G20 meets today to discuss epidemic resistance

A special summit of the Group of Twenty (G20) leaders in response to the new crown pneumonia epidemic will be held today. Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on the 25th that Chinese President Xi Jinping will attend the special summit in Beijing. The summit, hosted by G20 ’s rotating chairman, Saudi Arabia, will be held in video. This is the first time in G20 history that a summit of leaders has been held in video. Many countries around the world and many international organizations have expressed their expectations that the G20 should lead the world to strengthen cooperation and unite to respond to the epidemic. At present, the global epidemic situation is accelerating. On the 25th, more than 438,000 confirmed cases worldwide and more than 19,600 deaths, affecting nearly all countries in the world. The United States, which has been warned by WHO or has become a new “epicenter” of the epidemic, is of particular concern. In the United States, 10,446 new cases were diagnosed on a single day on the 24th, and over 10,000 cases were newly diagnosed for the second day in a row; 170 deaths were added, the highest number of deaths in a single day in the United States since the outbreak. However, U.S. President Donald Trump said on the same day that he would relax his control measures and reopen the society before Easter (April 12), which caused fierce debate in the United States. At the same time, Hubei, China’s worst epidemic, formally “unblocked” at midnight on the 25th. CNN said China is doing its best to restart its huge economy while not allowing the epidemic to spread a second time. If successful, it will set an example for the rest of the world.

“The most important thing is unity”

“Currently, the new crown pneumonia outbreak has spread and spread at multiple points around the world, endangering the lives and health of people in all countries and seriously impacting the world economy. The international community generally expects all parties to work together to fight the epidemic and stabilize the global economy.” A spokesman for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs Geng Shuang said at a regular press conference on the 25th that the G20 is an important platform for global crisis response and economic cooperation, and played an important role in responding to the 2008 international financial crisis. At this critical moment, the international community expects the G20 to play a leading role again. This special summit is the first summit video summit in G20 history, and it is an important opportunity for all parties to discuss and take common action.

Geng Shuang said that the summit was also the first major multilateral event attended by President Xi Jinping since the outbreak. China expects that this special summit will send positive signals on strengthening solidarity, cooperating, stabilizing the economy, building consensus, and taking action.

Saudi Arabia issued a statement on the 25th saying: “The Crown Prince will host the G20 summit to promote global coordination and cope with the epidemic and its impact on the economy.” The global economy, society, etc. have had an increasing impact. It is necessary and timely to convene a special G20 summit to discuss how to deal with and fight against this global sexually transmitted disease.

The Group of Twenty (G-20) was established in 1999 as a meeting mechanism for finance ministers and central bankers. The international financial crisis broke out in 2008, and the first summit of leaders was held in Washington, USA in November of that year. G20 members account for two-thirds of the world’s population, land area accounts for 55% of the world, and GDP accounts for 86% of the world. Its composition covers a wide range and is highly representative, taking into account developed and developing countries and different regions. balance. The G20 has held 14 summits so far, and the 15th summit of leaders was scheduled to be held in Saudi Arabia in November this year. The Egyptian “Charter” stated that the special G20 summit will not affect the official summit in November.

In addition to the G20 member leaders, the special summit also specially invited leaders from seven countries including Spain, Singapore, Jordan, Switzerland, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, and Senegal to attend. The meeting will begin on the evening of the 26th Beijing time. Leaders of international organizations such as the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization, as well as representatives of regional organizations such as ASEAN and AU, will also attend the summit.

WHO Director-General Tan Desai said at a press conference on the 24th: “The total GDP of G20 members accounts for more than 80% of the world’s total. The political commitment and solidarity of G20 members can help to introduce strong measures to respond to the pandemic … … The most important thing is unity and action. ”Tedese also said that some countries are sending emergency medical teams to countries in need to help treat patients and train medical staff, and WHO is grateful for this. The best example of international solidarity.

Can the G20 be as united as in 2008?

On the 24th, UN Secretary-General Guterres released a letter to the G20 leaders. In his letter, Guterres urged G20 leaders to adopt a “wartime plan,” including a stimulus package, to provide “trillions of dollars” to businesses and households in various countries struggling to respond to the epidemic. He emphasized that these expansionary policies must be accompanied by a clear opposition to protectionism. He also encouraged countries to abandon sanctions, “it is time to unite, not exclude.”

However, many people worry that the G20 will be able to respond to the epidemic crisis as unitedly as in 2008. Reuters said that the G20 is facing increasing pressure to bridge internal differences, unite against the epidemic and respond to the economic crisis. On the one hand, Saudi Arabia and Russia are engaged in an oil price war over the issue of oil market share. On the other hand, China and the United States have recently exploded over some irresponsible remarks made by the United States. Former US presidential adviser Goodman said that global cooperation requires the United States and China to find ways to cooperate.

