ants are everywhere.

The same goes for businesses. Therefore, a valley-style low-energy survival method is entirely possible and very effective.

Three Strategies for Pioneering Survival
So, in a special period, how does a company’s valley-like survival work?

According to the theory of energy consumption, to survive, companies must rely on energy. Of course, this energy is not just about money. Specifically, it can be divided into three major strategies.

Energy borrowing strategy

This is easy to understand. For example, after Xibei disclosed his plight, he quickly got a response from the bank. SPD Bank quickly granted a credit of RMB 430 million, of which RMB 120 million was credited on February 7, and the interest rate on this loan was lowered and lowered on the basis of the benchmark interest rate. Subsequently, the credit departments of 70 or 80 branches and sub-branches of more than 30 other banks also took the initiative to find Xibei to provide financial support.

However, Xibei’s energy borrowing strategy is not applicable to most enterprises. The reason why Xibei is able to do so is because it is an industry leader. Previously, the revenue was very good. The bank trusted Xibei to have sufficient capacity to quickly return to profit after the epidemic.

The state has introduced policies that require banks to increase their support for corporate credit granting. But banks are also market players, not charities, and they do not treat all companies equally. Whether your business can get a bank loan should be clear to you. At the same time, the state requires state-owned properties to reduce or exempt corporate rents, and encourages private property and businesses to negotiate rents again.

If you can’t count on it, then look at the following two valley-style survival strategies.

Energy saving strategy

The so-called energy saving strategy is to reduce its own energy consumption, or let partners share energy consumption costs, or transfer part of energy consumption to customers to overcome difficulties and win time for survival and future opportunities.

In the book Energy Consumption Game: The Business Future from Price War to Energy War, I introduced seven energy-saving strategies in detail: technological innovation, algorithm innovation, model innovation, process restructuring, joint benefits, optimization of details, and customers. Transfer. Let me focus on a few.

Model innovation. Such as transferring offline services to online. Many industries are using this brain. Another example is that Xibei’s stores cannot be opened for business, so switch to takeaway. Although the turnover is only 10% of the normal period, it is better than nothing.

Joint benefits. For example, Xibei’s 1,000 employees were temporarily leased to Hema Xiansheng; JD.com and Dada also later proposed to jointly recruit more than 35,000 formal and temporary employees. This temporary sharing of employees is a very good way to jointly benefit and mutual benefit.

Customer transfer. For example, in the short term, there is a huge gap in masks, and even if it is running at full capacity, it cannot fully meet the current demand. Can manufacturers send the raw materials for the production of masks to customers, and at the same time publish teaching videos to let customers learn to make emergency masks? Can other companies engage customers in various ways? After all, your employees are customers of other people. Most people stay at home to avoid epidemics. Interesting and useful ways are easy to involve customers and reduce consumption.

Potential strategy

The reason why the valley is effective is that in addition to the low-energy operation of its own body, it also draws energy from external space. The human body as an organic small universe system is inextricably linked with the large universe outside. It can be said that the energy of the universe is equivalent to the potential reserve of the human body, depending on whether you can use this potential reserve to serve yourself.

Corresponding to the enterprise, what is the so-called potential? Where is it hiding?

The potential of an enterprise lies in its employees. Employees are the big universe of the enterprise.

Under normal circumstances, employees work nine to five and work eight hours a day. But that’s not all their energy. Especially in enterprises with tighter centralized control, employees are constrained by leaders’ instructions or strict rules and regulations, and their driving force comes from external rewards and punishments, often lacking an internal automatic and spontaneous driving force. Therefore, many employees’ time has to be spent on some boring things. The potential of the vast majority of employees in most companies is in a state of great waste.

When a person is full of initiative, his energy state is like a blast, his imagination is rich, his creativity is amazing, and his execution is extraordinary. When a person earns a salary just to make ends meet, his energy status is low, often passing and passing. When a monk hits the clock for a day, even more excessive yang yin, falsification, and fools of superiors and companies.

So, how can we make an employee proactive and realize its full potential?

The behavior of donating and donating things in a special period can give us great inspiration. Many people are completely independent and spontaneously mobilize their own power. They search for strategic supplies such as masks and protective clothing from foreign countries thousands of miles away, overcome various difficulties such as logistics and customs, and find ways to send them to the affected areas.

If the employees of our company can also fully exert their amazing potential in this way, and use their brains, creativity and positive actions for the company’s survival, how much do you think the company’s survival probability will be?

Therefore, the question is not whether we can survive, but whether we can really inspire employees.

In the book “Authorization to Play Entertainment: From Authorization Management to Credit Management”, co-authored by Chen Hongxi, I provided the basic method: on the premise of unified values, let employees start from Know Why, and fully trust them To completely detonate their creativity and execution.

In short, in a special period, only a small number of enterprises can rely on the “borrowing strategy” to survive. However, the “energy-saving strategy” and “potential strategy” of Pigu-style survival can allow most enterprises to escape the curse of amputee survival and see the dawn ahead.

However, it is important to remind that there are major problems in the energy consumption structure of many enterprises. When the year is good, I can’t see it, and I think it is a healthy growth. But when the tide recedes, you will find that you are not Strong, but rather fat. Therefore, no matter whether there is a sudden outbreak of any company, if you want to survive for a long time, you must pay attention to optimizing your energy consumption structure and fully stimulate the potential of employees! Because special times always pass, uncertainty persists. In the future, it belongs to a company that learns to survive in a valley style!

Several US dignitaries frequently used the term “Chinese virus” recently to try to spread the new crown epidemic to China. Although this move has attracted widespread criticism, in the eyes of some Americans, the “throwing pot” approach of trying to find a scapegoat in the face of adversity has been a tried and tested habit in the past hundreds of years.

Depression wraths Jews

In addition to the Chinese population threatened by “Chinese virus” claims, the FBI warned on the 23rd that racist extremist groups are also targeting Jews, spreading rumors that “Jews make new crown viruses to sell vaccines.” This is reminiscent of the history of the Great Depression of the 1930s, when American society angered the Jews with economic downturns.

Get the White House out of rumors

In 1929, the collapse of the US stock market led to a four-year Great Depression, and the economic crisis quickly spread from the United States to other countries. In order to shake the pot, the United States is targeting the Jews, and members of the Senate and House of Representatives, conservatives, religious diehards and racist instigators have jumped out.

Since the founding of the United States, Jews have long lived in the shadow of anti-Semitism, and many Americans ‘views of Jews are based on the early description of Jews’ hostility to Jews. After the Great Depression, US President Hoover adhered to the “laissez-faire” policy and stubbornly adhered to the “state does not interfere in the market” creed. But to his surprise, the Great Depression has intensified, and more and more American media have criticized the president for being indifferent, incompetent, conservative, and detached from the people. To get rid of the disadvantages, the US authorities need to be scapegoats, and Jews have played this role in Europe for a long time, so US dignitaries and extremists have decided to dump the Great Depression on Jews. These people proclaimed the rumors of “Jews controlling American business”, “Jewish bankers creating the Great Depression”, “Jews causing American recession”, and “Jews taking American wealth”, endlessly attacking Jews and trying to set off a wave of anti-Semitism. Catholic pastor Charles Coglin publicly calls on people to attack Jews “to show their patriotism”; auto industry tycoon Ford issues a fake anti-Semitic pamphlet “Minutes of the Presbyterian Zion”, rendering the Jews’ plans to take over the United States and the world; Lald Burton Wingrod told followers that the United States should have become a “kingdom” and that “Satan created the Great Depression”, a conspiracy of the Jewish communists.

Anti-Semitic climax

With the propaganda of these groups raising their voices, the anti-Semitic wave in the United States reached its peak, and many Americans who suffered heavy losses during the Great Depression were angry with Jews. Hundreds of Jewish tombstones across the country have been toppled, anti-Semitic graffiti on walls can be seen everywhere, and violence against Jews has intensified. Some even shot at synagogues and set fire to Jewish houses. Jewish people are discriminated against in all aspects of social life: recruitment notices state that only “Christians” are required; limits are imposed on Jewish doctors; many hotels refuse Jewish accommodation; the U.S. military does not trust Jews, and Jewish military officers are promoted slowly; most of the ivy The Alliance University limits the number of Jewish students and blocks Jewish access to the upper classes.