Former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Xie Shuli and U.S. Global Public Health Expert Huang Yanzhong wrote on a health professional website co-sponsored by the U.S. Committee on Foreign Relations and the University of Washington calling for a waiver of tariffs on more Chinese exports to the United States to reduce trade friction Intensity, because “the truce in the trade war will save many American lives.” They said that in the face of rising risks of the global economic crisis, easing the trade war will help reduce the impact that countries, especially the United States, may suffer.

The Russian News Agency said on the 25th that the UN Secretary-General called on all countries to stop the trade war and lift sanctions on other countries. Russia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed support for the Secretary-General’s appeal. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Zaharova wrote on his Facebook page: “The UN Secretary-General urges the G20 countries to lift sanctions in response to the pandemic. This idea is good. I suggest: Sanctions not be lifted. ”

America’s “most deadly day”

According to the statistics of the real-time monitoring system of Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of 7.30 am EST on the 25th, a total of 55,238 confirmed cases and 802 deaths have been diagnosed in the United States. On the 24th, the number of newly confirmed cases in a single day in the United States exceeded 10,000 for the second consecutive day, with 170 new deaths, the highest number of deaths in a single day in the United States since the outbreak. Currently CNN claims that this is the “most deadly day” in the United States. However, several US public health experts have warned that the worst days have yet to come. New York State has become the region with the most severe outbreak in the United States, with approximately 26,000 confirmed cases in the state. New York Governor Cuomo said on the 24th that the state’s outbreak may reach its peak in the next two to three weeks. “Originally we thought the epidemic was spreading like a freight train through the United States, but now it’s like a bullet train.” He said that New York State may need at least 30,000 ventilators to respond to the peak of the epidemic, but the Federal Emergency Management Agency only Delivered 400 units. He said angrily: “The president said it was a war, so it should be like a war!” “What’s the use of 400? Come over and choose who to use the ventilator among the 26,000 dying.”

The U.S. outbreak worsened quickly, but Trump was anxious to “declare victory.” On the morning of the 25th local time, the White House and Congress announced an agreement on a $ 2 trillion economic stimulus plan. Earlier, Trump called on Congress several times to approve the plan. At the same time, Trump repeatedly stated on the 24th that he hoped to “open up American society” before Easter and relax the control of the epidemic. He said that the United States has begun to lay off workers and corporate closures. “If we allow this situation to continue, more people will die.” He later said in an interview with Fox. “Traffic accidents have caused more deaths, but no one is asking everyone to stop driving.”

Trump’s words were immediately questioned at home. House Speaker Pelosi said Trump should pay attention to “respect for science and pay attention to evidence.” Democratic presidential candidate Biden said, “He should shut up and listen to what medical experts say.” Microsoft founder Bill Gates also said, “The United States has missed the opportunity to control the new crown virus without closing it.” He agreed that self-isolation would have a “catastrophic” impact on the economy, but said that the matter “was indeed not compromised. Method “and suggested a 6 to 10 week shutdown.

NBC Broadcasting Corporation said that Trump announced that the “15-day containment of the US epidemic” had been implemented less than 7 days ago, and he expressed his hope to resume work as soon as possible. The report said that Trump’s remarks were not only dizzying, but also very dangerous and would have disastrous consequences in the real world. His new economic policy incorrectly positioned public health measures involving the survival of millions of Americans as the opposite of economic policy. But how can the economy thrive if the epidemic is not controlled and countless people become ill or die?

Hubei unsealed, China is slowly recovering

On the 25th, Hubei, the worst-hit area of ​​China, finally ushered in a day of “unblocking.” Beginning at 00:00 on the 25th, Hubei except the Wuhan area will be lifted from the control of the channel from the Hubei. From 00:00 on April 8, Wuhan will lift the control of the channel from the Han and the Hubei Province. The first batch of more than 800 people stranded in Hubei has arrived in Beijing on the afternoon of the 25th. Chen Bei, deputy secretary-general of the Beijing Municipal People’s Government, said on the same day that in order to ensure security and order, the return to Beijing took an organized, point-to-point approach, closed-loop management throughout the process, and seamless docking.

CNN said that the world is watching China, and China is trying to restart its huge economy while not allowing the epidemic to spread a second time. This is a high-risk trial. Millions of people have lost their jobs during the global economic downturn, and many countries are thinking hard about how long factories will be closed. If China succeeds, it will set an example for the world.

Russia’s “Arguments and Facts” said on the 25th that Hubei Province lifted the ban on complete isolation that day, and the fear that once swept the province will be a thing of the past. It is clear from the news that people in Hubei have begun to return to normal life, and China is slowly recovering from the epidemic. But in other countries around the world, the epidemic continues to spread, and it is temporarily unknown when it will stop. In any case, we hope that this brutal and bloody war against viruses will end soon.