According to statistics, after Jewish dumping in the United States, a large number of anti-Semitic organizations have emerged in the United States, ranging from the “Silver Shirt Party” based in rural and small towns to the “Christian Front” centered in large cities, only from 1934 to Anti-Semitic organizations grew to 105 in 1939. One of the anti-Semitic groups called the “German-American Alliance” even tried to establish Nazi power in the United States. On February 20, 1939, the German-American Alliance organized a rally of up to 20,000 people in Madison Square Garden in New York City. “German-American Alliance” leader Fritz Julius Kuhn declared that Roosevelt’s new deal was a “Jewish New Deal” and Roosevelt was a Jewish-American leader of the Bolsheviks. He also clamored: “This organization is fighting alongside patriotic Americans to protect the United States from races that are not American or even white. Jews are the enemy of the United States.”

The Tragedy of Lies

The United States emerged from the Great Depression thanks to Roosevelt’s New Deal. Attacks on Jews did not help to get out of trouble. But after years of wobble propaganda, by the end of the 1930s, more than half of Americans thought Jews were greedy and dishonest. In a 1938 poll, 60% of respondents rated Jews as low. In fact, by 1939, the proportion of Jews among domestic bankers was only 0.6%, and “Jewish control of American banks” was just a popular lie.

Anti-Semitism also caused the United States to refuse to accept Jewish refugees from Europe in the mid to late 1930s. In May 1939, the cruise ship “St. Louis” sailed out of Germany full of 936 Jewish refugees. On June 4, when the ship was on standby in the Caribbean Sea, Roosevelt ordered that Jewish refugees be disembarked. The desperate Jewish refugees had to return on the St. Louis. On June 17, the ship returned to Europe and docked in the port of Antwerp, Belgium. Historians estimate that about a quarter of the 936 Jewish refugees on the St. Louis later died in Nazi concentration camps. ▲

Blacks become scapegoats for yellow fever

The United States has experienced many outbreaks of infectious diseases. Due to inadequate epidemic prevention, American authorities often dump black people and use black people as scapegoats. In the summer of 1793, the temperature in Philadelphia, the temporary capital of the United States, soared. No one in this crowded city realized that a few months ago, a highly pathogenic yellow fever virus from a British sailing boat was rapidly moving from the Caribbean to the surrounding areas. spread. In August, Benjamin Rush, one of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence, documented “an abnormal number of cases of headache and fever with uncommon malignant symptoms.” Due to lack of preparation, the epidemic quickly spread among 55,000 Philadelphia residents, the city quickly lost order, and federal government leaders such as Washington and Jefferson fled, leaving those who lived in fear and killed at least 5,000.

In the face of the tragic epidemic, rumors spread. No one knew that yellow fever was transmitted by mosquitoes. It could only be guessed that the stench produced by corrupt garbage polluted the air and caused the epidemic to spread. The slums where blacks gathered were badly sanitary and considered the culprits . Philadelphia’s upper class immediately dumped the pot on black people, and the famous local publisher Matthew Carey claimed that it was the dirty black people who caused the yellow fever epidemic. Rush believes that blacks are inherently immune to yellow fever, and he asked black community leaders to persuade blacks to leave their homes, act as nurses to care for patients, and even bury dead bodies. But it turned out that Rush was wrong, so black people were exposed to mosquitoes carrying yellow fever virus, and the death rate was very high. Even so, the black nurses who tried their best after the epidemic were slandered, such as accusing them of using chaos to feed their pockets, charging sky-high care fees and even washing patients’ homes.

Richard Allen and Absolen Jones of black Philadelphia clergy clarified that black nurses often work in harsh environments without often being paid. “A poor black man named Sampson often went from one house to another to help people living in distress without assistance or compensation. He also died unfortunately from illness. But after Sampson died, his family was rescued by him. Neglected. ”

It’s not just Yellow Fever that African Americans have been “flunked”. The AIDS case was first reported by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1981, and rumors of the so-called “black virus” immediately spread in many parts of the United States, claiming that AIDS is an infectious disease caused by sexual relations between black men and other men. At that time, the United States government refused to allocate funds for research and prevention for a long time due to its dual discrimination against homosexuals and blacks, which led to the rapid spread of AIDS. And the indifferent attitude of American society has in turn fostered black hostility, and many people still believe that AIDS is a tool used to eliminate black genocide.